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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why did Ebola Spread in West Africa? - Rosling's Factpod #2

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...Ebola virus from previous outbreaks.

The current outbreak started with?

Thousands of people got infected

by the Ebola virus in the outbreak in West Africa

because it started in the most remote part

of the three countries,

here where the three countries meet.

There was no health service at all,

so the patients were treated

by a traditional healer, a herbalist.

When she died and people came to her funeral,

they got infected at the funeral.

They went back to the three countries

and it started to spread in all directions.

Had there been health service in those remote areas,

it would have been stopped much earlier,

and that's how it is in remote parts of rural Africa.

Look, this is the district in rural Africa.

About 100,000 people live there.

It has a river that cross it like this.

There's a road that crosses the river,

and that's the district capital.

The people in extreme poverty without health service,

they live here in the corners.

So it's not enough that 90 percent

have access to some basic health service.

Every person has to have access to health service!

That's how you end extreme poverty,

and that's how you stop Ebola right at the start.

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