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This video is all about

tabs in LiveBinders. This is a tab,

and underneath the tab can be subtabs

This allows you to easily organize information in your binder

If I want to add a tab, I just

click on this yellow arrow and you will see some tab options.

I can add a tab, add a subtab,

that will go under my current tab, I can clear the tab contents,

move tab right or left, delete the tab,

or open the advanced tab menu. Ill just add a tab.

I can add information to my tab or subtab by just typing in or

cutting a pasting a url into this box and clicking onInsert”.

Now you will notice that the url is what ends up in the tab title

but I can just change this

by clicking up there and typing.

I can move this tab right or left from this menu,

but if I wanted to move it all the way across, the quicker way

is to go the Advanced Tab menu. Now I just went there

through the Edit menu, but you can also do that by clicking here

and opening the advanced tab menu.

If I want to move this tab all the way to the right, I would just

click, click, click from here and it moves over.

Now this menu also lets me move tabs to subtabs -

I would just select which tab I

wanted to move it under here, and move

subtabs up to regular tabs as well.

So this is a nice menu to help you move your tabs around.

The easiest way to add a website to your binder is

by usingLiveBinder It”.

When you find a website that you want to save, you just click onLiveBinder It”.

Then you can quickly add that webpage to your existing binder

and all of your existing binders are here, in this drop down.

So if I click onAdd to Existing Binder

and then open that binder

youll see that it opens to my new subtab

that I just added. The nice thing aboutLiveBinder Itis that it automatically

puts the tab title into the tab.

That is a brief overview of tabs and subtabs in LiveBinders.

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