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Hey guys, it's Fleur DeForce here and today on the Beauty Recommended channel I'm going

to be talking about another one of Britain's Beauty Questions, which is how to wear colour

in your makeup. I know a lot of women are scared of colour, they tend to shy away from

it, they're not really sure how to apply it to make it wearable. So today I'm going to

be showing you three really, really simple ways of wearing colour both on your eyes,

on your lips and on your nails as well. So if you've been scared of colour and you want

to branch out into something new then keep watching. Ok so starting from the top down

I'm going to start with colour on your eyes. So if you are a little bit scared of wearing

colour on your eyes, especially coloured eyeshadow which can look a little bit dated if you don't

apply it well. My favourite way to wear colour on my eyes is using eyeliner. And these are

my three favourite ones from Max Factor, these are the Excess Intensity eyeliners. They're

super, super creamy, easy to apply and they stay a long time as well. But if you want

to use something other than just your ordinary black, they have three colours that are bright

but still very wearable. A dark kind of emerald metallic green, a beautiful kind of aubergine

purple and then electric blue as well. Depending on your eye colour, you might want to choose

a different colour so I have green eyes, I tend to go for the green or purple because

they're most flattering on my eye colour. If you have blue eyes, the blue will look

really lovely and then if you have brown eyes, you can pretty much get away with anything.

So what I like to do with these is apply a little bit on the waterline of my eye and

also underneath my eye and then just blend them in together. Now this works really well

if you're wearing a kind of eye makeup look like I've got on today, so very very minimal

eye shadow with a little bit of liquid liner or coal black liner on your upper lashes and

mascara. So it really kind of is the only colour there, it makes it stand out and like

I said before, the formula of these is absolutely amazing for going on your waterline because

it does stay on much longer than a lot of other eyeliners. So that is the easiest way

I like to wear colour on my eyes. Secondly, for wearing colour on your lips. Now I know

a lot of you, if you're already scared of colour, will not be looking to do lip art

or glitter lips or anything like that, so I'm not going to talk about anything crazy

I'm just going to give you some tips for applying a bright lipstick and also for making it last

as long as possible. Whether you're going for a red lip, a pink lip, a darker lip, any

colour, these tips will all work. So, basically what you want to do is start off by making

sure your lips are in the best condition possible for lipstick and I would recommend using a

lip scrub to start off with. There aren't actually that many available on the high street

but one of them is the Lush lip scrub which I'm going to be using today. You can also

use an old soft bristled toothbrush with some lip balm if you want to. And then apply a

little bit of lip balm, you can use whatever lip balm you want. I tend to do this before

I start applying all of my makeup and then do the colour on my lips after. So that it

gives the lip balm time to sink into your lips and to really kind of leave them nourished.

so the next thing you want to do is just blot your lips to make sure any excess lip balm

is gone, so it doesn't kind of provide too slippy a base for your lipstick. The colour

I'm using on my lips today is the Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Ruby Tuesday, which

is one of my favourite reds. It's just really, really vibrant. If you want to use a lip liner

you can do, make sure that you fill in your entire lips and don't just go around the outside

so that when your lipstick starts to wear off you will have a really kind of even wear

and you won't get that awful kind of 80s just wearing lip liner look. You also want to make

sure you kind of do this in slightly like feathering motions, so that you get a more

even kind of natural finish instead of like a really precise line. So what I like to do

is just apply a coat of the lipstick all over my lips and really try to make the line on

the outside quite precise and then once I've done that I like to blot it with a little

bit of tissue and then go over with an extra coat just to finish it off and if you want

to make any lipstick a matte finish, what you can do is dust on or blot on a little

bit of translucent powder over the top. This will give you a matte finish but it'll also

help the lipstick to last longer. And don't forget the oldest trick in the book to make

sure you don't get lipstick on your teeth, just pop your index finger in your mouth and

pull it out to get rid of any excess. So they are my top tips for wearing bright lips. Last

but not least for nails I know a lot of people like to wear bright nails in the spring and

summer anyway because it's the easiest way to incorporate colour into your spring makeup

but what I like to do is to create a really, really pretty ombre effect using two colours.

Now this is actually a lot easier than it looks, one of my favourite colour combinations

for spring and summer is pink and orange, I love pink and orange clashing together and

used together on the same nail. I think it looks really fun and vibrant. So the first

thing that I'm going to do is paint on two coats of the pink colour and I'm using Max

Factor's Gel Shine Lacquer in Twinkling Pink today. And i'm going to apply two coats of

this and then just wait for it to completely dry. So once it has dried what you want to

do is take your orange or your other favourite colour that you want to use. I'm using the

Vivid Vermillion colour from the same range of polishes and take a makeup sponge and you

want to just dab on the colour from the tip of the nail downwards and just make sure it's

all nicely blended. And what you can do here is do kind of one coat, move onto the next

nail and then go all the way round your 10 nails before coming back and doing another

coat just to intensify the orange colour at the tip and also just to help kind of blend

that ombre look in. So once you've done both the colours, you want to top it off with a

top coat because it helps to seal everything together. That is it for this video, I really

hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope it's inspired some of you to incorporate some colour into

your spring makeup if you haven't already. And if you have any beauty questions for us,

we answer a big beauty question every single Friday on this channel so all you need to

do is write us a comment in the comments section below or tweet us using the #BeautyQs and

we will try our best to answer your beauty question in one of our future videos. Thanks

so much for watching and don't forget to subscribe and comment if you like this video and I'll

see you again next time with another beauty question. Bye guys!

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