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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Escape the Game Master! Mystery Box & Searching Secret Clues! Mysterious Project Zorgo Abandoned!

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Previously on Kids Fun TV.

[Chime] [Adventure Music]

I have a mission for you.

Hey Hope and Noah, we need your help,

the Game Master is chasing us.

You need to travel to Halloween Town

to figure out how to open the lock.

Hey guys, what's this?

It looks like a letter E.

Hey what's that?

Maybe it's a clue!

Look, I found the letter R!



[Exciting guitar music]

[More roaring]


Quick, to the box fort!


Back to superhero camp, to unlock the mystery box.


Hurry, run!

[Excited yelling]



[Beep, beep, beep, beep]

[Powering up]

[Whirring and whooshing]


[Whirring and whooshing]


Okay guys, let's go and show Hope and Noah what we got.

[Door opening]

I don't ever want to go to Halloween Town again.

Yeah, that place is way too spooky.

Did y'all find any clues?

Yeah. We got some letters.


Hey what if we put these letters

into the combination lock?

Good idea, come on.

[Chain rattling]

Nope, that didn't work.

Here, let me see. Maybe it could spell role: "R, O, L, E"

You can try it, but what does role

have to do with this mystery?

Nope, it didn't work.

Hmmm. Maybe it spells something else, like "lore"!

"Lore" as in spooky Halloween Lore?


It's also associated with mysteries and Halloween.

Halloween, well that would make sense.

Maybe "Lore" has something to do with the mystery box.

That's it! Let's try it!

Okay, ready?

[All] "L, O, R, E."

[Suspenseful music]


It worked!

[All] Whoa!

What is it, what is it?



Guys, guys, guys!

Just a minute Noah, this is important.

[Game Master theme music]

Guys, the game master is here!


Hurry guys, quick!

Here, take this and go out the back door!

Go, go, go!

[Door closing]


[Game Master theme music]

Hurry, hurry, put in the code to go home.

[Beep, beep, beep, beep]

Teleporting, teleporting...

Quick to the box fort.

Go, go, go!

[Game Master theme music]

Give it back!

Give it back!


[Powering up]


[Whirring and whooshing]


Not again!



[Whirring and whooshing]

Whew, we made it!

I hope the Game Master doesn't follow us back this time.

Guys we barely opened the mystery box

when he came as he was chasing us.

Yeah, let's get a better look to see what's inside.

[Adventure music]


It looks like a book!

It looks like numbers and locations.

Hmmm. A bunch of codes and locations; what can that mean?

Whoa, it must be a code book for our teleporter.


You mean if we type in any of these locations,

we can go anywhere we want?


But what's this?

Another mystery, I guess.

Look, it's the exact same size as the transporter.

Maybe it's a carrying case?


[Game Master music theme]


Guys, guys!

Hang on a minute.


Well, it fits.

Wait a minute...


Quick, try putting that thing back in the bag!

What, why?


It's a cloak, it's a cloak!

A cloak? What do you mean?

Yeah, I was trying to tell you guys.

The Game Master disappeared outside on the grass.

So when you slipped the transporter into the bag,

he got confused and didn't know how to find us.

Whoa, no way! You think it's an invisibility cloak?

It's like he has GPS tracking on the teleporter.

Let's test this...





Wow, it really does work.

Guys... Watch this.


You see him...

And now you don't! [Poof!]

You see him, [Poof!]

now you don't. [Poof!]

You see him, [Poof!]

now you don't. [Poof!]

You see him, [Poof!]

Now you don't. [Poof!]





Oh snap!

Take that, Game Master!



You must go to the Game Master's Mansion

and uncover his evil plan.

[Chiming] [Gasping]

That little girl keeps on appearing and helping us.

Why would she ever tell us to

go to the Game Master Mansion?

Now that we have the invisibility bag,

the Game Master can't use his powers to follow us.

The Game Master must know how to track the transporter,

unless it's hidden in the bag.

We'll have to go to the Game Masters Mansion

to figure out why he's after us.

Quick, look up the Game Master's Mansion in the book

and see if there's a code!

Here it is: "9, 9, 9, 6."

To the box fort!


[Upbeat music]

Quick, type in the code!

Are you guys ready?


"9, 9, 9, 6."

Hurry, get in!

Teleporting, teleporting...


[Whirring and whooshing]


[Sci-fi music]

[Whirring and whooshing]


Whoa, is this the Game Master's Mansion?

The Game Master lives here?

Let's go check it out.

Shhh! Be quiet! You never know

if he's gonna show back up again.

He doesn't know where we are, the teleporter's hidden now.

Whoa, let's go check it out!

[Mysterious music]

[Door creaking open]


[Door creaking open]


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