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Hi Guys

Welcome back to our channelThe Hasan Video’.

Today were going to share a simple drink recipe,

that is Soybean Milk with various flavors.

Its ingredients are easy to get and this surely fail-safe guaranteed.

Its great to be served either cold or hot


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WOW Amazing

What a nice taste,

I bet itll get me addicted.

Sure, this going to be great business idea.

Ok GuysI bet youve been curious to know on how to make it!

Let's get started on todays lesson

Ingredient & Direction

First, prepare 500 g Soybeans.

Soak it into water.

*** Intermezzo ***

Ok Guys

Soak it for about 6-8 hours

to get the beans finely softened and easy to peel its skin.

6 Hours Later

Here we go

After being soaked, peel off its shells by kneading it as this way.

Separate the skin.

By the way,

One of the benefits of peeling its shell is to prevent the final Soybean Milk smells bad.

Have a look at this

I got quite a lot of soybean shells to be removed here.

Here is how it looks like after removing its shell, then washed clean and dried.

The next step is to boil the finely skinned soybeans with enough water.

This process also to prevent and minimize the bed smell on pour final Soybean Milk.

# Note it

Once boiled. Turn off the heat.

Now rinse it again then drain it like this.

Next, lets beat it to well smooth.

Here I use my great food chopper which also works as blender from Mitochiba.

Beat it with about 5 liters of water.

But dont add the water together with the peanuts at once.

So, the 5 liters water is poured periodically

and in stages to fit the capacity of the blender.

While here I blend it for over 3 times.

Then I pour 2 liters of water for the first stage.

Then strain the results using a cloth.

Here I use a clean and new white hijab to strain it.

Then re-blend this pulp with 1½ liters of water.

Finally to get it finely smoothed, blend it again with 1½ liters of water.

So, the total water that I use is around 5 liters.

Well, here is the result

Finally, strain it back into the pan.

So sorry, my pan isnt big enough,

it overflows out of the pan then.

Well, we can keep this pulp leftover.

We can process this soybean dregs into various types of food.

Such as cakes, bakwan, nuggets, crackers, etc.

Prepare the other ingredients then were ready to execute this soybean milk.

Heat the soybean milk over low heat temp.

Then add 1 tsp of salt.

1 stalk of Screwpine leaf, tie it into knot.

And about 300-350 g of granulated sugar, adjust it to your taste.

Boil it over medium but rather low heat while constantly stirring it

as not to burn and break the soybean milk.

Once its boiling and the edge of the pan looks just as this way.

Please immediately turn off the heat.

Because if we let it boiling for too long,

the soy milk will be prone to turn into tofu dough.

# Note it

In fact, if we use mineral water to boil it.

We only need to boil it until its water becomes hot.

This is all because the soybean was already well boiled before,

and its raw taste has also gone.

This means that the soybean milk is cooked already

and doesnt need to be cooked for a long time.

Because if we let it boiling for too long,

the soy milk will be prone to break apart.

# Note it

Here we go

After switching off the stove.

Now just leave it to cool.

Next divide the soy milk into some parts.

Then add food flavorings, choose your favorite taste and color.

Here I useGolden Brownfood flavoring with various flavors and colors.

But for the economical version or for more affordable price,

you can use this type of pasta flavoring.

Here I have Red Velvet

Chocolate flavor

then Original flavor for the rest of it.

Well, here I also made 2 recipes with various flavors.

So, feel free to choose your own favorite flavor or color.

We can get 5. 2 liters of fresh milk from this single recipe.

So, if we pack it at 200 ml dose into 7×10 cm sized plastic

We will get about 26 pieces per 1 recipe.

For its selling price is at about 2000-2500 IDR per pack.

But we can also sell it at 1000-1500 IDR by packing it at 150 ml dose per pack.

Well I think its price is still acceptable.

I once found a market selling it at a very cheap price,

which is around 500-800 IDR per 150 ml.

But I found that its used 7-5 liters water for 500 grams of soybeans.

This way its texture becomes so much runny and less tasty.

Well I got quite a lot of fresh soybean milk just from 2 recipes.

But it doesnt look so neat since I just tied it with rubber.

Then to get a neater look,

we can tie them up with the help of raffia straps like this.

Now have a look,

the soybean packs appearance now looks neater and nicer.

Well you can find the tutorial on how to tie them without rubber on my previous video.

Please check this video description to get its direct link.

# Note it

BTWWe can also pack it into a bottle just like this.

But this way its price would be rising up.

Since the price of the bottle itself is at around 750-1250 IDR per bottle.

So the price for 250 ml dose bottle pack is at about 5000-6000 IDR.

For more premium version,

we can reduce the water dose to 3-4 liters for this bottle version.

This way the soy milk texture would be even thicker and tastier

All in all, for any beverage business, make sure to calculate all the capitals,

then set the proper price.

Ok Guys

Ive explained all the tips and tricks about soybean milk alongside its process.

I think its enough for now.


There we go everybody,

On how to makeEasy Soybean Milk” á la carte The Hasan Video.

Hopefully this will be useful

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial today,

Thank you for watching,

See you guys next time


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