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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【新年】一家人在一起,就是過年最大的團圓

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Sometimes I do part-time jobs

Sometimes my wife and I collect scrap

The maximum is 300 or 400 kilograms a day

while sometimes I can only collect 5 or 10 kilograms a day

I stayed Shenzhen for my children's education

There is a big difference between urban and rural education

For example, my kids are in the second semester of junior school

My daughter was playing basketball at her school

The basketball team of her school may be the best in Shenzhen

I'm under a big pressure

I wish my children could go to high school in Shenzhen

there is hope for the future with a high school diploma

No amount of poverty can affect a child's education

Although I am very tired

I want my kids to go to school

As long as my children can go to school in the city

That's the best my wife and I can do

My kids love reading and studying

My wife and I bought all the books my kids read when we were collecting scrap

My children are very sensible and thoughtful

They know our home is in bad condition and seldom spend money

Our family conditions are not very good, and he does not smoke or drink

he also has a broad mind and sometimes forgives my fault

She has a bad temper

Will you quarrel?

Sure, we always quarreling

There's no couple that doesn't quarrel

No matter how hard life is

A family reunion is a happiness, that's enough

They were born and raised here

Much better than left-behind children

Left-behind children in our hometown drop out of school as teenagers

Just hope they study well, not like us

I often teach my children not to be materially rich but spiritually rich

Even if life pressure is big, a good family is a happiness

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