Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pulwama Terror Attack Revenge | Steps taken by Modi Govt Till Now

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Greetings Friends,

The Unfortunate terror attacks at Pulwama on 14 Feb has saddened most of us.

Till now it has became confirmed that this terror attack was done by Adil Ahmed Dar, a terrorist from Jaish-E-Mohammad.

The same JeM which is the brainchild of Pakistani Army & ISI.

That single suicide bomber did such a large loss of human life to India.

Jaish is a well know extension of Pakistan deep state and

after this incident it has became necessary that Indian govt penalises Pakistan for its misadventures.

So, in today Video we will try to see what actions have been taken by Modi Govt till now

& what steps can be taken in Future.

The Most noted decision taken was to withdraw the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to Pakistan.

This decision was taken a day after the terror attacks by CCS chaired by Honble Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji.

Union minister Arun Jaitley briefed Media on the issue

Today Govt of India has decided to withdraw the Most favoured Nation status to Pakistan.

The commerce Ministry will make a detailed notification on it.

Most unfortunate was that despite India giving MFN status to Pakistan way back in 1996,

the Pakistan even after decades has not reciprocated the same to us.

I cant understand why did India wait so much for this step.

In addition, the Basic Customs duty on Goods exported from Pakistan to India has been raised by 200% with immediate effect.

If we see the work done on diplomatic front, India initiated by summoning the Pakistani Ambassador to India to External Affairs Ministry.

Diplomacy is matter of art. Here, the actions are also a type of message giving.

To Protest against Pulwama Terror attacks Modi Govt called back its ambassador to Islamabad for consultations.

This is also a type of diplomatic rebuttal to Pakistan.

If we see at the Global front all Global powers have condemned the terrorists attacks in Pulwama.

Our neighbours like Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Srilanka etc have also condemned the Terror attacks in Pulwama.

The statement from White House of United States of America clearly named Pakistan

& asked them to end support to all terrorists organisation operating from their soil.

Meanwhile Russian President Putin also wrote condolences letter to Prime Minister & President of India.

Our friend Israel gave a blank cheque to India by offering unconditional help in Combating terrorism.

These situation have been an appreciable win for Modi Diplomacy.

Today, in this Entire Globe not a single country is ready to buy the Pakistani narrative on Pulwama & Kashmir.

Some days ago the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was on a visit to Pakistan

where Pakistani Prime Minister was behaving like a Ola/Uber driver for Crown Prince in a hope to get some coins in the begging bowl of Pakistan.

Despite all goodwill gestures, an important statement by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was noticeable.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia speaking in English.

If you hear the Crown Prince clearly he said that by 2050 Pakistan will be neighbour to two one of the largest Economy in the world.

Pakistan may benefit from it only when its national leadership works in a positive way.

This clearly was a signal to Pakistan to stop the terrorism in region & focus on national building.

Interesting part is that most Pakistani could not even get the message of Crown Prince.

There is an ongoing attempt from years to declare JeM head Masood Azhar global terrorist

but it could not have been successful due to VETO by China.

Once again a fresh attempt will be made by France to propose the name of Masood Azhar to be banned.

We have to closely observe the Chinese approach.

Whether China stands with the terrorists or with the humanity especially after the Pulwama terror attacks.

These Seperatists who used to have feast on Indian govt money & then abuse India.

This time a brave decision was taken removing the separatists security cover.

This is a very important decision as govt has already spent hundreds of Crores on the security of these separatists.

The Description of Pulwama Terror Attack Revenge | Steps taken by Modi Govt Till Now