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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What tourists think of Sydney - Street Interviews Down Under, Ep.1

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hello and welcome back to real English

with real teachers real teachers today I

am in Sydney so I should have said g'day

how's it going right I want to interview

non-natives foreigners to see what they

think of this country is it worth coming

to what are the locals think of them are

they feeling comfortable here all of

that to come let's get going

the first couple of questions I wanted

to ask were where are they from

and how long have they been here I'm

from Turkey I I will stay six months we

came here yesterday and we are leaving

next Sunday with the New Zealand after

that we are coming back and we will stay

here around 17 more days we have that

Costa Rica Costa Rica Pura Vida

we are from Sweden and we have been here

about 14 days we tell from Japan Tokyo

and we maybe at one week with here and

how long have you been here in Sydney

actually I shouldn't he only one day I'm

from the Philippines and I've been here

over a week

the next question I asked this lovely

group of tourists was why are they here

why did they come to Sydney Australia

because our own people are very friendly

and amazing nature nature and amazing

building very nice view at opera was

very interesting and to bust building in

the world I think great she want to see

create a body a leaf house are you

flying to the north to see the Great

Barrier Reef

yes when tomorrow because my best friend

is living here she has been for 45 years

so it took us a long time well our whole

life would have been trying to come here

here but we have the problem with a Pisa

problem last year we went and we went we

came to this area but we couldn't come

to Australia because we couldn't get the

visa right now we have to pay a lot of

money to wear it in my country how much

money is visa $700 for vote 350 for each



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back to the video


so next up I wanted to ask before coming

to Australia what did you think of the

people and the country I heard a lot of

good things about Australians they're

friendly they're very welcoming and warm

and I think they're all pretty pretty

true no much motto muscle and the

country yeah it's true so the people are

matching I knew it was warmer than

Sweden and I knew that people help each

other more and we do in sweden i mean

people you don't know and i thought

about maybe it's because all our

immigrants here I mean all the new ones

since 70

I don't know I mean not deer for

instance my friend she has no one here

no relatives no old friends nothing when

she came so all she had to create new

ones you and your life

maybe that's why you nobody has a family

so you have to help and create the new

family I don't know maybe I'm wrong we

alway we had the thought that Australia

is a great country because a daughter of

mine my daughter didn't live here for a

year so he came with a education program

about 20 years ago but I have here about

the Australian always good things the

people the people the land everything

where they're very nice word

like today like beautiful day

yes very frantic very good people

everyone also am people absolutely so

the next question I wanted to ask was

was there anything that surprised or

shocked you when you arrived in

Australia son

it's very top top Sun the Sun is lower

right hand drive the other things that

is not so Philippines those shocked me

but it's a very nice shot it's something

about is part of the culture and that

interests me a lot for me I am surprised

because I have seen a kangaroo first

time that's our style my thought before

was that it should be more

less vegetation and more flat I didn't

expect all these mountains cliffs and

things like that and we have been

traveling with our friends now for a

time and they have shown us everything

you should see as a tourist so how we

live have been out in the forest out in

them everywhere and we have had

kangaroos about four or five meters away

and it's amazing and all these colorful

birds Papa Goyal I don't know that they

come to you because they want food you

see very funny very windy very windy and

very cool because I have to I have to

walk back to my room at the tectile that

jacket with me I never thought it's

going to be so cold I never I was

thinking in the weather will be more

it is nice

anyway I feel very good here the next

question I wanted to ask was how

important do you think it is to learn

and speak English if you want to come

and visit Australia you can also that in

English I understand it but I can't talk

it you can read it and people understand

what it's very important if you want to

to get to the exact point of what you

want to translate or to say or a house

or whatever it is also important that

you understand their accent not just

because you know how to speak their

English but because you also understand

the the way they speak to you

so I think it's very very important for

example there is a lot of festival in

Australia I can predict practice English

very easy and absolutely as from people

very friendly I can speak English very

easy in Australia she don't study

English still

aha so you haven't studied English but

you felt fine



and finally I wanted to ask if they have

any advice for somebody who might want

to come to Australia like perhaps you

read first do your research do well with

your itinerary there's Australia has a

lot of things to offer only if you know

when and where to go check the weather

as well so you should know what that are

the cool things that you have to to

bring get it and get prepared visit all

the hot the top 10 spots that's very

important so you'll be more of a

legitimate tourist as you go back to

your home to the top 10 they are yes

they are it's very helpful that Google

Maps your advice is to download google

map Iran people should come here because

it is amazing animal everyone can see in

Australia everyone people can go to

festival very amazing festival in

Australia is very popular famous can I

be a little bit longer hmm one of the

reasons we haven't been here is because

Keystone he stole he don't want to fly

and I think that buy tickets premium and

what would you know premium economy

yeah so you get enough I thought before

24 now 20 hours in flight oh but it

wasn't bad thank you 8 all the time and

I think that's bit different to between

what do you call it even if it's more


you don't go to Australia mother was I

think but maybe I don't know I've

actually been four times

oh so I can't afford premium every time

next time


so there we have it the opinion of

people who are travelling to Sydney

Australia and whether they think you

should give it a go - it sounds like

they agree they think this is an amazing

place and that they think you should

come here too so get yourself on that

plane and head over to Australia or if

you're a strong swimmer get swimming

hope you enjoyed it and found it

interesting let me know in the comments

section what you thought and yeah any

other questions you have for

Sydneysiders or tourists in sydney

because i will be happy to do a lot more

of these if you like them so hit that

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comments on it does look like a troll I

agree so yes hit that subscribe button

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know tell us what do you think see you

soon bye for now

now that you've got yourself a reason to

come to Australia go ahead and give

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that's all from me see you again soon on

real English with real teachers

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