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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Geoff Gets a Lighter - AHWU for November 13th, 2017 (#395)

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This episode of AHWU was brought to you by blue apron my, name is Geoff and you're watching AHWU!

From Niagara Falls. You're watching AHWU . #395

For the week of November 13th, 2017.

Hope you guys enjoyed extra life, it was this past weekend, thank you everyone who supported extra life this year.

Don't forget. You can still donate though, go to . You're gonna click the donate button

It'll still take you, you can donate up to the end of the year for 2017

So please do so. Hey Jeremy! What's coming out this week?

Jeremy's achievement! Overheating: witness raining bugs in the desert. He got it, that came out... right now!

Batman: the Telltale series is coming out for the switch. And then on the 17th; we get Star Wars: Battlefront 2! Is coming out.

Hi Achievement Hunter, this gift is for Jack. Saw it I was scrolling through Amazon, Instant thought of you! Hope you like it.

From Jerry Bishop. Jr... This is the Ecto-1?

Like owners workshop, it's freaking awesome.

GHOSTBUSTERS! *Michael gives a stunning rendition of the Ghosbuster's theme.*

That's from the movie. (It is)

Ryan is coming in with a SAAANDWIIIIICH!

Ryan "the cool guy" Haywood: Sup

That's an HEB sandwich, I've seen 'em. I know how they work. I like how Jeremy here is-

*General chaos as Michael becomes a priceless work of art.*

Let me tell you what's coming out this week on Achievement Hunter programming.

We got the best of: "The Achievement Hunter Salt Moments".

Oh, we have a For Honor and Everybody's Golf-

-that's a ps4 game, but it's like everybody gets to make their character run around and play golf and uh...-

So look forward to that we have a get good and Rainbow six again. What no we're checking in are the guys still good

We'll find out

They're just thing to do a Minecraft and in a play palace coming out today if you're watching on YouTube in Super Mario

Odyssey go check it out on the website. I was in that

Like in Super Mario honestly we went through the painting

Happy it was fucking annoying

Watch the hair watch the hair

Okay, hey Jeff this is for you

Come out hi Jeff

Says nobody will give you a lighter

Here's a cold plasma USB would may the light of Achievement Hunter burn bright as you somehow burn your studio down

Love you all

Reese aka ham socks

Yeah, dude. Thanks man ladies be lighter plug it in now and

Light it up fire it up. That's a hipper noise. I need a sword. It was not he sent a knife with it

He can't get it open. Yeah, thank you. Sorry Gavin. Sorry sword cut this cat the Ali, Baba sword yeah

It's not sure, but it's just plastic or that maybe that a hat shooting backs. Oh, it's more thick ring toss

Careful there. It says. Oh careful there jack oh

My god Jeremy says have fun from Brianna Ken Scylla aka imaginary, Phoenix

Lindsay I was a fire everybody sends weapons, but I haven't seen you get one so tada

That's probably good good night. Yes what that is I tried to get it Rose like to match Ruby

I love you Michael and congrats on baby iris her and I share the same birthday

So that's pretty bitchin, and any other note says hey guys been watching you five years

And you all helped me through some rough stuff still do in fact

It was watching uncharted you mentioned Turkish Delight, sir here. You go and Jack take one home for Katy

Holding it by the blade

Burn the fucking camera lighter very loud come on you're gonna cook the land Julie you're lighter with my blades

Wow why is it we can cauterize something sound like that Oh where's

That the sound is way more notice

It works good smudge the room get rid of the bad spirits. Oh

Hi achievement under love watching you all thanks for the many days of laughter. I started watching in 2013 haven't stops

Thank you. No one can forget it all though the content from Kyle. Thanks. I'll give this little pig

For whom are you? Yeah? I only fuck I only have one thing to say the karela de Ville let's

Let them let there be freshness if others open this and Jeff isn't there I have the very personal request of instead

Gassing your own office perhaps destroy broke nose rising curse from Austin Husky. I don't know what this is but Oh

Hey guys enjoy the hats

hope you don't stink up the

Office and now you can even have a pirate versus a ninja in the office which squid will win

Battle with mega a mega shiny which is one of my mods, and I love her so

Recent video between apt after watching the most reason between the games I didn't do it I didn't do it I

Use one rider day Helena fire itself

After watching the loser between the games Smash Ball, you know the old bowling ball into the fucking shelf

I thought you guys could use this love your videos from Rachel Elle

It's a book called fucking cleanup time and everyone in this room can fucking read it up time

Yeah, because I mean maybe if Gavin read this he would know what to do when there's broken glass all over the floor cuz he

had no idea

Yeah, it says chapter 1 where to start Wow know you'll know ok the ball is in play everyone

Just so you know there's idling ball in play oh

Whoa check out the back of that and buy it

Greetings from Colorado

Gavin is it we've Kevin's reading to himself

Hello from Colorado hello state

Hello, Colorado hey, I know you probably have a metric ton of books to go through

So have some more if you have not read The Witcher book series yet

I highly recommend them even if you don't like it or have it play any of the games

Overly games the quite different. It's like Game of Thrones or the Rings had a weird, baby

Right now there are seven total books which have been translated is originally the Polish and then stories also

It was a million times you deserve to hear two million times again Congrats on your so variety. Ah thank you

I'm still it's boring as hell. I'll always be rooting for you keep on keeping on. I'm just like that are a crumb thing

Don't tell anyone, or do I can't stop you, but you're my favorites Achievement Hunter

I've been

Thank you. Especially you and everyone a team hundred for everything

I've been watching since the beginning looking forward to all the amazing new content

I hope you have a great rest of the years, and me I'm sorry

It's not for breeze Rachel from the moment was it was candy dust

I love candy open mouth ready

All your teeth rolled grows Thank You Rachel, this is a lovely Gavin this is for you and me

Gavin this is for you, and me okay

It says a gift from Joseph Hawkins thought you guys might enjoy a few of these from Joe

And it's wait what that's the wrong thing. This is a

Vinyl it's Goldie

Goldie lookin chain

Records that's probably a good amount of our loot today. Thanks for watching everyone. Thanks for watching extra life. No sport. It's the

Hello everyone who wants to read player one trust me

It's the kind of book you guys will like yeah, probably also the years now

What screw should have read this before this campaign from Eric?

Magic Raja cool. Thanks. It's a good book if you want to send us something nice

You know one East 51st Street, Austin?

Texas 77 to 3 make sure to put a loose lash chima hunter in the mailing thing and roosterteeth

What is our mile at that cool milestone video come out?

cool milestone video coming out

Gavin please believe it's on Thursday my fucking drink come on

It's full you fucks I

Was a genuine scream

Well see you on Thursday for a very special

Announcement video heads up we it's a milestone that we is or did or will have made at some point yeah alright

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She's Assassin's Creed in right now. You got it

What did you make last night that I did eight burgers and beats on them, and they were delicious

It was good burgers beats bears battle. Sorry like - yeah

It was good. I ate it. She she cooks it I eat it

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From the temple of the Sun and Delta watt gun this is our world only 395

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