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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Addict Live Lesson - 3rd January 2020 - Public Transport Words - Modes of Travel

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stop it stop it oh I love these distractions hello everyone

oh look at the view out of the window at the moment it's so nice at the moment

what a beautiful day it is welcome everyone welcome to another episode yes

we are live it is English addict from the United Kingdom

you see what was happening Steve at the moment is outside doing some gardening

and he decided to start tapping and waving at the window from outside into

my studio and it was very distracting that's all I can say hi everybody this

is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy

I hope so so here we are just three days into 2020

and already we are on the verge of having a third world war isn't it great

what a super start to a new year and of course if World War three breaks out I

will be streaming it live right here on YouTube so you won't miss a moment of it

so here we go then it is 2020 not only that it is also Friday

I don't know what's going on at the moment it seems the human race will

never learn human beings will never learn even though it's 2020 but to be

honest with you the universe doesn't care if it's 2020 only we know that it's

2020 only human beings have decided that this particular moment of time exists in

the thing we call 2020 but to be honest with you the universe doesn't care the

cosmos couldn't give a toss to be honest so here we go

I hope you are feeling good today I'm not too bad I'm just getting back to the

the normality whatever that is so life has been on hold for a few days whilst

we had Christmas and then the New Year arrived so we are all just getting back

to normal here in the UK I don't know what's happening where you are because

I'm not there you see so I hope you are well we are now already at 10 minutes

past 2:00 Wow was I really that late today I can't believe how late I was

arriving today I'm sorry about that by the way you can catch me on YouTube on

Sunday Wednesday and Friday 2 p.m. UK time is when you can catch me right here

on YouTube Sunday Wednesday Friday 2 p.m. UK time I will give you the times

later on just in case you missed them so I hope you are feeling good have you had

a grand day ooh how grand has your day being has it been

really grand or only a little grand I think that's a word we don't use very

often you never hear people say grand anymore

so if something is large extravagant or maybe something is very

beautiful to look at it is large so normally something that is of a large

scale can be described as grand but of course also something that has been

enjoyable and fun can be described as grand we had a grand day the other day

something amazing something super duper of course you can have a grandparent so

a grandparent a grandmother a grandfather so we can use all of those

words and they all contain that super duper word grande of course grande can

also mean a thousand as a slang word so you might say my boss gave me a grand

bonus last week so that actually means a thousand pounds so when we talk about a

grand quite often we are saying 1,000 normally concerning money so here we go

let's have a look at the live chat whoa what a few days it has been I don't know

about you but I always find Christmas and the New Year very exhausting and of

course I was here with you on the 1st of January we were doing a live stream now

mr. Steve as I mentioned earlier Steve at the moment is outside doing some

gardening however I have a feeling that Steve is not going to come on today I

think he's feeling a little bit shy to be honest you might not believe this you

might be completely surprised to find out that Steve is actually quite a shy

person I know it seems hard to believe so mr. Steve the shy person that he is

will not be joining us today however I am going to try and lure mr. Steve I

am going to try to get him to come into the studio and join us on the live chat

because I have in my hand something that mr. Steve loves can you see that that is

a chocolate finger and I happen to know that mr. Steve is a big fan of chocolate

fingers so on this beautiful porcelain plate there is a chocolate finger so

this is what I will be tempting Steve with a little bit later on so as soon as

Steve gets the smell as soon as he can smell that beautiful creamy chocolate I

think he will come into the studio and join us I don't think he will be able to

resist to be honest I think he will be in here like a shocked as soon as he

finds out that I've got his favorite snack right here a lovely fresh creamy

milk chocolate finger isn't that lovely I will try my best not to drop it on the

floor so there it is so we will try to do that later we will

try to tempt mr. Steve into the studio but I might need your help as well so

please send all of your positive thoughts to bring mr. Steve here onto

the live stream today we are talking about quite a few subjects one in

particular public transport now this is something I want to talk about today and

I can safely say I have never talked about this before it seems incredible so

this is actually a subject I've never discussed before ever which I find

incredible because it's something we all use something that most of us use at

some point in our lives public transport the mean

of getting around so I know walking is good for you I know that walking is very

beneficial it can keep you healthy for many many years it can extend your life

however sometimes walking can be very tiring especially if you have to travel

a very long way so quite often people will use public transport they will get

on public transport so that is something we are talking about today we will also

be talking about different modes of transport so can you see that their

modes of transport so when we say modes of transport we are talking about types

so the different types of transport and there are quite a few in fact some of

them have been around for a lot longer than you might realize

so modes of transport public transport we will be talking about today however

we have something even more important to mention we have the live chat hello live

chat are you ok I hope so so here we go live chat is up and

running who is first on the live chat oh let's have a look

hello Sasi Lehrer hello Sasi lira or Lehrer

I've not seen you before here on the live chat is it your first time can I

say congratulations because you are first on today's live chat

I can't contain my excitement I really can't hello also to Julie Julie ji is

here as well sweetness hello mr. Duncan and hi to

everyone yes it is Friday the end of the week although here in the UK it has been

a very short week because yesterday everyone in the UK went back to work

after the long Christmas break so most people are now back at work here in the

UK a lot of very miserable people around the UK who are having to go back to work

after their lovely long Christmas break lilia hello Lillian nice to see you here

again haven't seen you for a while I hope you had a good Christmas and I

suppose I should say Happy New Year as well because it is still the new year we

are just three days into 2020 so yes I suppose I should say Happy New Year I

wonder how long you can actually say Happy New Year for before you have to

stop saying it so can I say Happy New Year on the 10th of January can I still

say it so when does it become too late to say Happy New Year

so can I say Happy New Year at the start of February can I is it strange is it

silly will I get people chasing me down the road with large dicks I don't know

hello also to Tran Luis Mendez Luis Mendez hello to you a big bonjour to

Paris and France Belarusian hello everyone hello Belarusian I noticed

today you are using your normal account on YouTube thank you very much also Eman

also 2ts nakorn Krishna curry and so hang cry hang cry Brahma who is

watching in India a big hello to India at the moment so here we are now in 2020

how does it feel to be in 2020 as I mentioned the other day it sounds like

we are in some sort of science fiction film 2020 the year that humanity made

the giant leap forward or backwards who knows it's still early days

marela hello Marella Alamgir also Angelo we have a lot of people already on the

live chat thank you for joining me today how lovely to see you here

also fredericka Caesar can I also say hello to Olga and also Petros for your

lovely lovely donations so hello and thank you for your donations you are

more than welcome to make a donation by the way and of course you can write to

me and follow me on Facebook as well

hmm so the big question is will we be able to tempt will we be able to tempt

mr. Steve into the studio I have his favorite snack here a lovely chocolate

finger so I'm going to try and tempt mr. Steve into the studio at around about

half past two so we will see if we can get mr. Steve to come in and join us

because he's feeling a little bit shy today I don't know why I have no idea

maybe it's his time of the month or something like that who knows Angela

Angela is watching in Italy Mecca recei or maker C hello to you watching in

Algeria nice to see you as well also Cory lean areas here

hello mr. Duncan hello everyone happy new year we are going to celebrate

Christmas on the 7th of January says Lina thank you also for your lovely

donation as well today thank you very much I received it this morning thanks a

lot I do appreciate your help because I do everything here for free it costs you

nothing so on the 7th of January some people will be celebrating Christmas

those who don't follow the Gregorian calendar hello Luciano hello also to

Silvia hello netra pal Mira

nice to see you here as well today well so many people are joining in now I have

my lovely cameras outside I'm wondering if I can get a shot of the bird feeder

so there it is there is the bird feeder that is in my front garden and mr. Steve

was out there a few minutes ago disturbing the birds

but I think he's gone now so it looks like mr. Steve has gone back into the

house and the birds are now feeding in the front garden so normally I show you

the bird feeder in the back garden but there you can see a live view right now

and you can see a black bird lurking around in the background oh he's gone

there's one thing I've noticed about black birds they will often chase each

other around they are not very friendly to each other the black birds they they

don't seem to get along very well especially the males

so male black birds will often fight and they will often hold their territory

very aggressively quite aggressive birds black birds sometimes especially during

the mating season so there it is outside at the moment a lovely view and also we

have another view looking into the distance you can see that the Sun is out

today so we actually have sunshine at the moment so there is a lot of so

around blue sky and it's not too cold here in the UK it's about 9 degrees

which is still very warm for this time of year to be honest

hmm live English we're talking about public transport today public transport

and also different modes of transport ways that we all get around what about

you do you ever use public transport do you ever go out and about using public

transport I will be honest with you here in the UK public transport here in the

UK doesn't have a very good reputation especially trains something we will be

talking about later on so we will mention that later there are certain

types of transport here in the UK that people are very dissatisfied with they

hate public transport here in the UK hello - Eamonn hello Eamonn hello also -

Cecilia and Nicole I think I've said hello to you already Lilia says you are

tapping into an amazing topic mr. Duncan by sharing your stance on the nature of

time if tree falls down in a forest and no one is around can you say that the

tree has fallen or not or does it make a sound so this is a little bit like

Schrodinger's cat that is in the box so there is a way of looking at reality and

the way that things happen around us so if something happens but no one sees it

does it mean that it has happened is the cat alive in the box or dead

who knows it could be both hello also - Julie Julie G again Thanks for seeing me

here today thanks for joining me I always appreciate the fact that you

join me so I give up my time but also you give up some of your time as well to

watch me Lewis says in Paris the public transport is very good well I was in

Paris last year in 2019 so I was in Paris and I must be honest with you I

was very impressed with the public transport especially the underground

trains very good very easy to get around the underground trains in Paris

very impressive I thought and also not very expensive which surprised me a lot

because here in the UK and this is something I'm talking about later here

in the UK public transport especially if you want to go by train is very

expensive and every year in January every year the train fares so the charge

for using the trains goes up it goes up every year hello to Sudhir also hello to

Wilson Wilson says in the country of Colombia they use a donkey as a way of

transportation or a means of transportation so the means of

transportation is the way you move around donkeys can go to the country by

themselves carrying heavy stuff yes I've seen that I've seen pictures of donkeys

and horses I believe they call them pack horses so

a pack horse is a horse that carries goods or maybe belongings packages or

suitcases on their backs pack horses you are right Luis

Paris has a really good underground network says Anna yes I was very

impressed I must admit and also I suppose another

thing to mention generally is the amount of traffic that was in Paris moving

around on the roads and how all of the traffic just

merged together so they didn't they didn't seem to be any real rules or

control on the roads in Paris so that's another thing that I noticed in fact in

certain ways it reminded me a little bit of China so in China the rules on the

road are not exactly clear and I had a feeling that they were very similar to

that in Paris I'm sure if I'm wrong you will correct

me hello also Kelly hello Corey nice to see you here as well so it is the 3rd of

January a brand new year how has 2020 been for you so far has it

been a good year I know we are only three days into the new year but you

never know apparently a third world war is on its way so it's a bit it's a bit

disappointing isn't it really hello also to Diego hello Diego Wilson

the donkey's are often seen in the towns is that a question or a statement I'm

not sure hello Kelly as well thanks Kelly nice to see you as well we have a

lot of things to talk about today yes there are always things to talk about

and welcome back blue thunder we haven't seen you for a very long time I think

you've been busy with your studies so you've been busy with your studying and

your exams so it's nice to see blue thunder back with us again so welcome

back hello also to cedilla transport has been

improving over the years in Pakistan so I'm always fascinated to find out what

public transport is like in other countries here in the UK as I mentioned

earlier our public transport doesn't have a very good reputation not very

good at all especially one particular the type of transport which we will

mention later so I suppose as we are now approaching

232 on a Friday afternoon I'm going to try and see if I can get mr. Steve to

come into the studio because he doesn't want to come in today he doesn't want to

appear at all he said this morning he said no I'm not appearing today I'm not

going to I'm too shy and I thought maybe there's a way maybe there is a way of

getting mr. Steve to come back on and I think I have the perfect plan so here in

my hand I have a plate and on the plate there is a snack and it just happens to

be mr. Steve's favorite snack it is a chocolate finger so what I'm going to do

now is I'm going to start to move the chocolate finger around and then

hopefully the smell of the chocolate the aroma of the milk chocolate will fill

the air but I also need your help as well so can everybody out there in

YouTube land please wish wish that mr. Steve will smell he will detect the

smell of this lovely beautiful confectionery so after three we will

start the process of luring mr. Steve into the studio so here we go let's try

it so I'm going to make the chocolate scent the aroma of chocolate will now

feel the air mr. Steve is he coming as he detected the chocolate yet here we go

be quiet everyone he's very shy he's like a little timid animal

I've got you let's go we've caught him everyone we've caught him is a little is

a little he is struggling is struggling okay not late to Steve well I'm just

trying to subdue Steve subdue him okay subdued you saw the change that shock to

mr. Duncan it was just delicious you know how I like I was going to be rude

there mr. Duncan everyone say anything please oh oh oh we live mr. Duncan to

the world you're alive now I know you said this morning that you didn't want

to come on but I knew that you wouldn't be able to resist a chocolate finger

I just Steve is very partial to a chocolate finger aren't you well yes I

do like them they are my favorite well that means we've got one less

because what we do mr. Duncan hello everybody by the way this is quite

unusual I've been on three times have entire mr. Duncan this is amazing in the

last what since Christmas okay I'm all excited because I'm fired up mr. Duncan

it's a lovely day well we saw you in the garden well I saw you in the garden you

were tapping on my window and you distracted me looming me no I didn't

film you but I I did see you at the window anyway you were very distracting

because I was trying to start my livestream and you you kept waving to me

and tapping on the window and it really distracted me ever such a lot well I

just thought I'm coming up the garden I wanted to let mr. Duncan know that

I may come on to the livestream today hmm if I was tempted hmm and sure enough

I was so I thought I would just wait you through the windy but all you needed to

have done is just like that and I would have stopped just acknowledged my

presence I've been out in the garden mr. Duncan wished me noticed what you mean

you've been filming me like a No I've already told you I'm not filming you I

mentioned it oh oh right okay I'm glad to see you're following this mean you've

been filming me in the garden mr. Duncan oh I haven't been filming oh no yes

because it's a lovely day today and I just thought I want to go outside there

and tidy up a particular part of the garden which always looks a bit messy

now mr. Duncan mr. Duncan viewers he hates me if he sees me getting out my

loppers or the saw he's always worried what is mr. Steve going to cut down in

the garden I always wonder what Steve is going to do in the garden when he has

his large tools in his hand yes because mr. Duncan doesn't like me to cut back

bushes he's got a thing he hates it he likes them too just to go grow wild but

you have to if anyone out there has a garden you have to keep it under control

I do realize it starts to look messy I do feel as if we've talked about this

subject many times we have but I just thought I would touch we've got new

viewers who don't know yes we have actually hello - can I just say hello to

a couple of new viewers motivation treat it is my first time to catch you live

and isn't it amazing it certainly is and welcome

Luciano's seem to have no idea what's happening I don't know what's happening

did you hear the applause yes I did I'm sure you know what I think I think Steve

Steve is going deaf well I've got these I take these off cuz I was in the garden

of course sorry I'm a bit hot how many hats are you wearing

I was getting very hot it's surprisingly hot outside I've cut back have you seen

what I've been doing in the garden mr. Duncan I did notice in fact we were

looking we were looking at the bird feeder because you were lurking around

there earlier but the birds have gone because you scared them away

oh well no all right there were lots of as I was clearing the garden hmm there

were lots of bobbing along I saw the Robin watching you he was

watching mean he kept coming in because when you disturb the ground particularly

Rather's leaves or all bits of wood when you disturb the ground of course lots of

insects are uncovered and so the birds like to fly in particularly the Robins

have a very very tame and unafraid of our presence yes I think Robins are

quite brave they are they they're they I'm not afraid when they see something

that you know they'll come within a few feet of you so they start to see all the

insects that I'm uncovering and in there go and pick them off and eat them I

would describe the Robin in one word opportunist yes I think that's a

brilliant word so Robins the bird the little bird with the red breast I would

describe it as an opportunist so when it sees the chance when it sees an

opportunity it will take it so I think that's one of it they will they always

hang around so quite often in the UK you will see Robins watching the general

public especially in parks and do you remember when we went to Wales and we

actually got a Robin to land on our hand and we were feeding it weren't we

they're very tame it was a using Robins are one of the few rare

wild birds that are very tameable and will come very close to you if you've

got food they can be tamed or as most wild birds will stay a long way away

from you and fly off but Robins that won't yes

so I can tame Robins I can tame most animals but sadly I can't tame mr. Steve

I'm Daryl feral he is a ferocious beast if you say somebody's feral it means

that they're they're sort of wild they're not tamed a feral beast is is is

is an animal that is not tame it lives in the wild

apparently flower Espoir hello to you has changed her clothes and

unfortunately I now have the flu get well soon

flower Espoir we are talking about something today Steve we are almost back

to normal but mr. Steve is joining us because he's still on holiday he's on

holiday from work so so this is the last time you'll be with us for a while

public public transport we are talking about today now my first question I

suppose for mr. Steve is do you like public transport public transport me a

man of my station and importance do you think I would be seen on public

transport mr. Duncan well I well judging by your attitude I would say no well no

I've never really traveled very much on public transport because and it's the

same with a lot of people in the UK because there is a high proportion of

car ownership in the UK and people only tend to use public transport if it's

easy to use I mean lots of people use public transport because for example if

you live in big cities like London Birmingham Manchester you can't really

dry driving because there's nowhere to park there's

congestion charges so for a lot of people who live in big cities they have

to use public transport trains buses but because my job involves I don't have a

place of work because I'm in sales so my base is at home so I have to

travel to lots of different places during the day and different days of

different places therefore I have to use a car that's it well I don't think

you're your employer your employer wouldn't expect you to to do your job by

catching buses up at the the salespeople that we have that live in London we've

got about five that live and work around the London area but they do use the

buses the tubes because it's impossible to to use the car because you can't get

anywhere quickly and it's too expensive the big problem with London and it's a

very basic problem London was built a very long time ago so most of the

streets most of the roads in the centre of London are the same exactly the same

as they were when they were first created and of course London was created

a long long time ago most of the streets most of the roads were created before

the invention of the motorcar before the invention of of most things that we take

for granted nowadays so most of the streets or many of the streets in London

are narrow because they never thought that they would need to make them any

wider so they didn't need to be wide because they didn't have vehicles they

didn't have motor cars or lorries and that's the reason why when you go to

London the first thing you will notice in London is many of the streets are

very narrow and that's because London was was built with that same thing in

mind they thought well we don't need to make the roads very wide as long as

people can move up and down them that's all it matters and of course the

population has increased dramatically so over the last hundred years so there are

therefore lots of more people there caught this is of course a problem all

around the world is congestion due to cars yeah I think in this country we

have think there's at least a hundred million cars something like that in the

UK that's a lot and that's what about sixty million people there's at least

one for every person and and of course in the UK a lot of people will be living

in in countries that are much much bigger than the UK but in the UK is

quite a small country is that yeah well that's interesting I don't want to talk

about this too much because we have about a hundred things to talk about

today around a hundred things to talk about oh I won't be here for all of it

I've counted them I've counted them hundred things how many of you got

through so far non public transport is something that we use quite often what

it was going to mention Steve last night they were talking about the Australian

fires so a state of emergency now in Australia where wildfires are occurring

all over the place but it was interesting that they showed the the

scale of Australia compared to the UK yes and and Australia is huge it is it

really is a huge country well technically it's a continent but the UK

is tiny it's so small compared with Australia

well it's only that from the top of Scotland to the bottom of the of England

it's only about 600 miles yeah but that what's that about a thousand kilometers

so most people don't actually appreciate just how small the UK is but also how

large of the countries are especially Australia it's a huge place it takes to

fly from one side of Australia to the other Steve takes hours well I know I

know people that have gone on holiday to Australia are thinking about we want to

go out to Australia on holiday and the and the

thing they would say is I enjoyed it but I spent most of the time traveling hmm

because to get to anywhere difference in the UK I mean that the width of the UK

for example is only 300 miles there about 500 kilometers wide and I said

about a thousand kilometers long but you wouldn't ever go to the really top bit

so in reality you're only working with it with an area for about 3 500 by 500

kilometres most that you would ever go to visit yes but the thing is another

thing worth mentioning is we hate traveling British people now this is I

can say this safely there is one thing we hate doing isn't there Steve British

people we hate traveling anywhere well we don't we get we get easily upset if

the journey is is held up and of course because we're a small country with a lot

of people I mean France for example has the same sort of population as us but

double the landmass at least so people are spread out a lot more so in the UK

there's a lot of people concentrated in two relatively small area we don't

realise how spoiled we are here in the UK we live on a very tiny island it

really is small and of course the the the transport links that have been built

are okay hmm but because they've been developed over a long period of time

they're not ideal yes there are some you know obviously some some good public

transport by train but it's very difficult to track I don't like

travelling by train I used to travel a lot by bus when I was are you going to

go through the various time so we have a lot I mean we've got about a tall way

we've got about six hundred things to talk about right so we talked about the

relative size of the UK to to others I mean really to get to anywhere major I

mean to for us to get to London mmm 30 takes a couple of hours yeah well from

if you if you travel from Birmingham Londyn it's about one hour and 40

minutes one and a half hour between the two major cities in the u.s. that's

quite a long distance as far as we're concerned yes I'm sure for for other

people watching it's nothing but it's about two hundred two hundred and twenty

miles but that's a long way for us so 120 miles is is like forever for British

people because we hate travelling and one of the most common forms of

transport besides the car is the train and people do not like travelling by

train for various reasons I suppose one of them is the actual infrastructure I

love that word by the way infrastructure infrastructure so everything that makes

SERP that type of transport so not just the trains but also what the trains run

on and how the trains run and where the trains stop at so everything has to be

built in creation the tracks yes so everything has to be built and created

and it has to be maintained and I think here in the UK it hasn't been maintained

very well so a lot of our infrastructure as far as the railway system is

concerned is not very good we are way behind Europe in terms of public

services we don't put anywhere near as much money into our public services as

the rest of Europe does I think a lot less my people would be surprised I

think a lot of people would be surprised to hear that I think the highest amount

of money that's spent on public services in Europe is Germany and France Italy

and Spain are probably not far behind but we're a long way behind because a

larger proportion of the population in the UK owned cars but that even I'm in

the state of the roads in the UK is very poor and yes a lot of poor than it used

to be because we've had since the crack the 2009 crash we've had we've been

living in what they call austerity yes and they cut a lot of public services

significantly and of the spending the spending on public services has been cut

back a lot not just the transport but health and everything but we're getting

into other areas yes but yes compared to the rest of Europe the spend is is lot

lower than the UK so there has been very little money put in to all of the things

that that exist as far as transport is concerned so I would imagine many people

are surprised to hear that because I suppose you would think that the UK

Great Britain everything is fantastic but we have I would say we probably have

one of the worst rail networks in the world

well I wouldn't send the world but certainly in Europe well in your I mean

whenever I've been to France Germany the railway systems there are a seem to be a

lot more reliable seem to be a lot more off than we've cut back a lot of

services and in the sixties they cut back dramatically on the on the number

of a train journeys and of course really to the Train is a lot more

environmentally friendly than the roads and somebody mentioned earlier about do

you have trams oh yeah well this is something I'm

talking about later this is one of the 600,000 things we are mentioning today

so I may have to go back in the garden mr. Duncan because at some point I may

have to leave you okay but because because I've left a lot of Garden

implements tools out there and lots of bushes needle chopping down okay so I'm

sorting into the bin so what I will do Steve I'll let you go I don't go now

okay I'll save a bit longer we're not on for very how you don't you know we're

not on for very long okay then and maybe I'll stay public

transport is something that we talk about a lot here in the UK especially

this time of year because normally the the charges or the fare for using public

transport always goes up in January so this has become a tradition almost so if

you use pub transport normally you have to commute

Steve can be mute I love this word so to commute simply means to move around you

use maybe a certain form of transport to get from one place to another you

commute so when we talk about a person who commutes quite often they will need

to travel maybe to their job so maybe they live in I don't know they live in

Brighton but they work in London so every day they have to commute or the

other way round all the way from Brighton of course a lot of London a lot

of people don't want to live in the big cities so a lot of people live just

outside the cities maybe 20 30 miles out and the further you live away from the

city generally the cheaper the property is because you can't have an average job

and work in London and live in London because it's far too expensive so most

people will have to live outside the city in order to afford somewhere to

live yes and so therefore they have to do this daily commute they have no

choice they have to travel to work probably the same bus the same time or

the same train every day and it's not something I mean I've I've used to work

in the hospital for seven years and I have to travel every day sometimes with

cycles sometimes I Drive and that gets very boring the same journey and a lot

of people OTT of people watching will relate to that I've got one place of

work it's the same journey no I don't remember sometimes you drive you don't

remember the journey I've been there I've been there Steve remember in the

past for many years I used to have to travel by bus and train when I was

working in certain places I absolutely hated it and the worst part is when

everything goes wrong and quite often he does

so you want your cat by the way sorry cydia wants your cat P likes it os Lee

likes it thank you very much travel so you travel from one place to

another so the person that travels can be described as a commuter so a person

who moves around the country or maybe from one town to another because they

have to get to work and of course at the end of the day they have to come back

home they are a commuter many people now do travel long distances to get to work

especially around London because living in London is very expensive you may have

heard that living in London is not a cheap thing to do so many people now

choose to live outside London in areas that are not so expensive to live in and

where the property is a little bit more affordable

however in London very expensive so more and more people now have become

commuters they are described or each person is described as a commuter are

you a commuter I'm not can I just lilius just ask me what I used to do in the

hospital because I've mentioned it before I used to work in the labs in the

laboratories mm-hmm so a lot of hospitals when you go in you need to

have blood tests and your doctor might send blood tests and we had a there was

a big lab in the hospital and we used to do all the testing on the blood to see

if you see how ill you are hmm not very nice so you were surrounded by blood I

was I had there was blood everywhere occasionally drop it blood urine

anything that comes out of your body we have to test okay and I've got some

interesting stories about that but we won't go into it now we won't go into

any of those stories so a person who travels quite often they will be a

passenger passenger so you might notice that the word pass is there in fact you

will find that this word or the beginning of this word is used in a lot

of things create related to travel including Passport

as well so passenger a person who travels around who has to move from one

place to another they normally have to sit in a car a bus train taxi in fact

there are many ways of traveling around which we will look at in a little while

so when you travel you will often have to go back and forth you travel to a

place and then later after you finish your job Steve you will return home you

will often go back and forth that means you're going back and back to the same

going to one destination back again and you keep going to the same place several

times if you say oh I'm going back and forth all day mmm it means you've been

going backwards and forwards probably to the same place or somewhere near

constantly and I suppose it's worth mentioning as well Steve that not not

not everyone works in an office or a place that's fixed a lot of people also

work on a basis of travelling around like sales people like myself so Steve's

job means that he has to travel all the time from place to place so because

sales is something that quite often involves moving around from location to

location so you will go back and forth I think it's safe to say in your job Steve

you do a lot of this you go back and forth yes if you want to travel what do

we normally have to pay well quite often if you use public transport you will

have to pay a fare and this is something that is in the news right now in the UK

isn't it it is because particularly with the trains if you are a person that has

no alternative in that you need to use public transport to get to work because

there's there's no other way you can get there then you're really at the mercy of

the train operators because they know you've got to use the service yes so

they increase the costs quite often way above inflation hmm and everybody moans

in as - Duncan said this happens every January

yeah the the the train companies Rick put up their fares to be they haven't

put them up as much this year but in the past they've sort of gone up ten fifteen

percent yes in one year which is way above the level of inflation nurse and

traveling by train is very expensive hmm in the UK particularly if you don't plan

your journey in advance yeah the shocking one it's now more expensive to

travel by train than plane it is yeah that's incredible so it's actually more

expensive to get on a train and travel a long distance across the UK than it is

to jump on a plane and take a flight it's incredible so years ago the train

was the thing that most people went to and they would just jump on the train

without thinking a lot of a lot of countries the the government subsidized

public transport which means that they pay something towards the fare so that

the fares are cheaper for the passengers but we don't have that in the UK you

have to pay them whatever the full price is so when you get on a public some

public transport there are many types of public transport that you have to pay to

use you have to pay a fair fair or ticket yes here's another one I suppose

if you're driving along a road that has recently been built and this this also

happens in many countries doesn't it it does you might have to pay a toll a

charge to use the road well or or or a bridge we've had tolls on bridges for

many years in the UK and certain bridges that the big bridges that cross certain

rivers but paying to go on a road in the UK has only recently happened

they built a a bypass road around Birmingham and that is a fair pain road

you have to pay a toll to go on it but that's I believe that's the only Road in

the UK that you have pay yes whereas when you go to places

like France for example you always have to pay always have had to pay you go on

the major routes but not in the UK so this is something that maybe is starting

to happen more in the UK yes there are some motorways in the UK where you have

to pay so there are just one or two not many but there are bridges as you said

yes bridges that they've spent millions and millions to build they will have to

go across a toll gate amen amen l Hazara asks is this live yes

it is it is now three minutes past three o'clock on a Friday afternoon yes it's

Friday and we are here on the third the third day of 2020 interesting little

thing about tolls on bridges there was one there's one

I don't know which bridge it is that goes across from England to Wales okay

and they I think it's the seven bridge but I'm not entirely sure okay they've

actually just recently stopped the toll altogether so it's now free to go across

oh but it's caused massive congestion problems yes because everyone wants to

use it because certainly everyone's now using that instead of other routes

they're all going the direct route which cava see if you've got a nice big bridge

that's going to be the easiest way to get from one area to the other and it's

causing all sorts of problems every time I think every time if I had a choice

between going all the way around and the other choice was going straight across a

bridge I would choose the bridge every time Luis Mendez is talking about trains

in in Paris of course we went to Paris didn't we yes I mentioned this earlier I

talked I talked all about this earlier in the livestream and didn't we have a

nice experience it was very easy to use the transport there I found it very easy

to use very good very good yes now when you use public transport

you will often buy a ticket there different types of ticket that you can

use Steve you can have a one-way ticket a one-way ticket we'll take you in just

one direction so you travel from where you are to the place you want to go to

and that is it you're not coming back as far as you are aware you are staying

there forever yes maybe somebody's giving you a lift back yes or maybe you

are moving to a place where you will be living from now on you only need a

one-way ticket excuse me that was good I think I think Steve's got got the the

plague returned so if you plan to come back you will get a return ticket so

that allows you to go away stay somewhere and then come back so you will

get a return ticket because you want to return to where you came from

maybe that return ticket is open-ended so if you have an open-ended return

ticket that means that the when you come back is much more flexible you could go

it may be any time as long as the the particular mode of transport is

available or it could be restricted so you might have to get a specific train

or bus or plane yes at a certain time yes so if it's open-ended return

obviously they cost more hmm but it means you can travel back whenever you

like and this is one of the problems with traveling by train because quite

often if you travel by train you have to travel a long distance so that is one of

the reasons why people love traveling by train however when you travel makes a

difference to how much you pay so that is something to look out for this is

something I want to mention quickly cuz we are really really short of time ok if

you go to London by the way if you are planning to go to London and a lot of

people are I'm sure maybe you are sitting there now thinking I would love

to travel to learn to visit you might use one of these you

might use an oyster card something that you use to travel around London it is a

very affordable ticket and it allows you to travel during a certain period of

time around a certain area so they do vary in price depending on how far

around London you plan to travel and of course for how long you plan to do it

fall so I stack art is a great thing quite often you will buy a card and you

will put it in the machine and then you can use the Machine you can use the

ticket all day or maybe for a whole week depending on which type of Oyster card

you have so this is actually a very good I might cover you with all modes of

transport as far as I know yes you can get different types so the oyster oyster

card will actually allow you to travel on train or on the tube around a certain

area of London so it depends which zone you are going to travel around the we

call the the underground in in London we call it the chill the tube but in most

countries they just refer to it the underground I think I'm sure that London

was the first city in the world to have an underground transport system yes

certain parts of the London Underground system are really old I think Paris now

again I might be wrong I'm sure someone out there will be busy googling you like

to Google don't you you can't stop your fingers from googling so I think Paris

may have been the first one I've got a very strange feeling about that I don't

know why London or Paris it's one of those - I'm I'm almost ninety four point

eight percent certain but certainly it goes back to Victorian I don't I'm sure

that they first built it in 1880 or something like that anyway we don't know

let's not make up make up dates we don't know but it was it was certainly in the

Victorian era yes yeah because public and sport Steve is very popular there is

something that is a big problem with most public transport especially here in

the UK and I suppose there are many other countries where this is a problem

overcrowding what about mr. Duncan my brother-in-law has to travel to London

every day mm-hmm lives about 30 40 miles from London hmm so quite often my sister

tells me that on the way back that it's so overcrowded that he has to stand all

the way back for maybe maybe an hour and a half

doesn't have a seat and that's very common it certainly at certain times

there is literally no way to sit there are two I mean many people are not

enough trains yes well we're a small country and of course they want to build

this this new railway line don't they the what's it called h2 or something

it's it's HS 2 HS 2 they want to build this superfast railway HS means

high-speed so at the moment we have one main line that goes from London to the

north of England and also onwards into Scotland but they want to create another

railway line that will allow high-speed trains to go at very high speeds as we

don't have very high speed trains in the UK that's something else people might be

surprised about even though we did originally set some pretty impressive

records for four journeys on trains because our tracks are quite narrow

because we're a small country and because of development we can't have

very and there's lots of twists and turns yes we can't have very fast trains

in this country compared to France or Spain have got very high high-speed

railways in Japan Japan has the bullet train it goes it's something like 220

miles an hour imagine that sitting on a train going

almost as fast as a jet plane I don't think trained in the UK go much

faster than about 70 miles an hour 70 or like that we did experiment many years

ago with different types of trains but they all failed miserably so we had this

wonderful train that when it went round the corner it would actually tilt over

it would do that the Pendolino I think there was called pendolino trains and

they were an absolute disaster because what happened is during the freezing

conditions they wouldn't tilt so the trains couldn't travel very fast so all

of those trains were completely scrapped yes netra n says I traveled to Eurostar

London to Paris okay now we haven't tried that yet when we went to Paris

earlier on this last year we flew but if you add up about a few people that went

at the same time as us went by the Eurostar and they said it was a very

nice experience the only trouble with Eurostar is that they often have strikes

and if there's any problems you get severe holdups yes it's a very a lot of

you will know around the world if if there are certain workers who are trying

to improve their working conditions or have a have a grievance with their

employers they'll go on strike at airports at at bus stations and and

railways which causes severe disruption yes they will they will use that as

leverage to try and get increase their pay or working conditions but the people

that suffer of course are they the ordinary commuters the public a public

but also it's worth remembering and this is I think this is an even bigger one

Steve Eurotunnel it often breaks down it's not 100% reliable

so I between you and me Steve and and you as well I would not use the Eurostar

it is great when it works but it's an absolute nightmare when it goes wrong

Lewis says that there is a HS train from London to Paris but when it gets into

the when it crosses the channel I thought I don't think it's high-speed

then is it slows down we never use from France a cry I don't know I'm not an

expert here I don't know apparently the London Underground was the first one I

think it is I think wait there Steve we're moving on 155 years yes

London Underground the first one 155 years family it could be Cecilia lead

Cecilia thank you thank you for that I think it could be high speed it is I

don't know don't know if there is a specific line just for the Paris to

London train I don't know I don't know it's certainly far it doesn't stop in

lots of place so it goes from London yes I know but I'm just wondering whether

those little bit from London to just before it goes under the channel yes is

high speed or whether that just uses the ordinary network of that was already

there I think it probably could be Lewis Lewis could be right there yes

we don't know though because we haven't been on it mind you it's got to be

because you can put cars on there on the train that was a big thing when we were

growing up when they built the tunnel under the channel hmm amazing between

the France and and the the UK yeah we've got at least undertaken when it works it

works very well otherwise it doesn't here's another one I just mentioned this

Steve go on delays this is the one this is the biggie this is the one that

everyone complains about including this person standing next to me now he gets

so irate ah but I've got this fabulous new sat-nav in my car that now this if

anyone drives and they think should I get to sat-nav you we need to get one I

tell you this one I've got in my car now it tells me if there are any holdups on

the roads anyway yes and it will thing will come up on the dashboard and it

will say hold ups and it will say alternative

found would you like to and it will tell you it saves you 10 minutes or sometimes

like an hour and so I don't know that there's this hold up and the sat-nav

will say to me do you want to follow this new route guidance and it will take

me all the way around it do you know it saved me so much time mr. Duncan

satellite satellite navigation systems are amazing they are but you need one

particularly if you're living in somewhere like the UK where congestion

on the roads is commonplace then you need one that you definitely need one

that knows I don't know how it works mr. Duncan I don't know either slink into

some not a information center somewhere and it will tell me would you like to

delay discovered or something would you like find alternative route it's

brilliant brilliant yes so satellite navigation systems can actually help you

to avoid holdups Lewis likes the Eurostar holdups which means delays so

it's another way of expressing delay you have a hold up think we'll try Eurostar

you know mr. Duncan next time we go to Paris I'm not the thing is we live quite

a long way from London so well when I say a long wait relative for us it is

yeah so we've got to go to London first so we've got to at least change trains

twice to get the earth and then we've got to the there isn't an easy direct

route from London where our train would go into Euston station you have to

change many times you get on get to the Eurostar one yes and you've got to carry

all your luggage with you if you're already inland and it's fine but you

know traveling to London there's more complications than that whereas if just

flying to Paris we could just drive to the airport part your car get on the get

on the plane and there you are unless you use a taxi it's too

complicated the more changes you have to make on your journey the more the

greater the chance of something going wrong yes and this is what we have we

have meetings sales conferences and things like that

at work that are in various locations they was changed to location and I

always Drive because it's never by the time you get on a train you've got a

from to get to our nearest station as a at least 20 minutes ago well that means

you've got to allow at least 10 minutes to get out of the car and get a ticket

and everything so you've probably got to allow 45 minutes before you even get on

the first train then we've got a change in Birmingham then you've probably got

to change somewhere else and by the time you've done all that you may as well

just get in the car and drive it's just too much trouble it is because there

aren't massive we're not travelling massive distances if you're travelling

somewhere and it's a long way away keep it simple that's it well if you're

if you're living in in a larger country where you've got to maybe travel to

three you know 500 kilometres or somewhere like that then yes obviously

you won't probably want to drive but in the UK the most the the longest distance

I'm ever going to have to drive is probably only about maybe a hundred

miles maybe a hundred and fifty kilometres something like that so quite

often just going on the getting in the car is good a lot quicker well that's

what I mentioned earlier but we are so spoiled here in the UK we always think

that if we have to drive for more than 50 minutes or an hour

it's like forever Eileen however in other countries you might have to travel

for 20 or 30 hours to get from one place to another so we are really really

spoiled here in the UK we are we all like spoiled children

we moan about it but I have to have to drive for 25 minutes

Sean Sean ferry says oh I can't travel to London alone I will be clueless but

yes I mean even for us I were traveling to London's alright but travelling

around London using the underground it's very complicated system speak for

yourself I would I would be daunted at the thought of having to use the

London Underground local buses and things like that even for us we don't

use the last time I used the London Underground was probably 15 years ago

yes especially you have to be in London to use it I suppose so I would think I

would be that would I would be one I would be worried about using it myself

how to use it it's not London I have a problem with its the people in London or

some of them that I have a problem with when you go there it it's not a very

nice experience I have said this in the past I am NOT a big fan of London I love

the architecture I love the feeling of walking around learned and I loved the

that the feeling of being by the River Thames and seeing all the lovely

landmarks however some of the people especially if you are using the

underground system they will push you out of the way they are very rude and

arrogant I think that's the same in a lot of cities isn't it with the

underground because everyone's rushing trying to get to work well if they have

an underground nobody well most of the main main cities around the world do

yeah and of course people are rushing around everyone's crammed into a tiny

space nobody wants to be that close to people and you've got problems about you

know where you're going to look I find London people especially London

commuters and people who live there they could they kind of think they're better

in other people they think oh I live I work in London they do you ever see

their Twitter accounts they always put London Eye I work in London as if

somehow that makes them a much more people say to us now where we live in

London it's almost so sorry Oh dreadful that must be awful so it's

often used as a way of showing off it is it is it is people in the UK they

probably do in other countries my son my son works in London look look I

mentioned London I said London it sounds important

I wonder if that happens in other countries where if somebody for example

work in in in France and their son or their

husband or relative lives in Paris works in Paris yeah I would imagine that

sounds like you've got if you say you work in the capital city of a country

yes then that Sam you must ever have a highfalutin job with a high-powered job

we get very important that the one is saying that you work in New York that's

it so if you live in the UK or anywhere around the world and you say oh yes I I

was in New York last week so what Patrick travelled Paris to London with

his bike okay I was on the train Eurostar accepts two bikes per train as

a luggage to check in well how wonderful well that's so where you were were you

traveling around London on your bike when you got to to the UK wow I hope you

had good insurance it's very cheap way to travel sounds very good London is the

worst place in the country to be a cyclist to ride a bicycle around so

people do but yes a lot of people get squashed by buses they get they get run

over and killed not very nice Palmyra says they are so ostentatious

aren't they mr. Duncan yes you're right they like to show off they they think

they are superior just because they go to London to do their crappy job mr.

Duncan don't be so disingenuous no I am being no I'm being genuine this is my

real opinion but you can you can understand when people are young that

they want the bright lights they want the best jobs they want to work as if

you go and work in London then you know in a top firm there then you'll make

lots of money and and then you can save up and get a job anywhere after that and

if you say you've worked in a big firm in a big city like London Paris New York

Frankfurt then then you know you you've raised yourself

up in your career hmm and therefore that makes you you know make more money it's

just you more enjoyable it's just people showing off I don't think so anyway

anyway it's not a debate we're not in the houses of parliament modes of

transport here we go we're going to try and get through these different ways of

traveling around Steve are you excited no because I only use a car tell me

you're excited to see these modes of transport

I am I can safely say that I've used most of these modes of transport in my

life so I have used them the big question is have you our Z texture says

here you need to travel too crowded countries to know the difference you

would know how lucky you are well that's it that's what we were saying people are

always moaning in the UK about traveling it's true actually is relative compared

to some crowded countries like India for example public transport there is we you

know it's a nightmare yes well I suppose India is a developing country so and of

course there are a lot of people over a bill the a billion build a billion yes

in fact I think it's more than that is it is it 1.2 or say that India yes I

think it's yes I think so I think India and China are almost almost level with

each other with with the size of the population so you imagine trying to

supply public transport exactly for a billion people and as you discovered

when you were working in in China mm-hmm at certain times of the year everybody

has to travel back home which we don't really have that was that new year

Chinese New Year was it well it's it's it's normally also during the times when

the schools closed or the college's closed

so it's any public holiday traveling around China by train is horrendous

however I would recommend that you do it you've tried at least once in your life

because it is an expiry you will never forget Liris says mr.

Duncan how about your electric bike I don't have one I know but we spoke about

it in previous live streams I don't have one I would like to have one but I don't

have one because they're very expensive they're there they were about a thousand

pounds to buy so modes of transport Steve let's try and do this right I need

to get that back out in the garden well you could you can go now if you want it

isn't actually it's getting no it's not dark what am i doing got about an hour

you Scott look the Sun is out I'd say but you need to go for a walk that's a

view then well I can go to go for a walk in the dark my legs aren't solar-powered

you know they don't operate using the Sun well you could give your work walk

mm-hmm while I'm tidying up the garden okay then so we will see you later then

so am I going well you want to go in the garden while the Sun is out how much

longer are you going to be on mr. dink not much longer

okay so I'll let you do well how much longer ten minutes I'll stay oh well

this conversation about how much longer we're staying on for is actually making

this livestream longer so as long as we stand here talking about how long this

live stream is going on for this live stream will keep going on for longer and

longer we seem to be stuck in a time loop going round and round in circles

got some very pretty pictures to show

you yes which I'm hoping to show right I'll

go then I've got the feeling mr. Duncan's trying to I'm not sure you you

keep telling me you want to go you can stay here forever if you want well

you're not going to be much longer no hopefully so unless you stop talking

about how much longer you're talking how much longer are you going to be mr.

Tonko at five ten minutes oh I know how to push mr. Duncan's

buttons you are breaking my brain right to tower everybody and I don't know when

I will see you all again no because I'm back to work

on Monday which means that when mr. Duncan is doing his livestream on

Wednesday and Fridays I won't be here so I may be here on Sunday yes okay then I

may be so nice to see you all hope you've learned something from my input

today and see you all soon bye bye Thank You mr. Steve it's mr. Steve I hope you

enjoyed that thanks Steve so mr. Steve is someone who joins us now

and again not always but sometimes so if you did see mr. Steve today you are very

lucky he is like a rare bird you have to look behind a bush or maybe next to a

tree and you might see mr. Steve lurking around that's all I'm saying about that

so there are many different types of public transport you can use a bus do

you use a bus I used to travel by bus a lot as a youngster and also in my early

days of working so I would use public transport I would take the bus quite

often not the best form of transport sometimes it can be very crowded

sometimes you can have people on the bus who are very anti-social

maybe they smoke or maybe they cause trouble on the bus maybe someone will

get on the bus without paying and then there will be all sorts of problems so

traveling by bus can be quite unpleasant not a very pleasant way to travel around

so the bus is not a great form of transport however it is very popular so

for short journeys you will often use a bus however if you are going to take a

long journey and you want to travel by road with lots of other people you can

take a coach coach so a coach is a luxury bus so maybe a bus that is more

comfortable to travel on so we have coach

so if you travel by coach it means you travel in comfort so it is like a very

nice posh bus to be honest we have mentioned this form of transport Oh

Sudhir says I have learnt a lot about public transport by it's getting boring

now Thank You Sudhir I am following you for more than

one hour Thank You Sudhir Sudhir says it's getting boring thanks a

lot that's really cheered me up thank you so much

train who likes to travel by train we have a terrible train system here in the

UK underfunded out-of-date it needs a lot of money spending on it so quite

often travelling by train over long distances can be a very nice thing to do

it depends how busy the train is maybe if you travel from Birmingham to London

it might take about one and a half hours however if there are delays then a train

journey can take much longer a lot longer hello to Palmero hello also to

Hamid hello Alamgir nice to see you here hopefully we have a hundred and sixty

million people living here in our small country says Alamgir here in the UK we

have around 40 million it's not very much so the UK is actually quite a small

country when you think about it we don't have a large population and the country

itself is quite small here's an interesting form of transport now this

is a form of transport a type of transport that people used many years

ago and then it disappeared here in the UK trauma have you ever used a

now trams were very common in the UK a very long time ago over a hundred years

ago you would see trams in the major cities around the country and in the

olden days would you like to see some early trams now these particular trams

are in Edinburgh or they were in Edinburgh so there are some

old-fashioned trams they used to drive around the streets of all the major

cities in large cities such as London Birmingham and also in Edinburgh as well

you would see lots of trams so the tram has actually made a revival here in the

UK so many cities now have trams again they have come back they have returned

so there you can see a modern tram I think this particular tram is also in

Edinburgh as well so the tram is a modern form of transport and of course

there are many countries that have used trams for many years there is also an

interesting form of transport called the trolley bus can you see it on your

screen a trolley bus so this was a type of transport that was very useful it is

a bus that would connect to overhead power lines and it would drive along the

roads however they weren't very safe or reliable so we don't have trolley buses

anymore so the trolley bus has actually gone we don't have them anymore

we are now in the future it is 2020 it's like a science fiction movie

monorail do you have a monorail where you live in your city or town mano rails

were a creation of the late 1950s and 1960s these were tried in many parts of

the world some of them fail and some of them succeeded so here you can see I

think this is actually in I think this is in Malaysia so here is a monorail it

doesn't use fossil fuels it uses electricity and nowadays many mana rails

use solar panels or solar power so things that are renewable renewable

energy is often used these days to power mono rails they use magnetic fields to

move along I suppose also it is worth mentioning a very common form of

transport the aeroplanes aeroplanes all different sizes you can travel a short

distance by plane very very common now in the UK very common for people to

travel by plane across short distances here in the UK as I mentioned earlier

it's actually cheaper to travel by plane than it is by train especially if you

are travelling long distances in the UK so an aeroplane can take you anywhere it

can take you all over the place you might have your own private plane or

look at that I think that's a Cessna so that is a Cessna light plane some people

fly their own planes they learn to fly and they fly around from town to town or

city to city in their private plane

very posh very nice another form of transport that a lot of people use

nowadays however they are quite unsafe when it comes to things going wrong so

if something goes wrong with this particular form of transport you are in

big trouble helicopter so helicopters are very

convenient they are easy to fly they are quite good for hopping between places so

maybe you have to travel from one town to another quickly and you want to avoid

all of the traffic jams you can use a helicopter helicopters very useful the

problem is if they go wrong you are in big trouble this thing at the top if

that stops working you just drop to the ground like a stone so helicopters very

useful very nice to jump in very easy to get around in however if they go wrong

you are in trouble big trouble it is not boring mr. Duncan you are a great

teacher Thank You Cecilia for your vote of confidence thank you very much that's

very nice of you to say hello also to act bad monorails there are a lot in

Indonesia nowadays yes it is interesting that in some countries the monorail has

become a very common form of transport I think Japan has its own monorail system

in fact I think I have a photograph here this is a photograph of a monorail in

Japan so this is actually a Japanese monorail

so there are monorail systems in many countries around the world however here

in the UK we don't really use monorail they are quite expensive to operate and

run if you travel around there is a good chance that you will use one of these

ooh very convenient very easy to find well normally they are very easy to find

unless the place where you are traveling around is busy taxi cab so this

particular taxi is a New York taxi cab very popular many tourists like to take

pictures of the New York cabs so quite often you will say taxi or you can say

cab or you can say taxi cab you catch a taxi you try to catch a taxi you will

wave your hand to try and get the attention of the driver you hail a taxi

so if you hail a taxi it means you use your hand to get the

attention of the taxi driver you put your hand out because you want to get a

taxi finally Oh shall we have a look at a London cab so this is a London taxi

cab a London taxi so we had a New York taxi so this is what the taxis look like

in London they are black some of them are different colors but this particular

taxi cab in London is black and they are very famous around the world in fact

some people collect these wealthy people collect old London taxi cabs finally

before I go we have one more thing to show you it is possibly the most common

form of transport around the world no not the motorcar the bicycle bikes are

very popular so the bicycle is something that a lot of people use to get around

if you live in a small village or a town and you don't want to travel very far

jumping on your bicycle is very convenient

so bicycles have become quite popular over the years if you go to Amsterdam

you will see many bicycles there are bicycles everywhere in Amsterdam in fact

for a while there were so many bicycles in Amsterdam people had nowhere to put

them there was actually a crisis that was

caused by the number of bicycles that existed in Amsterdam so too many people

were using bicycles and they had to park them somewhere they had to leave them

somewhere and because there were so many bicycles

being ridden around Amsterdam there was actually a shortage of room to

park them amazing there are some forms of transport that I've forgotten to

mention we also have a boat of course boats are useful if there is lots of

water around you if you live in Venice you will find that a boat is a very

useful thing to have also I suppose we should mention hot-air balloons as well

you don't see many people flying around in balloons any more to be honest

however it is still a very interesting pastime some people do like to travel

around fly around in hot-air balloons to be honest with you I don't think I would

trust I would not trust a hot air balloon for

the same reason I wouldn't trust a helicopter because if they go wrong they

fall from the sky they drop like a rock Rosa is here

hello mr. Duncan I am late but hello anyway Thank You Rosa

all so pretty and Luis and Cory Pedro oh hello Pedro Pedro Belmont is here as

well so we've talked about a very big subject today lots of new words I hope

today's lesson has been useful to you I will be back with you on Sunday so the

next live stream will be on Sunday I will be with you from 2:00 p.m. UK time

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thank you also to Noemi bye-bye mr. Duncan you are not boring thank you very

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the live stream I am late don't forget I am with you 2 p.m. UK time so maybe now

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same time Thank You Luis thank you also to Cory again sweetness

meat rare I really enjoyed your live stream and I enjoyed listening to it and

also shadowing you as well a lot of people do like to do that they will

shadow a person who is using a certain language in my case it is English so to

shadow someone is to follow what they are saying and quite often you will

repeat what they are saying as well so shadowing is a very good way of

practicing your listening and also your spoken English

at the same time a very useful thing indeed Thank You pal Mira Thank You

Maria Thank You Cory thank you very much thank you al khair you are fantastic

thank you for your time and have a good evening yes I am going for a walk in a

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