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all right let's get to our prophecy update I want to do something a little

bit different for today's update we usually look at the week's events from a

prophetic perspective and sort of connect the dots of Scripture in terms

of Bible prophecy with that which is taking place in the world today but for

today I sensed that the Lord would have us look at and consider what I would

argue is a global state of emergency please stay with me actually I went online

to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary and I mean I know what emergency means

but I wanted to see what the actual definition of the word emergency was and

here's what it said 1 an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the

resulting state that calls listen for immediate action emergency 2 an urgent

need for assistance or relief of particular interest to me were the

synonyms that are listed boiling point breaking point crisis crossroads and

flashpoint just to name a few also Microsoft Word you got al of

Microsoft Word it offers additional synonyms here are 3 disaster tragedy and

danger would you agree with me

that we're a crossroads that we're at a boiling point a breaking point a

flashpoint if you will I think you would agree that every single one of these

definitions and the synonyms with them are an apt description of the state of

the world today and not just here in the United States but more importantly

certainly prophetically in Israel I am of the belief that we today are at the

aforementioned state of emergency as everything seems to be coming to a

boiling point just yesterday Arutz Sheva published a

report in which they quote Avigdor Lieberman who chairs the Knesset

Yisrael Beytenu party as saying that Israel is in quote a state of national

emergency yeah by the way I would venture to say that according to the

media in the US today that it's also a constitutional crisis how many times

have you heard that as it relates to the President of the United States quoting

we are now at a political crossroads the results of the elections lead us to a

single conclusion the people want a unity government in light of the state

of national emergency the economic challenges and the security threats in

the north and south and for other more distant places I reiterate my

call to Prime Minister Netanyahu and MK Benny Gantz show responsibility and

leadership put your ego aside and stop with the games the spins and the time

wasting the State of Israel needs a strong and stable unity government that

was last night in Israel Saturday on Thursday Arutz Sheva also published the

text of an address in which Israel's president

Reuven Rivlin stated that and I'm quoting we're facing an emergency of Israel's

democracy we are facing a time of crisis for the house of Jacob an emergency for

Israel's security and for Israeli society an emergency for Israeli

democracy all that is dear to us forming a government still quoting is not only

the wish of the people more than ever in times like these it is an economic and

security need the likes of which we have not known for many years

Israel's at the crossroads he goes on and says and I quote as we read in the

book of Ecclesiastes there is a time to keep and a time to cast away a time to

tear apart and a time to sew together a time to be silent and a time to speak

my wife quotes that one to me all the time there's a time to be silent

let your words be few honey okay I digress a time to be silent and a time

to speak a time to love and a time to hate a time for war and a time for peace

what I find interesting is that Rivlin was quoting from a well-known passage in

the book of Ecclesiastes the third chapter and you know it well it's a time

and a season and many songs have been written about it as well but what really

struck me about him quoting this passage is that chapter 3 in its context paints

a powerful contrast between time and eternity namely that there's a time and

season for every purpose under heaven which should in turn point us to heaven

that's what the context of the passage is later on in that chapter had he

continued to quote and reached verse 11 here's what it says listen to this He

speaking of God has made everything beautiful in its time also He has put

eternity in their hearts except that no one can find out the work that God does

from the beginning to the end in other words there's a time and a purpose for

everything under the Sun given among men on this earth but

there is a time coming when it's all going to come to an end

and that's the whole point of it I know this might sound morbid but in

Chapter seven of Ecclesiastes I almost always quote and teach Ecclesiastes 7

whenever I do a memorial service and the reason is is because Solomon says that

it's better to go to a funeral than it is to a dinner party what a killjoy yeah

he says the day of our death is better than the day of our birth now at first

you're thinking to yourself well wow that's yay but he explains why he says that

it's when were at a funeral that were more introspective see at a memorial

service we're more likely to take the brevity of this life and the reality of

death to heart why because God put eternity in our heart if I'm at a

wedding oh my goodness it's happy days are here I should stop singing I know I'm I mean

it things are good we're not thinking about the brevity of

life we're not thinking like James says that our life is but a vapor eternity

heaven it's it's far off the furthest thing from our mind boy go to a memorial


it was Martin Luther who famously said even in the best of health

we should have death always before our eyes so that we will not expect to

remain on this earth forever but I love this we'll have one foot in the air so

to speak

that's what Ecclesiastes is all about it's the brevity of life the vanity of

life the temporal nature of this life in this world this world is passing away as

one said it so well soon one life will be passed and only that which was done

for Christ will last if I told you that this was the whole

point of the Last Supper which we're going to celebrate today hear me out on

this I was thinking about this this is what the Savior had in mind it was to

have one foot in the air because He's about to go to His death to pay in full

for the free gift offered to us of eternal life and the whole point of it

is life is short it's going to come to an end God did not create you for time

oh yes there's a time for everything under heaven a purpose but God did not

create us for time God created us for eternity

I'm about to go back I'm not coming back but I want you to always have at the

forefront of your mind and always remember that this is how it ends always

have that end in mind living in light of eternity that's what the Savior had in

mind at the Last Supper the time had come He was going to die His life on

Earth was coming to an end and He would be crucified He would be buried and that

He would rise again from the dead defeating death once and for all see

death was never God's original plan death entered the world because sin

entered the world the first Adam Jesus is referred to as the second and final Adam

He came and paid in full the penalty for mankind's sin this is the good news this

is the gospel of Jesus Christ the good news of salvation found in the person of

Jesus Christ this is what we're going to celebrate today with the communion table

in 1st Corinthians chapter 15 the Apostle Paul says to the Corinthian

church moreover brethren I declare to you the gospel which I preached to you

which also you received and in which you stand by which also you are saved if you

hold fast that word which I preached to you unless you believed in vain for I

delivered to you first of all that which I also received that Christ died for our

sins according to the scriptures and that He was buried and that He rose

again the third day according to the scriptures by the way he's also going to

say to the Thessalonians as we get into the study of both epistles that He's

coming back again and that's the good news

it just doesn't end with that He rose again on the third day and He's coming

back again one day soon and very soon that's the good news

that is the salvation that is found in the person of Jesus Christ we've been

doing these ABCs of salvation for over two years now at the end of every

prophecy update and the reason we do it is because it is a childlike explanation

of salvation Jesus said unless you become like a child you will not enter

into the kingdom of heaven so it's the acronym ABC and the A is for admit or

acknowledge that you've sinned against God this is what it means to repent

there's a change of mind an acknowledging of your sin and a turning to the Savior

for forgiveness of sin Romans 3:10 says there is no one righteous not even one

Romans 3:23 says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God we were

all born sinners which is why we must be born again to enter the kingdom of

heaven Romans 6:23 says for the wages of sin is

death it's the death penalty pronounced on all because all have sinned but

here's the good news the gift of God it's a gift to us paid for in full by

Him is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord that's the A here's the B the B is

for believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and as Romans 10:9 and 10

says if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead you will

be saved and here's the C it's for call upon the

name of the Lord or as Romans 10:9 and 10 also says confess with your mouth if

you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God

raised Him from the dead you will be saved and here's why for it is with your

heart that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth that you

confess and are saved and Romans 10:13 lastly all who call upon the name of the

Lord will be saved now I would venture to say that you

noticed that I'm finishing rather quickly

leaving more time for our communion celebration and that's what it is it's a

commemoration and a celebration and as we do today here's what I want and

here's what I have been asking the Lord for today I don't ever want

communion to become rote just something that we do on the first Sunday

of each month I want for today's communion service to be very special in

this sense I want it for us to become the immediate action we take in light of

the state of emergency that the world is in today maybe I can say it like this

today's communion service is to get one foot up in the air to get our minds

stayed on Him our eyes looking to Him as we wait for Him and off of this world

this life the brevity of this life it's an introspective time to really have the

Lord search our hearts and see if there be anything at all that is keeping

us from knowing Him and loving Him and hearing Him and I can go on and on

serving Him I'm going to have the worship team go ahead and come on up they'll lead us

in song and as they do we'll have you come up we have three tables in the

front and the elements are prepackaged come and get them take them back to your

seat and then take your seat and then wait so that we can partake together

once you all stand please

Father in heaven I thank You

Lord I thank You for the blessed hope of heaven Lord I thank You for the reality

of eternity and Lord I thank You for the communion table and all that it

represents Lord as we look around and we see what's happening in the world today

it is becoming abundantly clear that

we're at a boiling point and we are at that point and so Lord thank You thank

You that we have Your Word the more sure word of prophecy and that we have this

hope that You're coming to take us out of this world

Lord thank You in Jesus' name Amen why don't you go ahead and come on up

He became sin who knew no sin

That we might become His righteousness

He humbled himself and carried the cross

Love so amazing love so amazing

Jesus Messiah Name above all names

Blessed Redeemer Emmanuel

The Rescue for sinners The Ransom from heaven

Jesus Messiah Lord of all

His body the bread His blood the wine

Broken and poured out All for love

The whole earth trembled And the veil was torn

Love so amazing love so amazing

Jesus Messiah Name above all names

Blessed Redeemer Emmanuel

The Rescue for sinners The Ransom from heaven

Jesus Messiah Lord of all more

I appreciate your patience I really

today did not want to rush through I always feel so rushed on communion Sunday you

know we have the teaching and then we have the prophecy update and then we

have the communion and I'm always trying to be considerate of you and your time

and I just appreciate your patience and I really again want for our communion

service today to be something very special in Luke's gospel the 22nd

chapter we have the account Luke is inspired by the Holy Spirit to write and

he says in verse 14 when the hour had come He speaking of Jesus sat down and

the Twelve Apostles with Him then He said to them and here it is this is the

one foot in the air with fervent desire I have desired to eat this Passover with

you before I suffer for I say to you I will no longer eat of it until it is

fulfilled in the kingdom of God He's going to say that again here in a moment in

other words what we're doing here today you guys is to point you to that day

that great and final day when what we're doing today finds its ultimate

fulfillment and it's almost I want to say this the right way but it's almost

like Jesus is saying I can't wait I can't wait I eagerly await I fervently

desire I can't wait til that day comes

when what we're doing here today finds it's fulfillment in the kingdom of heaven

He's referring to the wedding feast of the Lamb can you imagine we tried to get

your mind around this it's it's mind boggling for sure but we're going to

actually be with Him partaking with Him together in heaven let that sink in and

that's what He's saying to them He goes on verse 17 then He took the cup and

gave thanks and said take this and divide it among yourselves

for I say to you here it is again a second time I will not drink of the

fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes

can I say this way it's like Jesus is telling them what we're doing here the

sole purpose of what we're doing here is so that you'll always remember that

you're going to be up there with Me it's to point us to Him in heaven so we're

living our lives in light of eternity it's that saying which I totally

disagree with so I've rewritten it hope you don't mind that we can become so

heavenly minded that we can't help but be of earthly good Jesus is saying I'm

getting ready to leave this earth and I'm going to heaven and we're doing this

now but there's coming a day when we're going to be doing this in heaven Luke

goes on to say and He took bread He gave thanks and He broke it and He

gave it to them saying this is My body which is given for you do this in

remembrance of Me so if you peel back the top part of the packaging you'll

find that bread and just hold on to it for a moment we hold in our hands a

symbol the body of Jesus Christ that was broken for us instead of us in a

fulfillment of the Passover prophecy where the Lamb that was to be slain was

to have its skin not bones its skin broken in order for its blood to be shed

and Jesus the fulfillment of the Passover Lamb becomes our Passover Lamb

and that sacrifice once and for all and He says this is My body that was broken

for you I want you to partake of this and when you do I want you to remember

Me and what I did for you that I died for you that I paid for you My body

broken for you would you partake with me

Lord thank You

thank You for Your body thank You for this ordinance thank You for giving us

this to do in remembrance of You and what You did for us thank You Lord Luke

goes on to write and says likewise He also took the cup after supper saying

this cup is the New Covenant in My blood

which is shed for you if you take the rest of the packaging you'll have the

cup and again just hold on to it for a moment we sing it we say it we

know it but there is power in the blood there's power in the blood we hold in

our hands a symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for the remission

of all of our sins for the payment in full for all of our sins past present

and future all paid for bear with me for just a moment maybe this is a word for

somebody here today you brought with you to church this heavy guilt and

condemnation from the enemy he's been rubbing your face in it all week

constantly reminding you in fact he even tried to get you to not come today if I

were you I wouldn't go to church my goodness if they knew what you did don't

look at the person sitting next to you as I said that by the way

see this is what the enemy does he'll do everything and stop at nothing to

distance us from Christ and he uses condemnation and guilt to do it Paul

writing to the Romans in chapter 8 verse 1 says there is therefore now no

condemnation no guilt the infrastructure of guilt and condemnation that Satan has

built in your life comes crashing down

because He already paid for it it's been paid for and full when you leave this

church today you leave here free of guilt and condemnation because there's

power in the blood and it doesn't matter how bad it was it's paid for

you're forgiven because of the blood and that's what we're celebrating here today

would you partake with me and please stand

Lord we cannot thank You enough not this side of heaven we can't but we too

fervently desire eagerly await that day

when what we just did here today will find its ultimate fulfillment Lord thank

You for this thank You for the communion table the intended effect that it has on

us appointing us to what awaits us Lord we too cannot wait Lord come quickly

Maranatha in Jesus' name Amen and Amen God bless you have a blessed week in the

Lord and if we don't see you on Thursday for the study in Proverbs we'll see you

Lord willing next Sunday

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