Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SMOKING CIGARETTE PRANK ON GF

Difficulty: 0

Hey my friends! Jusmeyo Marimar!

Don't mind my cute pimple over here, quarantine did this to me jusmeyo marimar.

Because we are sleeping very late all the time

so the cute result is already here jusmeyo por favor.

Today, Mareng Camillle asked me to go out and withdraw money.

And of course when we are asked to do things, we should follow my friends.

Especially when it's badly needed my friends jumseyo marimar.

And because we don't have cash on hand for our food and other essentials. So it's needed.

So while Mareng Camille is giving me her instructions,

I thought of a very good idea jusmeyo marimar.

As you all know my friends, it's been a very looong time oh my goodness

since our last prank with Mareng Camille, because we were busy having our war with the Trinidad Siblings.

Who are...


Oh it rhymed! Trinidad Siblings, weaklings!

Oh my goodness wait. Mareng Camille is having a glimpse.

There she is.

Why did she opened the gate?

What is she doing?

She's going back.



What was that supposed to be??

She might catch us. I am still explaining this to you and it already failed. Jusmeyo marimar!

So Trinidad Siblings did a rebut on our prank, right?

We pranked them last time.

Which we pulled off big time. And then they did this to us...

[Obrie] 1, 2, 3. Go!

[Camille] Why is this so light?

[Jayzam] I knew it.

[Camille] I know this.

[Jayzam] Is this a sponge?

[Jayzam] Don't tell me this one's already used?

[Obrie] No! That's a new sponge!

[Jayzam] What kind of prank was that? Jusmeyo marimar.

You know my friends,

our prank was at this level.

But they will rebut us with a prank at this level?

Jusmeyo marimar. Cholo, Obrie, if you are watching this,

can't you do better? Jusmeyo marimar.

You made us eat a sponge, do you want me to feed you a plate?

Do you want me to feed you grease? Jusmeyo marimar.

So kidding aside my friends,

our prank for Mareng Camille is that I am going to buy cigarettes, my friends.

Because as you all know, Mareng Camille is very mad everytime I tell her that I want to smoke again.

[Jayzam] I miss smoking.

[Jayzam] I am just being honest. And I only said I miss it, I didn't say I'll do it.

[Camille] You can't do it anymore.

[Camille] Say this.

[Camille] I don't want to-

[Jayzam] I don't want to-

[Camille] to smoke- [Jayzam] to smoke-

[Camille] anymore.

[Jayzam] anymore.

[Camille] I'm not going to-

[Jayzam] I'm not going to-

[Camille] to smoke-

[Jayzam] to smoke-

[Camille] anymore.

[Jayzam] ....

[Camille] What?

[Jayzam] Anymore.

[Camille] Swear to God?

[Camille] Good.

[Jayzam] What the hell.

[Jayzam] I am not denying it my friends,

I am admitting all of my bad habits before because it was also part of my past.

If you also don't have a really good past my friends, don't be too ashamed of your past self.

If not because of your past, you will not improve to who you are right now.

Before my friends I'm a chain smoker jusmeyo marimar.

I smoke all the time. But when Mareng Camille came to my life...

she fixed me.

Mareng Camille if you are watching this...

thank you so much

because you fixed my life.

You bring out the best in me.

If it's not because of you...

I might not have found the best version of me oh my goodness

I love you so much. asdfghjkl

So my friends, let's all find out what will be Mareng Camille's reaction.


she can find a stick of cigarette...

not just a stick,

but a whole pack of cigarette beside our bed, jusmeyo marimar.

Without asdfghjklning-do, I don't want to explain further.

Just watch this. And while buying it, jusmeyo marimar.

Protection first.

Protection, before taking action.

And while I am still buying it, watch our behind the scenes, cut scenes, our bloopers,

and montage with audio,

from our music video. In 3, 2, 1.

Check out "Tayong Hanggang Dulo"!!!

TAKE 1 [Jayzam] So my friends! We have a very important announcement for today my friends.

We will have an upcoming very lit single jusmeyo marimar my friends!

"Tayo Hanggang Dulo"

Many people can relate to this, babe.

[Camille] Yes and...

[Camille] WTF.

TAKE 2 [Jayzam] So my friends! We have a very important announcement, we will have an upcoming very lit single

[Jayzam] "Tayo Hanggang Dulo". A lot of people can relate to this jusmeyo marimar.

[Camille] Yes, and we have a special ...

[Camille] What the hell?

TAKE 3 [Jayzam] So my friends! We have a very important announcement, we will have an upcoming very lit single

[Jayzam] "Tayo Hanggang Dulo". A lot of people can relate to this jusmeyo marimar.

[Camille] Oh yes, and we have a special event on June ...

[Camille] Ffff!

[Jayzam] 1, 2, 3, go!

[Obrie] Recording!!

[Jayzam] 3




[Jayzam] Okay.


Phone smash.

[Jayzam] Hey!

[Jayzam] Wtf.

[Obrie] Recording.

[Camille] What was that?


[Obrie] Recording.

[Jayzam] Montage agian.

[Jayzam] Good timing. I haven't brushed my teeth yet.

[Camille] We are brushing for real.

[Obrie] So beautiful omg.

[Jayzam] Why did you laugh?

[Jayzam] Why did you laugh?

[Jayzam] Hey that was so hard!

I saw a street kid, he looks starving.

[Jayzam] He looks hungry my friends.

And he don't look safe, let's give him a face mask.

If we can, let's help someone.

Because people like them don't fully know what is happening right now because they don't have that much access to information.

It is so fulfilling my friends.

So you,

help someone, stay protected,

and we all just have each other so there's no room for greed.

[Jayzam] Babe!

[Jayzam] I have to say something to you. Don't be mad.

[Camille] What is it?

[Camille] What is it [Jayzam] But you'll be mad.

[Jayzam] You'll not get mad?

[Camille] No...

[Jayzam] Sweeearrr?

[Camille] Yes.

[Jayzam] For real?

[Camille] Yes, what is it?

[Jayzam] Because I've been dying to try this since last night.

[Camille] What?

[Jayzam] I was shivering...

[Jayzam] I think there is something that I miss doing.

[Camille] What is it again?

[Jayzam] I want to at least just try doing it again.

[Camille] What?

[Jayzam] Just to try, not too much.

[Camille] What too much?

[Camille] The mouse is not functionin well.

[Jayzam] Why?

[Jayzam] That's so expensive but it's not functioning well?

[Camille] It's better to use-- [Jayzam] Just buy a non-apple mouse.

[Camille] Right.

[Camille] It's so slow.

[Jayzam] Maybe they just put a sticker of an apple with a bite, then sell it for quite a price.

[Camille] I think normal mouse is better.

[Jayzam] It's slow even if there's a mouse pad?

[Camille] Yesss.

[Camille] I already shut it down. I'm just going to continue this one later.

[Camille] What is that?

[Jayzam] What?

[Jayzam] This is the thing I was talking about.

[Jayzam] I did not light it yet because I want to ask for a permission first.

[Camille] You're being like that again.

[Jayzam] I can't stop myself.

[Camille] Why did you already have that?

[Camille] Where did you buy it? And you even bought a whole pack?

[Jayzam] Just one pack. I'm going to consume it for three months.

[Jayzam] What are you going to do?

[Camille] Are you stupid?

[Camille] Do you think I want you to do this again?

[Jayzam] Why did you cut it? That's expensive.

[Camille] What?

[Camille] You want to do something so awful?

[Jayzam] Whyy? [Camille] You're so annoying.

[Camille] I don't like it.

[Camille] Do you think this is good?

[Jayzam] Okay just one. Let me try it.

[Camille] You're not giving it to me?

[Jayzam] Why are you smiling?

[Jayzam] Are you going to let me? [Camille] No!

[Jayzam] Just one!

[Jayzam] Why are you smiling? [Camille] Give that to me!

[Jayzam] Why are you smiling?

[Jayzam] Tell me why. [Camille] You look so funny.

[Camille] Give that to me! [Jayzam] Just one! Promise!

[Jayzam] If I can try just one...

[Camille] Are you nuts? Look, this is so expensive.

[Jayzam] Right, then you just cut it. [Camille] It's already expensive, then you're still going to use this.

[Camille] Then your health. Haven't you thought of it?

[Jayzam] But you're taking good care of me.

[Camille] Give that to me!

[Camille] I told you not to do this anymore, but now you're being like that.

[Camille] You're so annoying.

[Camille] You already stopped doing it for two years then suddenly--

[Jayzam] Three years.

[Camille] Oh was that 3 years ago?

[Camille] Tell me. Are you happy doing this?

[Camille] Tell me. [Jayzam] Okay, let me try just half.

[Camille] What? Here. Here there you go. WTH.

[Jayzam] This is just a filter babe.

[Camille] That's not funny!

[Camille] There. Eat these all.

[Jayzam] What eat? You're not suppose to eat that.

[Jayzam] Why are you so mad?

[Camille] Because that's not funny. Oh why is there a camera??

[Jayzam] You really did not notice it?

[Camille] Do what you want.

[Camille] I thought we're not against each other? I thought we are only against Trinidad Sibs?

[Jayzam] No, I just want to see your reaction.

[Camille] You're so annoying.

[Jayzam] Because I saw from the comment section, what if I'll prank you like this.

[Jayzam] Love, issa prank~

Issa prenk~

[Jayzam] Such a waste.

[Camille] So you want your life to be wasted?

[Jayzam] You have a point. Well she have a point my friends.

[Jayzam] So to all the kids watching this, don't ever try to smoke okay?

I'm telling you this doesn't make you look cool.

And for the smokers,

let's still respect them because it's their choice.

And we can't do nothing about it, and personally, it's my choice to quit.

And for all those who quit, let me see you your stories on the comment section.

[Jayzam] Don't cry.

[Jayzam] What did you say?

[Camille] I'm going to throw this before you stick these again.

[Jayzam] Do you think I'm really dying to try it??

[Jayzam] Do you think I'm going to make it whole again? Is it a lego?

[Jayzam] Yo have no idea, off-cam...

I had a puff.

[Camille] Do you want to get hit?

[Camille] Come here!

[Jayzam] Do you think I'm a kid?

[Jayzam] You have no idea...

I tried one in the car.

[Jayzam] What? [Camille] Let me smell it.

[Camille] Waitt!

[Jayzam] That was so intense, I thought she's going to smell my lungs lol jusmeyo marimar

[Jayzam] Why are you mad?

[Camille] I'm mad because...

I have relatives who got really ill because of it.

And I don't want that to happen to you!


[Jayzam] When I went out to buy it,

they were shocked because the cashier is also a warrior,

when I said "Give a pack of cigarette"

then they were like this.

It seems like they don't want to let me buy it.

Then I told them "No, it's just for the video. I'm going to prank Camille".

And they were like "Ohhh, we thought you smoke now, sir"

"Ma'am Camille will be very mad."

[Camille] Of course!!