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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What's "The Performance Imperative"?

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If we don't know we're making a difference, then theres no reason to be doing what we're doing.

We cant sleep at night if we dont understand whether were making an impact.

It wasnt just about the number of people we were reaching or the kind of programs,

but could we prove what we were doing was making a

difference in the lives of the individuals we were serving?

This is about people, this is about issues, this is about communities.

That's why we're doing this work.

There's no tension between the emotional and the data-driven.

They're one and the same. They go together.

Stories substituting for facts is not an acceptable thing. Its like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

You can sit back and say, when we get the money, once we have the money, then were going to do this.

No, your clients and your people cant wait for that.

Youre taking somebody elses money to get in somebody elses life to try to make a difference.

You better be showing you can make a difference.

How dare we go into the most intractable problems in America underprepared?

In this era of scarcity and seismic change, high performance matters more than ever.

Something has to change.

These nonprofit thought leaders and practitioners have come together as a community

to inspire, motivate, and support nonprofit and public sector leaders and their stakeholders to build great organizations for greater societal impact.

And, to increase the expectation, and adoption, of high performance as the pathtoward that end

So what does high performance mean?

This communitys first step was to define it.

High performance is the ability to deliverover a prolonged period of timemeaningful measurable

and financially sustainable results for the people, or causes, the organization is in existence to serve.

Thats the bottom line.

But the next question every leader asks is, "What does it take for our organization to get there?"

This is The Performance Imperative.

Its not a manifesto.

We hope it will be a North Star to guide leaders on the journey to high performance

so they can make as much difference as they possibly can for the people and causes they serve.

Check out The Performance Imperative for yourself.

If it resonates with you, we encourage you to use it to guide your journey toward high performance.

The journey wont be linear.It wont be easy.

But ultimately, it will be rewarding for you, your stakeholders, and the causes youve dedicated your life to advancing.

We are eager for your feedback and your stories.

If we dont get this right.

If we dont figure out how to build high performance, highly effective nonprofits,

everything else doesnt matter.

This is the end of the line.

The last mile.

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