Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cast Dial from Hanayama - Review

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This is the Cast Dial from Hanayama.

It's a cast metal puzzle from Finnish designer Vesa Timonen,

and it consists of four pieces.

There's this inner circular piece that spins in the frame and it's got two

pieces that make up that, that piece. It's a... there's two dials, actually,

one on each side, and you can kind of spin them independently of each other.

And then there's the outer frame,

which consists of two pieces and you can see seams all the way around the outside

as to where those two pieces would come together or separate.

The objective of the puzzle is to disassemble and then reassemble the four

pieces. It's a level eight on the Puzzle Master difficulty rating scale,

which runs from five to 10.

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