Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DRX Deft의 속마음. 올해 우승 가능성에 대한 자신감 | EP.05 북극성(Polaris) | DRX Adventure

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Deft: Honestly, there were times

Deft: When I had better tournament results

Deft: There were times like that

Deft: It's a hunch

Deft: but I think I have the highest chance this year

Deft: Team mate's confidence

Deft: And cvMax's confidence

Deft: They give me good vibe

Deft: The start was great

Deft: Hearing cvMax is on board

Deft: And when I talked with him after he came

Deft: I felt like it will be good to do a year with him

Deft: But as time passed by

Deft: Reading articles about cvMax getting banned

Deft: And seeing players that I have wanted to work with

Deft: Leaving to other teams one by one

Deft: Going abroad

Deft: Or going into other LCK teams

Deft: Made me feel anxious

Deft: I thought 'this wasn't what I pictured..?'

Deft: I think I told our General Manager

Deft: Just...

Deft: let me go

Deft: That I have to find a new team

Deft: I wanted to do it together but

Deft: General Manager also

Deft: had intentions to find my new team

Deft: I even thought of those things

Deft: It was a hard situation

Deft:But somehow

Deft: cvMax's situation got resolved

Deft: Now I have team mate like DRX Chovy

Deft: Who is very reliable

Deft: Truthfully, I had two options,

Deft: To stay or leave the team

Deft: The main reason why I decided to stay is not because of

Deft: cvMax and Chovy

Deft: They didn't give me enough assurance

Deft: But Keria gave me that

Deft: He reminded me of my old days when I started playing

Deft:He was full of ambitions

Deft:The idea that this is the only way

Deft: I could see that in him

Deft: That is also how we started

Keria: It was heartbreaking

Keria: From what I heard and saw

Keria: There were many frustrating moments that didn't go his way

Keria: First of all...

Keria: Things didn't go the way he wanted

Keria: And he gets frustrated because of it

Keria: And he keeps on telling me these

Keria: So it was heartbreaking to hear them

Deft:Before I started to play with DRX Chovy

Deft: I just vaguely thought he was a good mid-laner

Deft: But after playing and practicing with him

Deft: I realized that he is the best mid-laner in the world

Deft:That includes LCK and other leagues

Deft: I think Chovy is the best

Chovy: (DRX Deft is..) A shade?

Chovy: Yes a shade

Chovy: You don't have to look for it everyday

Chovy: But when it's hot, don't you search for it?

Chovy: Just like when I go to Deft Hyung when I am having hard time

Chovy: I think he is the right person to be a shade to people

Deft: You are annoyed that they didn't do well and still won right?

Deft: It can be that way

Deft: I have been in many teams

Deft: And when I play with players that I think are better than me

Deft: We tended to win the matches even if I didn't do well

Deft: In those times, even though we won

Deft: I have experienced not feeling so great after

Deft: And I think DRX Pyosik was feeling just like that

Pyosik:Deft is a NPC

Pyosik:He gives me advices when I ask for it

Pyosik: And listens to my talks when I have something to say

Pyosik:He does everything for me

Pyosik: He is a close hyung

Quad: Ah..

Deft: You did so well Quad

Quad: I am really sorry

Pyosik:Ah.. Nice!

Quad: I am sorry

Deft: I told him to play a champion he is confident with

Deft:We can use all the PickBans for you

Deft:We talked like that

Deft: And it seems like that talk helped him

Deft: So that made me happy

Quad: He said so many nice things before I debuted

Quad: So he is the most thankful Hyung for me

cvMax: You should not have used Q like that

cvMax: You missed your ult and it became useless due to Zhonya's

cvMax: I liked that you waited to use E

cvMax: With the E you should have used it the moment Zhonya's was finished

cvMax: Throw E

cvMax: And check if it made opponent get stuck in place or slightly moved and got hit

cvMax: Or if he didn't get hit at all and escaped

cvMax: You should have checked that and go in full hp like this

cvMax: Why did you just use Q without check it?

Doran: Back then

Doran: I don't think anyone said anything to me

Deft: I didn't say anything to Doran

Deft: And during the after match interview

Deft: I just said even though it was difficult

Deft: We were able to win because Doran focused till the end

Deft: I only said those things no other feed backs

Deft: Don't you think he knows even if I don't say it?

Caster: Dorelia! Finally came out in this critical point of the match

Caster: Irelia's got no TP, can he at least bring one with him

Caster: Rather walking forward

Caster: DEFT!!

Caster: Doran is waiting

Caster: They got it. Let those who can survive

Caster: DORAN! Triple Kill

cvMax: Come sit around

cvMax: As you know,

cvMax: LoL is a game

cvMax: I mean some of you must have learned that


cvMax: It's a game that waves with luck

cvMax: It creates waves with luck and moving lines

cvMax: It is just like the game Hearthstone

cvMax: Luck plays a big part in game

cvMax: and we can control luck

cvMax: Like that previous match

cvMax: when Deft got caught with Jayce's TP

cvMax: he managed to get MF and escape

cvMax: That was really well executed

cvMax: And Doran I liked that even though you were pushed hard

cvMax:You played solid

cvMax: But to be fair, there were some points of improvements

cvMax: You guys did well

cvMax: Good job

cvMax: You guys did great and you should rest when you are resting

cvMax: And play when you are playing and practice hard when you are doing practices

cvMax: Act like a pro during tournaments ok?

cvMax: Good work guys

cvMax: Especially you Doran

cvMax: Good work

Deft: cvMax's feedbacks never implants wrong things

Deft: So

Deft: When we talk about feedbacks

Deft: And if I lose that discussion, I have to accept his points

Deft: Mata hyung used to give me lots of feedbacks

Deft: I don't remember the details but

Deft: They used to not hit me much back then

Deft: But last year...

Deft: Last year when I started as KingZone

Deft: I realized why hyungs used to give me such feedbacks

Caster: CHAOS!

cvMax: If Trundle is level 12 and Gragas is level 10

cvMax: Trundle can win the game without using ult

cvMax:Even if Trundle doesn't gank mid, they will be scared

cvMax: Imaginary Trundle will do the ganks for you

cvMax: You don't have to gank

cvMax: If you level up well, your opponent will keep thinking of the imaginary Trundle

cvMax: Will Trundle come out from left? right?

cvMax: You can win the match just with that

cvMax: You were two levels behind. Would you be threatening to them?

cvMax: Why do you act like a fly that got caught to your enemy?

cvMax:Why are you struggling like a fly

cvMax:All of you

cvMax: Why do you guys forget how to play the game

Caster: T1!!! This is serious!

Caster: DEFT!

Caster: They got Deft!

Caster: Now if they push in

Caster: Aphelios again!

Caster: They only attack Aphelios

Caster: Aphelios will die if he come forwards

Caster: Gen.G you wait!

Caster: DRX yet again loses to T1 bitterly

Caster: Nexus breaks

cvMax: There is nothing to take away here

cvMax: 'Ah this is how we lose'

cvMax: And nothing to take away

cvMax: I mean there were some learning points too yeah?

cvMax: In a different level

Deft: In my pro gamer life

Deft: I have many experiences making mistakes

Deft: and have matches that I think were lost because of me

Deft: So I thought that fans would be disappointed in me

Deft: But one fan told me

Deft: They never regretted cheering for me

Deft: From then, I feel bigger sense of responsibilities

Deft: And it became a motivation to keep on going

Deft: Now it doesn't feel like a pressure anymore

Deft: I just want to be there on the Worlds final stage already

Deft: I think that's all

cvMax: Deft, have you ever got pissed off because you are bad at LoL?

cvMax: Have you ever cried because you suck at it?

Pyosik: Doran.. Why are you crying

Doran: I am sorry....

Pyosik:I am all the more sorry

Pyosik: I am sorry I couldn't save the wolf

cvMax: You did worse Pyosik! haha

Pyosik: Ofc I did worse

Pyosik:I contributed more to the defeat

Pyosik: Hey.. I will do better

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