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okay in today's video I'm gonna show you

a cool green reading technique that's

gonna help you make a lot more putts

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all right now let's work on our green

reading here we go okay so this method

is called the plum Bop

or the plum technique it's tried and

true this is method has been around for

years and years and years and it's

something I've used for a long time and

I find it definitely works especially on

those tough to read pots that you just

can't quite figure out what what it's

going to do so here's here's how it

works you can get your putter hold it

loosely in your hand and first figure

out what I is dominant your left eye or

your right eye I'm right eye dominant so

then I hold the putter in my opposite

hand right eye dominant hold the putter

in my left hand and I'm gonna line up

the putt from the hole the ball and then

by 10 feet back is me right here

straight line all right then I'm gonna

shut my left eye I'm gonna keep my

dominant eye open and I'm gonna line up

the flag or the hole right there to my

putter right through the ball and I want

to cover the right half of the golf ball

so I'm gonna cover the ball with my with

my putter shaft the right side for me so

to kind of go like this alright you want

to cover that side and then the flag if

it breaks left should be to the left or

if it breaks right the flag would be on

the other side or you wouldn't see it it

would just be blocked

and then you can move the putter to

cover the other half the ball so check

it on both sides if you can't see the

flag that means it breaks that direction

and then you move it to the other side

of the golf ball the shaft line and

you're always looking at the inside of

the shaft meaning the hole is on this

side or that side and that's gonna line

up exactly where you want to hit your

putt or you want to start it all right

so let's check this out we have this

putt here from here it's about a 20 25

footer to there it's flat I don't know

which way it breaks totally it looks

straight to me so this would be a good

opportunity to use this technique and

I'm gonna put my ball here alright

there's my ball here's me I'm gonna line

this up that flag my putter and my right

eye and I'm covering the right half of

the golf ball I'm covering the left half

I can't see the flag I cover the right

half I see the flag way to the left of

my putter so I know this breaks I

thought was fairly straight but now this

plum technique is telling me it breaks

at least six eight inches is what it is

what it's showing me so it's showing me

it breaks way out here

that's nearly a foot a break and I read

it fairly fairly straight I might have

played a little right-to-left maybe a

ball but according to my plumb it says

it breaks nearly a foot so I'm gonna

line up my ball right at that T it looks

like way too much break for me but we're

gonna see we're gonna see we put the

plumb to the test do our best to to get

the right speed here and see what

happens first take you see that we're

just totally one in first thing these

guys are my witnesses see witness so I

read it just initially I thought it

broke maybe a couple of inches

I didn't the plumb technique breaks a

foot let's do another one let's just

keep going and that's a lot of break to


I had it left it short

look at that perfect we'll do the third

one just see what happens it balls in my

way but whatever oh that would've went

in hit the ball plum technique now it

doesn't work so well if there's a hump

or a giant mound on the green that you

have to go over it's not for that this

is just for flatter startle breaks that

will you're just not sure but yeah

obviously if there's a big mound you

know what's gonna happen or a ridge

that's you wouldn't use this for that

type of putt but you would use this for

something like this where it's a flatter

green a flatter surface and it's got a

subtle break to it and just can't quite

figure it out

try the plum let me know how it works

for you comment below if you like this

is this is old-school method alright

give it a shot let me know what you

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haven't done so already I love you guys

we'll see you in the next video

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