Practice English Speaking&Listening with: God's Word of Hope

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- Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada

with something that I want you to remember.

God never ever speaks words of fear or failure to you.

Never does he tell you words that foster hopelessness

or frustration.

You will never hear his voice counseling you

to give in to defeat or to despair.

And if you do hear such dark, negative, cynical words

echoing in your soul, you know where they come from,

don't ya?

And it's not from God.

Because when the Lord whispers in your heart,

he speaks words of hope, he speaks words of victory

and rest and peace, joy and triumph.

Even when his words reprove you or correct you

or expose guilt, guess what?

Those aren't words of failure, those words are for you good.

It's always a good thing when sin is exposed.

So if your heart needs to be strengthened today,

clear the clutter out of your mind

and remember Second Thessalonians 2:16.

May our God, the Lord Jesus Christ, encourage your hearts

and strengthen you in every good deed and word.

Today, keep listening for God's encouragement.

It's to make you stronger, happier

and just a better follower of Jesus.

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