Practice English Speaking&Listening with: V.I.L.E. Operative: Carmen Sandiego | Netflix Futures

Difficulty: 0


Please come back.


You sold me out, Gray.

No, I'm trying to help.

It's fingerprint-activated. It won't work for you.

Won't it?

Being VILE Faculty has its perks.

You're a dirty traitor, like Shadowsan.

This isn't the real you.

Goodbye, Gray. No, wait. You prefer Crackle.

Please, Carmen--

No, no, no. No, no, no. No!

I was hoping you'd show.

Come and get it.

I did not come here for the gem.

That makes two of us.

I came here to avenge everything you ever stole from me.

My passing grade, my dignity, my father.

You have been misled. I did not take your father's life.

Please, you are in no condition to fight.

There is one valuable lesson I learned from you.

One you didn't intend to teach.

Only losers wear empty coats.

I would agree.

What do you remember?

I... I'm not sure.


What have I done?

There is much to explain.

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