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in this video I'm going to show you how to make this interesting wall decor

piece using all items from the Dollar Tree so if you want to learn how I did

it and well then follow me what's up glue dots I me laying the midnight

crafter hiding out in my bedroom because it's the only quiet place I could find

right now today's project is a pure one inspired wall decor art my last pair one

inspired wall decor art it was super popular so this one's completely

different and the funny thing is it is completely different than the wall art

that inspired it so I started out trying to make that one wasn't working taking

too long I thought there's got to be quicker way my fingers were killing me

and then I ended up morphing into it just a completely different project but

different but much easier super cheap to make inexpensive wool sir we won't say

cheap super inexpensive to make and actually pretty fun so I'm really

excited to show it to you and see what you guys think let me know down in the

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great feedback for me because I'm putting this out for you and then you

guys put that back to me and then I can see how it worked out and it's awesome

so enough chitter-chatter because I've been told lately a couple times that I

talk too much so let's go do it

so starting out what we're gonna do is take our foam board and you can take any

size that you want and using your pencil kind of get an idea of like how you want

your image to be and kind of figure out how you want your rolling hills to go

not that you have to stick to that when you do it but you know just to give you

a general idea and then you can play with that as you go from there kind of

figuring out the placement of where you would like your trees to go and again

you may change it as you go along but that's fine

just if you feel comfortable not doing it with a pencil and just going straight

right from the get-go then go for it and I usually like to do things with

decorating or with anything like that you usually want to do things in odd

numbers so I'm going to do probably three trees on here and different sizes

so that they look like they're a little more dimensional so I'm kind of just

giving it no real end to the branches just sort of midair

so don't worry too much if they're perfect or not don't overthink it I just

try and give a little bit of variety so the next step we're gonna do now that we

have that drawn out is we're gonna take any kind of piece of plastic this is the

lid to cremini mushrooms that I used for dinner last night

so I'm just gonna cut this piece off if any piece of plastic you can use the

container top from a coffee can anything plastic is better because the moisture

from the caulk will end up kind of softening any paper so I've cut out my

square here and all I'm going to do on one of the edges I'm just gonna cut out

some tiny little triangles and you don't have to worry about them being super

symmetrical or perfect because that is what's going to add really some nice

dimension to your project go across all the way across your piece and make those

cuts and we're going to be using that to make the texture of our Hills so we're

using or we're going to probably be using two tubes of the caulking so what

you're going to want to do is one of them you want to just cut a big big hole

on it because that's mainly how you're going to be getting a lot of product out

for you to do some of the main work so this is where you're going to just be

putting this on give me this stuff every time it farts on me every time but just

mostly here just squeeze it out we're going to be spreading that out a bit so

using a popsicle stick I'm going to kind of spread this again don't worry about

it being perfect because you're going to go over it with the plastic piece that

we just cut up to give it some texture okay so now

we're gonna use this little piece of plastic or whatever you used for that

and you're just gonna go over this and just make a textured make it textured I

don't know and you can kind of play with that texture and just wherever you want

to change up the direction or if you want to bring your hills coming

different ways this is your project so have fun with it

they're your hills so they can be however you want them to be and the

texture looks amazing at the end when we spray-paint it so don't be afraid to

really get in there and make some nice designs the next thing we're gonna do is

work on our trees and the way you're going to do that same way you're going

to put the caulking down in position to pretty much follow your tree line know

if you guys can see my lines but and then you're just gonna use your skewer

stick because this gives great texture to the tree and it looks very realistic

while realistic I guess for an art project but it looks really cool once

it's painted so you're just gonna spread this with the end of your skewer stick I

think I'm going to make this one tree come down into the grass area or my

hillside area now as I get kind of the ends I sort of taper it off I'm not

really having a blunt edge on those I'll put a link in up above or at the end one

of the two or maybe both if you haven't seen my last video which was a mosaic

video you may want to watch that because another idea for this would be to make

some of the leaves the way that I made them for that mosaic video and put the

leaves on here that would be absolutely gorgeous but since I've already done

that we're going to do something a little different here for this project

and you know you can always combine the two projects together

excellent so the next thing we're gonna do is you're going to be using the

caulking one of the tubes and you're only going to cut a very tiny hole so

this tube I did not use entirely so you really could get away with doing this

with two tubes but we do definitely need the tip to be much smaller for this next

part so we're going to just very very close to the edge there cut off just as

little as possible so that the hole is small as compared to the last one we did

where we cut it much further and get it much larger hole so you can do get a lot

more out of there so now is where we're gonna be doing our little swirls and are

not really leaves but kind of leaves so start wherever you want I'm going to

start on the tip and just vary a little bit make sure you go around and around

and around and go slowly don't rush on this part and make sure that the

caulking is actually sticking down touching down on the foam board when

you're doing it so we're gonna go around and just do all of those in various

places kind of work our way around this is just so so cool once it's painted now

if your swirls end up a little funky don't panic don't worry about it it just

makes it that much more interesting and unique so like see that swirls not all

perfect but just make it your own and make it unique up see like a big chunk

out of that one but it does look really cool

in the long run so don't worry about it periodically wipe the tip off because if

you don't it sometimes starts to dry up a bit and it will make it a little

harder to make your swirls also as you go along and the tube starts to get

emptier you can sort of start to fold it down to make it a little easy

on your hand and not have to squeeze as much so I'm pretty satisfied with the

way this is looking at this point now the hard part is letting this dry you

don't have to let it dry completely before spray-painting it which is nice

but we're gonna let it dry a little bit at least and then I just also wanted to

show you that I used about I would say 3/4 of this tube so you can get all the

little swirls depending again on how big your project is or how many swirls you

make so I think realistically from what I have left that you can do this with

two tubes of caulking altogether so while I'm waiting for this to dry a

little bit I'm going to put it aside and since I already know we're gonna have to

do are get our bring okay cap bring back my parakeet ah I already know we're

gonna need to prep our bling wrap we only need one row of this so I'm going

to be cutting this because I had this piece but you can buy this at Dollar

Tree in I think three or five rows it comes in but we're only going to be

using a single row and we're going to be once everything is dry we're gonna be

actually gluing this around the outer edge to cover that raw edge of the foam

core board okay so this haven't been all that long but it has started a little

bit to dry I can see some of the edges drying so I'm gonna go out and give it a

spray with my wrist Oleum metallic spray paint you can use any color you want

anything you want I really like the metallics because it gives it really

elegant and expensive look to this so I'm gonna get that sprayed and let it

dry and so this is completely dry while I shouldn't say completely dry it's not

so much that you could really put a lot of pressure on it but it's dry enough

that we can actually go ahead and start gluing our bling wrap around so we're

gonna do that and then we're gonna do the final steps so just put your glue

with your hot glue gun along this edge and then we're just going to be gluing

down this bling wrap so that it has just a little bit of a finished look and not

a raw egg like that okay so the edge is all on there all the way around I've got

a nice finished edge and the next thing we're gonna be doing is adding and it's

actually the final touch I'm gonna take some black paint in a paper towel with

your dry paper towel you're gonna put a little bit of black paint and then

you're gonna sort of swish it on there so that it's into the paper towel and

then what we're gonna be doing is just going directly onto the silver part

while the whole thing silver so that's kind of lame the raised part you're just

going to go over that with your black paint and this kind of adds a bit more

to the dimension and breaks up that overabundance of silver if you like that

that much silver great I just I think it looks really nice to sort of break it up

a bit I mean you don't have to do it you don't have to do anything you don't want

to because we actually are gonna be putting a little bit on to that

background afterwards but but I don't want it to be too dark on that

background right now which is why I'm pretty much just aiming for the branches

and the the well the little squigglies the raised parts

okay so then afterwards you do want to just break up and make I think it will

add a lot to the background all I'm gonna do with that is going to

take my paper towel and dip it in just a little bit of water to kind of really

dilute down that black and even if you want you can flip it and then we're just

gonna sort of rub over the silver part that the background part now again if

you don't want to do this leave this part out all right I like it I think it

just adds more and breaks up I think it gives it a more expensive look so you

don't really realize that it's foam core over there now you've got to be careful

not to saturate too much because this foam core well probably not as much

now that it's been painted but it will absorb as you can see over here a little

bit I got some wrinkled leaves because when it was wet the paper started to

lift away that was from overspray painting so you do need to be a little

careful to not overdo it with the water all right I'm gonna be finishing this up

here and then what I'm going to do is put this up on the wall with command

strips because this is such a nice and light thing being just on the foam core

that the command strips will work beautifully on this so if you're ready

to see it oh you're not gonna see it yet until you give me that thumbs I've hit

that like button and subscribe to my channel join us and leave me a comment

let me know what you think about this I would love to see your projects so feel

free also to post those in the midnight crafter glue dots Facebook group anyway

let me show you this up on the wall




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