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Remember, Shivani, you should return the bag within 30 minutes.

You shouldn't have messed with them. These senior girls are bad.

If they are bad, I'm dangerous.

Preeti, there is this junior girl called Vandana who just issued me a warning.

What did she say? - She said she'll see our end.

I was getting bored, but not anymore. Drag her here.

You should've let her be. How do I get my bag back?

That girl will come and will return your bag. - Return the bag? Nonsense.

Preeti has ordered you to meet her. Come and apologize to her.

How arrogant! If you act so insolent, you'll get no food from the canteen.

Why? You'll eat it all? - You are deadmeat!

Are you done? If you are, we'll go to sleep. - Don't. I'll go get Preeti.

She'll skin you alive. - We'll be waiting.

What's your problem? Don't you respect seniors? I was told you've a sharp tongue.

Not my fault if she is always tongue tied. - Do you know who I am? Preeti Reddy.

I can see to it that you leave this campus and run for your life.

Let me remind you that this campus belongs to Parayana, not you. Try scaring someone else, not us Warangal people.

See how insolent she is. - I'll punch you in the face. Apologize to her.

I won't, sis. - Don't you dare! Do as I say! - Listen, Preeti Reddy..

before throwing around some attitude, realise that I'm like Arjun Reddy. No way I'll apologize to you.

Return her bag, Shivani.

If you've attitude, fold it and put in your bag.

So cute! Love you! By the way, you're the tigress of Warangal, right?

How dare they do this to us. - I'll show them who they just messed with.

I'll see to it that they repent having done this to us.

Greetings, seniors! You've been inside since morning. You've diarrhoea?

Come on, say something, seniors.

Why aren't you saying anything now? You had a great deal to say the other day.

Chide me, for being a bad junior. I'm feeling guilty that you aren't.

I think these seniors have taken an oath of silence hoping to find good husbands.

I'm sure Vandana did this.

We shouldn't spare her. We've to avenge this.

Ma'am, my soap and hair clips are missing. - I can't find my perfume.

How can they go missing? They must be there somewhere. - We've looked everywhere. - They have been robbed.

I suspect Vandana and her friends. They have been circling our room since morning.

Please, come and take a look. - Let's go.

Didn't we get even with them? - Time to get odd. Open your bags.

What? Why should we open our bags? - Some thieves have robbed our stuff.

We get a feeling you guys are the thieves. - Mind your tongue! How dare you call us thieves.

Better be warned. - Vandana, quite. - See, ma'am, how rude she is.

We don't care you're seniors. I'll slap the life out of you if you call us thieves.

Shut up! - See, ma'am, she doesn't even respect your presence.

Vandana, if you didn't take their stuff, open your bags. - Yeah, whatever. - Check our bags.

Ma'am, that clip is mine. - That powder is mine! - And so is that eye liner!

Also, that perfume is mine! She did steal all our stuff.

Ma'am, I swear I didn't any of their stuff. - No one would believe the words of a thief.

Ma'am, will you tell to the principal about them or do I? - Can't you hear when I say we didn't take your stuff?

You've been caught and you're still acting high and mighty?

Preeti, let's not take this matter to the principal or to their parents and make it worse.

Fine, ma'am. Since you insist, we'll forget this. But before that, she has to apologize to us both.

Why should I apologize when I haven't done anything wrong? Kill me, but I won't apologize.

Fine, don't apologize. We'll instead go and complain to the principal. Let's go, ma'am.

Wait, Preeti. If she gets to know, your mom will kill you and the principal will debar you. Is it worth it?

Why don't you apologize and end this? - Why should I apologize for something I haven't done?

Stop it, Vandana. We're sorry, ma'am. We're sorry, seniors.

We promise we won't repeat this ever again. - Hey.. - Be quite, Vandana.

Ms Short Stuff is apologizing but not the main thief? - Let it be, Preeti.

Vandana, hear me out.. - How could you apologize to them?

She said she'll inform your mom. - Shut up! Never ever talk to me again.

I can't stay without talking to you. - Then find yourself another room but never talk to me.

Vandana, please.. - Get lost!

Have some, Vandana..

Mamta, ask her to get out of here. - Just eat some.. - Mamta!

Let her be, Sushu. She'll come around.

Where is that arrogant girl? - She'll be here. - I'm waiting.

Here comes the tigress of Warangal. - She also is the queen of the tri-cities.

You said you've attitude like Arjun Reddy. You also said you're the queen of the tri-cities.

You messed with me and see what happened to you. - You better let me go now.

Go where? Do what? You said you needed a sweater. Let me buy you one.

You are pissing me off!

Here comes Ms Short Stuff. - This all started because of you, didn't it?

You need to carry our bags hereon. - Vandana is already upset I apologized to you.

If she sees me carrying your bags, she'll never ever talk to me. So, let me go.

Is it? Fine, move it.

Which shampoo do you use? You've long hair. - Shampoo? Cheapos like her only use soapnuts.

I was told soapnuts make hair strong. Let's test.

I'll test too.

Like I said, I'll slap the life out of you! You are taking our patience for weakness?

How dare you!

If you've attitude, I'll shove it down your throats. Let's go.

She's dead! - Let her be! We'll deal with her later.

Vandana, it feels so bad you've stopped talking. I'm so sorry.

Why do you let those bullies bully you? You've to fight back. Let's go.

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