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the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be ten times better and come with features

missing from the S range and I'm going to be sharing the details right after

this if you're new here won't stay up to date with the latest tech please hit

subscribe followed by the Bell you can also keep up on Facebook Instagram and

Twitter by clicking the links in the description so it was only a couple

of days ago what we last spoke about the Galaxy Note 20 but we've now had news of

a much wanted feature that was missing from the s20 ultra we've also got

benchmark results display information sleek screen protectors a new design

information for the Galaxy Note 20 and the note 20 Ultra before we get into it

though please like the video if you're a fan of the Galaxy Note series and let

me know in the comments which version you're waiting for and if it's not the

note then what phone are you excited for first news of today though we've got a

leak that I actually missed it from last week we've got a protective screen cover

appear on slash leaks that gives us a very good idea at what we should

expect from the note 20 it is of course a pretty much full screen display we've

got minimal bezels all around a few people are saying that this means it

will get an in display selfie camera because of the lack of a punch hole

but this just isn't true it's simply a protective screen cover it doesn't need

a punch hole as the camera can still see through the cover next up we've

got a case leak that's also appeared on slash leaks and it pretty much falls in

line with all of the leaks we've had so far unfortunately it doesn't tell

us anything new but I thought I would show it anyway next we've got a geek

bench listing for the snapdragon 865 plus and this pretty much confirmed the

existence now considering it has been appearing in a lot of places or this

benchmark isn't for the Galaxy Note 20 we can assume that the note 20 is

going to get a similar score given its using the same chipset the snapdragon

865 plus has scored a single core score of nine seventy three and a multi-core

score of three thousand three hundred and forty six and this is of course

higher than the s20 eight nine one and three three one three well we don't see

a huge multi-core score increase the single core score is much better than

the standard eight six five and it's only going to get better with more

optimization next up we've got plenty of news about the Samsung Galaxy Note

Twenties display and use that the note 20 Ultra is going to have the feature

we all wanted on the s20 ultra but of course that we didn't get it when

it comes to the display ice universe is advised the standard note 20 is going to

have a wide frame a flat screen a Full HD resolution but it's only going to

have a 60 Hertz refresh rate he compares the standard note 22 the galaxy a 91 and

suggests that the note 20 ultra specs are far superior when it comes to the

galaxy note 20 ultra ice universe also advises us that bezels on both sides

are narrowed up by naught point three millimeters the forehead and chin have

been narrowed by naught point four and the selfie camera panto has been reduced

by a whole millimeter we also get a curved screen on the note 20 ultra and

it is an LT Pio display with a quad HD plus resolution and it's pretty much a

full screen display he also advises it's coming with new camera functions as well

as S Pen features so it's no doubt gonna be an incredible phone now the

best news he's given us though if you remember back to the s20 ultra release

there was a lot of disappointment when users discovered that they had to make

a choice they could have a 120 Hertz display in full HD or a quad HD plus

display at 60 Hertz but they couldn't have both at the same time well the note

20 ultra has changed all of that and if the user wants that they can enjoy

a quad HD plus resolution at a smooth 120 Hertz refresh rate given how much

that was complained about at the time I think it is gonna please many and the

only thing they'll need to consider is that it may use more battery ice

universe has also stated that the note 20 Ultra will surely succeed and I have

to agree they've improved the display and hopefully fixed the auto focusing

issues we had on the S counterpart and on top of all that we also get

the s-pen it's gonna be that little bit harder due to issues globally that may

be reducing consumer spending but let me know in the comments if you think

this is going to be a successful release or not of course we've already had CAD

leaks for the samsung galaxy note 20 and the note 20 ultra and they've also been

used create more stunning 3d renders as go through all of them from my regular

viewers that you guys have already seen this bit so just skip to the

next video but if you are new here then don't forget to hit subscribe and we're

gonna get right into it the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is coming with a 6

point 7 inch AMOLED display with a punch hole selfie camera top-center what many

were hoping for the in display selfie camera it's not gonna happen and it's

most likely gonna be for the S range the dimensions come in and 160 1.8 by

seventy five point three by eight point five millimeters which makes the no 21

millimeter thicker than its predecessor and significantly larger overall one

thing that you may have already noticed is a flat display on the note 20 I'm

assuming this is gonna please a lot of you is one of my most complained about

features in the comments is of course to the curved display you can see that

on the note 20 we've got the volume and the home buttons on the right-hand side

leaving the left side completely clear if we take a look underneath we've got

USB type-c port a microphone a speaker grille and the S Pen at the far left

the SIM tray is now located at the top of the galaxy note 20 on the rear we've

got a rectangular camera module similar to the S range and it's 38.1 mil longer

by 21.9 wide Samsung reportedly still working on these cameras so we don't

have any confirmation on what they're gonna be but it's expected it will

contain either the HM one or the GN one from Samsung we can of course see

that we've got three lenses on the left with a periscope lens on the

right underneath the LED flash you can see the back panel is curved on

both edges we've got slight curves on all corners and overall it looks like

a comfortable device to hold instill a very premium smartphone next up we've

got my favorite which is the samsung galaxy note 20 plus these renders

were provided by pig Tao and on leaks and what we have most of the details

that there's still some unconfirmed information the Samsung Galaxy Note

20 plus is coming with the largest 6.9 inch curved AMOLED display and we've got

a punch hole camera top-center we've had plenty of display leaked from Ross young

but he has since deleted the tweets so we can only assume there's an issue or

he's been asked to remove them we're expecting an LTP Oh display but again

we've got the punch hole selfie camera as in display cameras just aren't ready

yet the note 20 plus dimensions come in at 165 by 77.2 or by seven point

six millimeters but with the trim down bezels it is pretty much all screen

we've got the volume and power buttons on the right hand side with the left

completely smooth the bottom layout is the same as the note 20 with the s-pen

at the far left followed by speaker USB port and microphone on the rear

we've got another rectangular camera housing but you can see it is a little

bit different from the smaller note 20 and I have to say I much prefer this

one it looks a little bulky with bigger lenses but I actually really like these

camera rings and I think it adds to the premium look of the device we've got

two cameras on the Left which reportedly could be the Samsung hm one and the gn1

we've got the periscope lens underneath over on the right-hand side you can see

a true depth camera underneath the LED flash again the edges are curved

on the back and overall it looks like it's gonna be a great device we still

haven't had any details on the pricing and probably won't until closer to the

launch towards the end of the year but it's gonna be interesting to see where

they price it the note line is always the most premium of the range will

apart from the newly added fold but the S range was priced relatively high and

it sold less than expected so this could affect the pricing on the note one thing

we do know though is that with the note will get improved display battery camera

and general hardware and of course we don't have much longer until it's going

to be released now we're going to run through all of the specs of the Samsung

Galaxy Note 20 and the note 20 plus but for my regular viewers you guys

have already seen it so I suggest you switch off now but if you're new here

then don't forget to hit subscribe and we'll get right into it of course the

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is gonna be an incredible smartphone and actually one

of my favorite releases this year we'll likely see improved design display yet

cameras and more but for anyone who's missed my previous videos we're gonna

quickly run through what we can expect for my regular viewers you would have

already seen this so just switch off now but for anyone new here we're gonna run

through everything we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 well the note

was always much bigger than the s range in the past things have been changing

lately so it's gonna be interesting to see at what screen sizes we get with

the Galaxy Note 20 last year we had the note in two sizes which was six point

three inch in 6.8 inch displays we then had a light model come later with a six

point seven inch display given that the s range has massively increased in size

with a six point nine inch display now coming I'm gonna estimate that

we could see a Galaxy Note 20 with at least a seven inch display now of

course smartphone sizes are generally getting larger so phablet sizes are

going to rise too given the success of last year's notes I'm also gonna

predict that we'll be getting a Galaxy Note 20 along with the Galaxy Note 20

plus we haven't had any solid leaks or information when it comes to displays

but I'm gonna predict a six point five inch display on the Galaxy Note 20 and

a 7 inch display on the Galaxy Note 20 plus I'm expecting both models to be

1440 by 3200 resolution and that will be a 120 Hertz dynamic AMOLED display we're

not gonna see an in display fingerprint scanner along with Gorilla Glass 6 for

protection and when it comes to the selfie camera the note line actually

led the innovation for Samsung last year it's gonna be interesting to see whether

they stick with the punch hole camera top center or if the Galaxy Note 20

comes with a new design altogether many are curious where the in display cameras

are gonna be available for consumers when Samsung have this technology ready

my guess would be introducing it on the note line but unfortunately the Samsung

Galaxy Note 20 is probably a little bit too early for this tech and it's likely

going to be something we see in 2021 when it comes to the rear of the samsung

galaxy note 11 or the galaxy note 20 as it may be cooled I've got no doubts

that we're gonna see a rectangular camera housing Samsung have stuck

with this across their mid-range and their flagship this year so the note

20 should be no different Samsung have also been getting a lot more

adventurous with their cameras so I'm going to predict that we'll get a one

an 8-megapixel isocell sensor with pixel binning technology will get a

periscope lens with some incredible zoom capabilities will get an ultra

wide-angle for those wide shots and will also get a 3d time-of-flight depth

sensor will also no doubt see better camera sensors on the samsung galaxy

note 20 plus compared to the standard note 20 in the hardware department we

know the galaxy note 20 is gonna be powered by the Snapdragon 865 in North

America and the Exynos 990 globally will see up to 512 gigs of internal storage

with up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and it will of course be expandable with a

micro SD card given the larger size the galaxy note 20 plus is expected to have

a battery capacity of 5200 milliamp hours while the galaxy note 20 is

gonna be around 4300 of course that both Galaxy Note 20s are going to be

running Android 10 in the form of 1 UI 2 and it will be ip68 water-resistant the

galaxy note 20 is expected to come with stereo speakers and no three and a half

mil headphone jack and most importantly for note fans it will be coming with the

much-loved S Pen using bluetooth 5 we haven't had any leaks on the upcoming

s-pen but it's no doubt gonna be more refined with new hardware and software

features the Galaxy Note 20 is set to be an incredible device and judging

by recent years we can expect the Galaxy Note 20 to launch at the start of August

2020 and released towards the end of the month when it comes to pricing it

will of course be an expensive device prices are expected to start at about

1100 to 1200 dollars for the standard note 20 and around 1400 to 1500 dollars

for the galaxy note 20 plus or galaxy note 20 ultra as it may also be called

given the success of this year's Lite models it's also likely that we'll get

a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 light released further down the line it's a great time

to be a samsung fan with so many phones being released by the company we've got

a huge selection in the a range the premium S and the note line on top

of the Galaxy fold and the galaxies that phone now I have to say the Z

flip phone is the only one that doesn't really excite me but that's just because

I see it as a little bit unnecessary it's sort of trying to solve a problem

that isn't really there in the first place and being over complicated for

very little reason of course that's just my opinion though and I'm sure it will

be a successful phone being priced much lower than the fold of course as all the

information and estimates we have today but as soon as any solid information

comes to light I'll be sharing with you guys straight away but I just wanted to

give you my estimations along with these stunning renders that concept

artists have already brought together as always though I'd like to know your

guys thoughts in the comments who are there is waiting for the Samsung

Galaxy Note 20 and what do you think about this new display information

but thanks for watching the video if you like to smash a thumbs up if

you didn't hit the thumbs down twice and I'll see you guys in the next one

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