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We decided to deliver to you some unusual tricks and

Scientific magic find out the secrets of tricks and delusions that will make any party unforgettable. Ah,

I punched my finger and I am bleeding get those nails out of me. Do not rush to call an ambulance

This is just an ordinary joke. Here's how to make a nailed finger without going to the joke store

You need nails a piece of bandage and a red marker

Cut the nails in half with players

Whine the bandage on the finger attaching it with hot glue on both sides

Draw a bloody dot with the marker insert the half of the nail with the cap into the bandage using hot glue

Draw a red dot and attach a sharp part of the nail to it on the back of the finger

Everything is ready for the prank. It's time to scare your friends a little

If you have to surprise then make a show out of it connect the rope with a ring

Stretch it in front of you and try to pass the rope through the neck it works. What's the secret?

Intercept discreetly if the edge of the ring behind the neck and pull it aside like this

It looks very impressive the rosy apple magically changes its colors and turns bright green

How is this possible?

You need a green apple and a red balloon

Cut off the narrow end of the balloon pull the balloon on the Apple leaving a small area open

Show a red apple to the viewer and then hide it in the palm of your hands

Remove the Apple from the camouflage suit. The Apple has turned green. Is it not a miracle?

Can balloons withstand your weight? Yes, if you know how to approach this problem

Put four balloons on the floor cover them with a wide plastic tray

Stand on the tray with your feet. Do you think this is magic?

No, it's ordinary physics. The larger the area of the support tray is the less of pressure force is applied to the balloons

Let's show one more magic trick with a balloon put the coin on the balloon and push it inside with one stroke of the palm

Shake the balloon. The coin is really inside for this trick. You need a balloon and two identical coins

Glue a piece of double-sided scotch tape to the center of the palm

Cover the coin with your hand, so it sticks to the scotch tape

Hide the second coin in the narrow part of the balloon in advance. It will fall inside the balloon when you shake it sharply

It's time for a trick which will get your friends

So impressed that they will take some time to come to their senses with one sniff of the nose

You will definitely draw an elastic band into yourself impressive, isn't it?

Here's the secret wind the elastic band around your hand pinching the edge with your fingers and bring it to your nose

Let go of the band noisily sucking in the air the elastic band disappears without a trace

Somewhere in the bowels of the sleeve and now here's a new

Application click on the screen and the objects around fly away in different directions

One click on the image on the screen and the bottle falls as if it was wrecked

Well, of course, there is no such program yet

You just found the fishing line on the neck of the bottle and attached it to your finger easy

Movement of the hand and the bottle falls backwards simple, but interesting. Oh

You have a thread on your sleeve. Let me take it away

your friend is going to be infinitely surprised because this thread has no end for

This innocent prank you need a spool of thread a needle and a mini pencil wind the thread around the pencil

Insert the end of the thread into the eye of the needle

Pass the needle with the thread through the fabric of a sleeve of a contrasting colour

Get rid of the needle hide the pencil under the sleeve a great way to play a trick on a friend and laugh a lot

and now we suggest to surprise your friends by lighting up matches on your nails rub a match on the nail a

Bright flame flares up. What kind of manicure is this?

The basis of this trick is a usual matchbox or rather. It's igniter

Use double-sided adhesive tape glue it to your nail

use scissors to shape it you

Can do with one incendiary nail or decorate your entire hand with this manicure

Let's show an unusual trick with an egg shell which spins on the plate

Dispose of the contents of the egg and dry the shell

Lubricate the rim of the plate with oil

Put the shell on the rim and run it like a top

The shells start spinning on the plate. That's a very interesting experiment

Let's create a real fiery fountain in an egg shell

Make a small hole in the egg

Get rid of the contents of the egg with a syringe

Remove sulfur from match heads with players

Pour the crushed sulfur in the shell

Make a flagellum from paper

Inserting into the egg

light the wick of the egg bomb and run off to a safe distance the

Wick burns out and a powerful pillar of fire and smoke breaks out of the shell

This trick can only be done outside away from flammable objects

For this trick you need the simplest props to ordinary matches

Charge the match with energy rubbing it in the palm of your hand

Bring the charge sulfur head to the second match

It bounces off like sculpin. Did you really charge it? No, it's all about the inconspicuous. Click of a finger

Click on the base of the match and the second match flies in an unknown direction

This trick is best shown at the table or just send it to a friend in video format

Hold a full bottle of coca-cola in one hand and a newspaper in the other set up the bottle behind the newspaper

So that the bottles neck is visible over the paper pronounce the magic words and crush the newspaper together with the bottle

The secret is that for the trick

You need two identical bottles one full and one

Empty cut the neck of the empty bottle hide the neck behind the newspaper at the right time

Raise the cut neck over the newspaper and drop the bottle with the cola

Under the table crush the newspaper and the neck into a paper lump your video will get a million likes from surprised viewers for sure

A simple wooden pencil curves as if it was made out of rubber. Do you want to know the secret of its incredible flexibility?

Take the pencil closer to the edge and clamp it between your thumb and your forefinger

Shake your hand with the maximum possible speed. It creates the illusion of a soft rubber pencil

This trick is really easy to perform

Show a banknote to a friend fold it in half unfold the banknote and break it into two parts

Conger and show the audience that the bill is safe and sound to get this trick. You need two paper bills

Apply a thin layer of glue and stick the bills together fold two bills

Then unfold only one of them the bill folded twice remains


rip the first

banknote and at the end of the trick show the second one during the execution of the trick not a single dollar was hurt we

Only use toy money. You can appreciate the beauty of liquid smoke without a special generator

You will need an ordinary glass a fork and a small piece of paper using a pencil turn the paper sheet into a tube

Remove the pencil and place the tube between the prongs of the fork

Put the fork on the glass and set the edges of the paper tube on fire

The paper is slowly smoldering and the smoke from the opposite end of the tube is beautifully flowing

So beautiful you want to touch it how to raise a glass base using a balloon?

knowing the elementary laws of physics

It's very simple

Light several matches at the same time and throw them on the bottom of the base cover the vase with a balloon the ball closes

The access to the air and matches fade out due to the lack of oxygen

The air is compressed and the pressure inside the vase drops

The balloon is drawn into the neck of the vase snug against its walls

you can safely raise the vase with a ball and not be afraid that it will fall can a paper sheet be balanced on the

Tip of a finger do you think this is impossible?

No one said in what form a piece of paper should be after all the main thing is to fold it correctly bend the sheet

Several times like this you get a triangle now you can start balancing

Find the wrists with a firm knot which will miraculously untie if you pull it by its ends

The secret of the magic knot is to make a loop and tie each of the ends of the handkerchief to its side

If you act quickly the focus will simply stun spectators

Which of the tricks did you want to repeat passing the rope through the neck a

Multicolored apple or a bloody finger with nails in it write your answers in the comment section

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