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well very good afternoon everyone happy Sunday they will be watching this tomorrow

on Sunday we hope they meet good that they are healthy and that

are quarantining in Canada wherever exactly this video is going to come out

on Sunday and it is a video a little bit different because we are going to do a

update how you are living canada news this atypical time around the

world and what are the things that are implementing here and that way

maybe they are given an opportunity to that they can compare with their country of

origin maybe even to be some

watching these videos are political or have some influence to be able

adapt some of these measures that they take here if they are of any use

so since last week that we made the video have been changing the

situation is changing day by day

governments here both federal and Provincials are taking measures to

as the situation goes unwrapping and well then

we wanted to bring them to more or less a idea of ​​what's going on in this

moment and I'm going to have to look a little because they are data that if not I do not

memory and are and crazy one of the main steps that were taken this

week was they remember that in the last video I told them that the bank interest

it was down to 0.75 percent good this week they lowered it to 0.25 for

hundred so it's a quarter of a point

percentage this is the interest of the central bank of

canada the bank of canada is called k bank of canada and is the benchmark interest

for the entire economy lower than this the poble can practically not exist

lower than this would already be zero there would be no bank interest there would be no

since they have taken it to the lowest level possible to try and see if they can

continue to encourage the movement of the economy somehow another one of the

changes was that in the last video they I said that Canada was going to inject 84 thousand

million dollars to the economy and this week they raised it to 107 billion

dollars going away and inject into the economy that is at the level

from the federal government but then there's each one of the provinces that has

additional plans to contribute and to help for example the province of

Ontario is going to collaborate with about 17 thousand million extra dollars to try

to alleviate this this situation another change that occurred was in the subject of

that freelancers work it had been decided that they would have the

same the same treatment for the unemployment insurance that those who

they were collaborating but there will be change the system and they will make a payment of

two thousand dollars a month for a period this four months that is that in

instead of giving them access to unemployment which would be more or less lacan the

sum would be more or less the same but now they are going to give everyone the same a

sum of two thousand dollars and so they are all on the same level let's say also

for SMEs there have been changes important in the previous video

I said that the federal government was going to pay 10 percent of the total

wages to SMEs and now they have increased to 75 percent of

salary that is the federal government of canada is going to pay you 75 percent of

the salaries of employees who have the pymes

to try not to say goodbye employees and if they were fired for

any reason to see if they can be returned to take also for SMEs

going to be retroactive to March 15 and another thing that I left him there for

SMEs to say is quite interesting loans of up to 40 will be granted

thousand dollars for SMEs with 0% interest one year grace for

start paying back those loans and to some SMEs that rate 40

thousand dollars there will be 10 thousand dollars which will be directly canceled from the

debt that is not going to have to be repaid to try to encourage the immense

keep activating keep producing and that keep moving because all of these

measures because in the week from 16 to 22 March there were a million applications

of people who were left without work to access insurance

unemployment in this country the insurance unemployment pays up to 55 percent

of the salary you were receiving at the time he was fired with a

maximum limit of 54 thousand dollars I think that is the maximum limit for that calculation all

those who earn from 54 thousand dollars towards above

the sum is it keeps going up, so the maximum

that a person who is in unemployment insurance is 574 dollars

weekly so how have they had a million

applications are trying to encourage SMEs and all this type

of with all this kind of programs to than to see if there are less people

farewell follow a certain the normal in a week is about 40 thousand applications

for unemployment insurance and from 40 thousand went to a million and this just

starts I mean, well, another thing that I know

are doing like the theme of alerts let's see the phones well the

another day the government sometimes send him phone messages well tax messaging

with alerts and this was for all they had come to canada they've

been traveling and they just got come back they have to do 41 by 14

mandatory days and make that message by phone is constantly gold and to me

wife also entered two the messages through the cell phone in

english and french

bilingual and there they are giving instructions according how they go

changing things here they call them alerts happens a lot for example the

alerts amber when a system fits when some child disappears

loses or does not adapt it activates the protocol of these alarms alerts already

all cell phones enter whatever be the time of day an alarm sounds and

when you go to see in the in the cell what is it about and they're giving

the good description is missing this person the description where he went

seen last time here is a system out there to help locate

guys when they disappear or are lost or whatever here notary have announced

that the cost of electricity now this becomes the lowest rate

24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we normally had

differentiated rates at peak time so that for example

give me an idea the rush hour price was 13.2 cents per kilo watt the price in

average peak time was 9.4 kilo kilo watt and at the lowest peak it was 6.5 cents the

kilo watt that is, current consumption is broken

electricity here in the province of Ontario houses and industries

they will also be considered with the minimum peak at 6.5 cents per kilo watt

in other words, it does not matter if it is the time of day that it is skeletonized

that that amount of money to help a little to citizenship and business

with the cost of energy on the other hand have decreed that fines and penalties

that there will be for people who and infect another to another human being

having been ordered to quarantine canada and if they have not respected the quarantine for

example or if they knew they were sick and don't

disclosed to the authorities are going to be the following if you make someone else sick

person with coronavirus having known there are 750,000 dollars of fines and six

months in prison and if you infect another person and that person comes to

die from your infection knowing or breaking the protocol of the

quarantine in canada you don't know you're sick and infects another good I don't know

can do anything but doing it on purpose knowing it and not respecting the rules if

the infected person becomes infects another and the other person dies then the

fine goes over a million dollars and three years in prison there is the

seriousness of the case to all those who do not respect and are sick and contagious

for others the night is coming because this is very serious

USA announced yesterday that he is going to inject into the economy right now

trillions of dollars in the economy the federal government here to people who

is working on some jobs that require more hours and that are jobs

a little bit more dangerous for him maybe in risk of contagion

wages have been raised too to compensate for the situation in

the one that has put the employees well we had turned off the camera in

a moment so we continue I don't know what happened he put the camera click it said

alhaurín and it will be that the video is so boring that even the camera gets down to

sleep hands well just cut us on it

oh go to a noisy escape in the part where I was starting to

tell about what's going on with some corporations

for example in the USA yesterday they gave him the order to the general motors which produces

the cars that start producing artificial respirators because it seems

be that that all over the world and here in in these countries it will also be the

most delicate part of all this situation because there are not enough

nobody expected a number of people that have to be intubated like the ones that

are happening in an italy and in Spain and well here he

the trouble of governments is to try to purchase as much as possible as

in the whole world there is no because the demand is brutal

then they start to order these companies that saw how it is when

wartime is said well you guys stop producing that I know

start producing weapons well are you something similar similar there are also many

companies like being here in canada news I'm going to name some that are starting to

change production for items that right now they are doing a lot

missing such as there is a company that was called work that is dedicated to

manufacture everything that is equipment for ice hockey skates uniforms

helmets all of that and they now decided they're going to start producing those for

collect all viewfinders are those plastic visors that use this the

medical staff and good good for make of that but without costs they go

to donate so that those who need in hospitals can have

there is a factory that is doing paintings that

have changed the production system and Now they are going to start manufacturing this

gel alcohol also the only cost you will have the product is the cost

of the raw material there are others that a gin distillery which changed the

production were going to be alcohol too at no cost and there is another one that is

factory in cana of the bus that manufactures famous houses those that are very expensive

impossible the price of those clothes and they are going to pass the production

to all that is these clothes that the nurses the doctors who are green

blue purple those will also be produced by them

no costs for medical personnel can have access to change clothes

the demand has been at once and so brutal that these chains could not be put on

in operation and apart that is a lot material that always came as it happened to

everyone produced in china nothing against them but

in this situation it is seen that the system this also to reconsider the

whole world of not being so dependent on other countries for things that

are absolutely necessary and in this case we are seeing it to survive and

there you put the bottleneck when the whole world starts asking in these

large quantities a single country cannot supply the quantity then there's

things that each country has to maintain his own production I'm a

convinced of those things that health related article

related in defense to the education et cetera et cetera et cetera

they saw that another of the big changes that there was this week is the price of

fuel the price of gasoline or gasoline as they say in some countries

has dropped to levels incredible we have recorded a clip

out here right now I think that he was night about 69 and he has worked

much more than that already almost 60 there were if had dropped to 59 cents on

liter of canadian dollar around here gasoline is never a price let's say

stable frozen is an ups and downs and it's going changing according to the days of the

week when it is little and when the

blind and if two days ago I was at 59 Canadian cents the

liter that would be about 30 cents US dollar ok

good news let's go give a little turn again to take them to

that they see how the subject evolves from cobi 19 here in canada the other day

we made them go around a week of this and we are going to tell you

what are the news so today is one spring day the only thing we don't go

to get out of the car we will only give laps in the vehicle and try to

show them as much as possible the first thing we are going to do we are going to go through

gas stations to see as far as the gasoline price gasoline see if

keep going down to see what happens so that you can compare with what is

happening in their countries wherever you are watching these videos and well

let's see what it is we are carrying our four-legged son

here with us because I hear the keyword and he knows understands so

there was no way to make him understand that he I was not going to come and since we are not going to go down

of the car then to take a walk too so

let's see what spring is about a beautiful day we have blue skies a

lina temperature is not so cold and not it's windy 10 degrees and it's degrees over

zero day and today we go for day 12 of our voluntary quarantine but

when we were going on the 10th they announced now what to do 14 mandatory days

additional for all will be in Ontario I think it was I don't know what happens

is that entry was not quarantined in canada

mandatory blue and what we were doing voluntary quarantine what

we practically made it for nothing because people kept going around

like nothing and now they're getting stricter because since the last

video that we did I think here in canada all over canada via

200 cases today we are already at 4 thousand 600 infected and it keeps going up and here

well we are holding on what is coming to us because this

just start let's see what happens to see here we are coming to the first

gas station was pretty mind the camera from 67.9 construction continues to work

that I see it as that there is a little bit a little bit half bad they saw

because to nothing forced to close some type of business but there are other

activities that haven't touched them I don't know It seems to me that it is completely done

or not it is not done because just now they were putting more serious controls on

the airport and forcing people to came from abroad to insolate himself in

quarantine for 14 days because he until it was a matter of a couple of days ago no

nothing happened people came here and they went to his house and if they wanted they wanted to and if

they didn't want they didn't want so in it sense it seems to me that if they don't get more

strict this will continue to improve as who says now what yes is that

many more cars are seen in the garages of the houses which means that the

people have not gone to work they are staying home but at the same time

you also see a little more people walking through the parks but what

go out to the parks do a little bit of exercise and walking I don't see that wrong

because you are not in contact with anyone and you're not touching anything you're just

walking breathing a little air cool because if not be locked

the 24 hours that you come back a little crazy not really if that here what

happens is that people continue although they go out everyone keeps the

away and today I was I took the dog because this one can't tell you no

I always meet a lady who has a german shepherdess an earmuff

also like him but with short hair and we meet another lord and

we were about four meters from distance each of the dogs there

they were running around a little bit between they and we get closer, that means

in that sense if people are taking awareness of staying away but if

I don't know, you don't really know science certain that what will happen


69.9 gasoline somewhere else all because you wear

nervous I wanted to get in the car are you here or driving

then he listens to the flashing because he thinks that we are already arriving and

that we are going to lower these buildings the entire doctor's office and you see that

they have closed it because there is nobody here this is always full of vehicles or

be it is seen that consultants dental doctors all that too

is is closed now let's go to a

shopping center to see what happens is the police department here the

our neighborhood the buses this is a center here is also a center of

change and bus connections the transportation system is working

there they see them the collectives are everyone is operating maybe maybe

are operating with end of hours week or holiday no

I think that shorter hours the library is closed and here we go

and what is properly center commercial

everything is closed

making the supermarket by hand right which is this that is being operated

but the parking lots are empty there is no

nobody here these are the entrances main and as you can see here no

there is no one and behind that what there is

we are in the shopping center area who has the supermarket business

there is a bank here Y

notice how they are queuing to enter to buy in the liquor stores

because they are open they didn't close it that's essential

apparently we are fine then the people outside see how they are doing

queue at the separated all from each other and the bank that is also open

queue outside to enter



slipped my question is in countries where they are watching these videos and

local governments have made the effort to also give the possibility of

citizen and lower the price of fuel because on top of the pandemic

they saw there is nothing worse than being holding on in economic times

overwhelming for us here in canada despite the fact that the situation is

complicated but with all these measures who's trying to take both the

federal government as governments provincials somewhat mitigate that

despair of having to be thinking not only am I afraid that out there

I'm dying but you also have to thinking how he survives for what

for the basics me the other day when I saw that for

example in Argentina this for necessity for the self-employed for SMEs

they were going to make a payment of 10 thousand pesos Argentines in April and once

nothing else and I freeze when I hear those

things they saw because ten thousand pesos are $ 100 $ 120 may be more or

less and a one-time payment that can fix an individual with that kind of

money nothing so here if you want for example those who are running out

work those with insurance good unemployment have no problem

they have money guaranteed up to one year and the self-employed who don't have that now they

they guarantee two thousand dollars a month or the next four months and then it

will see if it needs to be extended or not extend the plan but we don't have to

be thinking where is he going to come from next weight to buy a bite of

food and I think a lot of people is suffering that situation doubly

overwhelming especially for people which is in our countries in america

Latina in all because I imagine that it must be more or less everything

the similar and good subject would not have to be like that

it shouldn't be that way because it's a situation that nobody nobody has to

having to deal with two tremendous things like them at the same time and I'm not

I'm not talking about politics either talking about some real situations that

they have to live on the other hand it is also a good opportunity to reconsider

many people the attitudes who are the ones that really have value and

where are the things that are worth in the society when these events happen the

police the doctors the nurses the supermarket cashier in short all

people who in most of the best of daily situations live many

sometimes they are not given any importance and when these situations come up notice

on how the landscape changes and how it changes priorities because if there wasn't a

cashier in a supermarket that would not have access to be able to go buy your

food or if it were not in the police and prefecture gendarmerie or

the army Y

who is in charge of maintaining order who is responsible for maintaining the

quarantine in canada so many times they are not those who have

wanted to make believe that they are the really important and but they are

those who many times not only do not know paid close attention to them because I do

years I watch TV shows from Argentina and the only thing you hear from us

corruption politics are politicians corrupt but very little this has been

given the importance to a doctor who is working a public hospital hey for

there you have to deal saving lives with with the basics and now we realize

not true or seeing people who have long dedicated to stoning

policemen to spit on them to throw bomb molotov and even peeing them and today

you have to realize it's them those who are risking their skin in

the corner of a street and with the possibility of counting getting more

that nobody to reconsider the society and some people who maybe

be a little thank you and you saw when you go through the box here too

we have the theme that there are many people

working you're in situations of risk in the family we have three my

younger daughter working at the airport like a security

my daughter ashley and her husband who work in hospitals what to understand

is that life in Canada does not stop what it is refers to the disease people are

keep getting sick and keep going to those hospitals for other reasons and those who

they are working there they have to be at cannon's foot like who says doing

facing these situations and good is the part that we have to live

everyone in society so well this would be more or less the this is not a

joyous video today is not a video with these stories is not a video with

food wines and all those herbs but we want to do it because of

that way we can give them the possibility of realizing and

compare more or less what is it passing us at the moment in this country

we have not reached a peak high and good it is expected that

that this does not acquire this nuance is more more serious than the system can

hold on so what else We also remind everyone that

videos we are posting from Argentina right now we are not there

Now many continue to think that we are traveling strolling and enjoying during

this quarantine but not those videos are from last year now we are here in

Canada news and we do not recommend that they be traveling they are outside so if that

is another issue is that we are they you know i'm a guest on this

channel and I do what I can but only there

let's say because in technology and all that I'm not very very skilled but they are

is avoiding you have to stock up with videos to two channels or is the channel in

Spanish and English channel each video when they take you editing in the day

whole we want that as many people says thanks for posting we are glad the

existence we are glad days and for that for us is a lift the

encouragement they saw because as one feel that everything that is done has

good reception and people what recognize us despite how

I always tell them we can't answer all comments why write

each one individually would need two people full time nothing more

that to do that is not good you you pass the tooth I'm spending of

answer and put your heart I hope I happened I feel will see from the computer

nine in the morning and I get caught twelve at night and well it's out there he looked at me

in a little thing on the other side a little bit of some youtube video something else and

when i go back to the channel there is already again new comments and well he tried to

comment and answer some will see I always say hello to Daniel

when I answered but we all read it those and I can guarantee you and nothing that

I'm saying things by saying them that the comments are read all

from first to last so keep commenting because that's

our only chance to know whether to people like what they feel

and apart from not only that one feels like they're interacting they saw

even though we are not together and we are not we are in the same place and there is

people from all over the world because I have times in the comments I say from

israel from china from korea-japan in places that does not say but how is it possible

that someone in a land so far away and nothing to do with Spanish are not

watching these videos and yet if on the Hispanic channel in

Spanish is this from Turkey than from the world integer then like that one gives a

joy like that gives you damn maybe are are people from Latin America who

they are in a distant land with anguish what do you miss and well if you can see

a video of this and rejoice a little bit life in canada congratulations is that is more or

less the raison dtre of all that one wants to project we leave them with this

something else I wanted to comment on what is this but I imagine that in some

How many weeks have we already told you? news and how the

thing for these parts here in this moment we go through business now and

new directives that can be entered how many people from supermarkets

between big 10 or so if there is fasting and long out of the series

nascar in some places there are people outside

controlling the space to be left between people and people one passes and

you know what that reminds me of at the time of the soviet union of

those countries is not true when I was in communism and people had to

queue to go buy a piece of bread and you pass like that and watch people watch

queuing up in canada news outside a trade is the landmark cnr has never seen

such a thing the first days were a little catastrophic because people

stacked wanting to enter the business now it's no longer controlled there's

order and there is no longer that shortage that there was not true the first days

it seems that people went crazy to buy everything is more there are many people

who appeared wanting to return him as it is said when they read return them but not

I get to alternate all the toilet paper

and of course how are hygiene products and things that can't connect in this

era let's say no they couldn't be accepted but many people realized the error

he had committed and must hoard and they said not bad you have to take them from

I return yesterday also the prime minister of this province ford announced to him that no

any kind of rise will be tolerated excessive prices will not be tolerated

any of these situations and you they will fall with the full force of the law

on top it seems there was already a place that was a trade that was selling those

whites the napkin those that come in the tube that is selling them for 30

dollars from the tube when that can cost how much 5 dollars and well the first

provincial minister fell on them and that's the business warned him we're going

to come find him for root was he the business owner who posted that to

everyone who had bought some product of those who brought the business

return the money and that was a mistake and that good in one thing it worked

because here when they tell you we are going to fall with everything we have you fall with

everything they have and it's not pleasant so if the situation is us

Here quiet

no panic no no panic no no madness there is nothing one can

say is wrong yesterday I looked videos from argentina it seems that yesterday

banks opened

people but 56 blocks in line practically piled one on top of the

other and well it's understandable that the people need the money need

survive somehow but there the contagion is massive and is practically not

it will be because here in this country everything works by automatic deposit here at

canada old people don't have to go the bank to collect retirement that but

since we came to this country the automatic bank system started

which is digital is computing how it call make the final deposit you

account you open a bank account all the world can open a bank account

here it is not a drama to open an account bank you go to the bank and I want to open

an account and then they ask you what account wants checking savings from

you want to sit there they do that to you they give the bank card and you can

access everything online or whether the deposits are all

automatic the same the wages and the people

now already through your account in the bank and if there is any help

government there is no queuing to a bank to look for silver or what

be deposited directly to you in a bank account those are the

things that there are many times I see that in some fault countries how is it possible

that at this time and at this age still you have to go to the bank in person to take out

or to search or I don't know no we we drive practically cashless in

this society what is called box a cash social law and a society without

cash everything works with either debit card credit card

automatic deposits there's no reason why which have to go five thousand people

to huddle at the door of a bank because they have to go collect some kind

of subsidy that the government is going to give them because you have to go get a

retirement or because I don't understand that and well I want to talk more because

I'm a guest if you guys knew the amount of things that I have for

tell them well one day I will look for the way to do it but I can't

express myself far beyond a certain more or less those who know me should already

know where where do I come from like this what if this is the last

the last review we do in this moment something else you want is to tell

to your beavers who stay at home healthy and we already see bone and I for

doubts and it's not advice so much so much I have a little wine they saw because this

virus you have to attack it deep and the best way is to drown it

in other words, if the stomach area nor a certain level of

vinacho thing that the guy drowns there inside and fuck no more so if that's

what we do and now there is the pasture it was in one day it got pretty green

amazing this country like the the nature is waiting for the first

warm the spring for is a explosion what's here

the pastón was two days ago there was no grass there is a yellow thing and that's it

green so we tell them what virus no virus quarantine 1

quarantines here at home now as soon as come and have a nice time

planificado al ser una comilona unas cocinadas este va a haber todo tipo y

para toda nacionalidad si se quiere estoy buscando todavía un disco de asado

para ser asado disco de arado lazcoz y disco dorado para hacer este en méxico

también los usan ellos les llaman una discada pero los venden en eeuu lo he

encontrado en en amazon pero no los mandan a canadá y

aquí no hay ni una compañía en canadá que los tenga o sea que

eeuu los tiene y cuando entro a la página para ordenar los dicen este

producto no se manda para canadá así que estamos tratando desesperadamente

conseguir uno pero ya van a venir otros tipos de vamos a traer otro tipo de

cocina muy este interesantes y no sabemos cuánto va a durar esto y lo

vamos a tratar de mantenerlos más entertaining

en contacto posible bueno los vamos a dejar aquí te va a salir mañana y como

es un vídeo de puro para loteos y si a mí me dejan sigo a que entonces no hay

que hacer mucho editing y puede salir mañana rapidito así que en entonces nos

despedimos les deseamos lo mejor quédense en casa y chau chau chau

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