Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TROPICAL VIBES IN BALI. // LIFE IS FOOD, UH LIFE IS GOOD!

Difficulty: 0

I would like to have a fresh orange juice and a tomato juice.

Yes I also thought that looked tasty.

Yeah or maybe the brownie!

Brownie, that's sounds good too!

This is the cocktail menu!

Mmm all the cocktails..look a mocktail!

You would like this one.

It is with cocos.

The sleeping pill!

Let us just order everything from the menu. Just a bite from everything.

Let's just eat something, and I would like...

Stop it!

Now you really need to stop..

It is here to be used.

Remember: we are on "holiday" baby.

Do you already smell the nasi?

Yes we have vacation!

What a coincidence that we have 80 cameras with us.

We take our vacation very serious!

So no light will come through!

Good morning Bali!

Good morning Bali!

This is where we are!

This is the first morning we are here!

We arrived yesterday evening, but it was already dark.

so we couldn't really show you anything.

Hey girls! - But now we can show you!

You just took a dip in the pool.

I swam!

In the swimming pool. - Wow we are white!

But that doesn't matter, because we will get super tanned!

Here we go again, love.

One day on Bali!

We have to tell where we will go now.

Tomorrow I am shooting for Catwalk Junkie.That is why we are going to the Villa.

A little further away from here.

We need to take all these items to the place.

The camera equipment and this is all the clothing from the brand.

And some more items..

We will sleep there for two nights..

..on another spot.

We are now at the other location with all the items.

It is called..


..Villas.. La Joya!

Really nice here. - What do you think?

Really nice right. Almost like a bamboo house. - Look at that huge animal.

That is a fan..

I want this bed.

Hello photographer!

Really look like one... - Give us a moment for your outfit!

And the model!


You are a real rapper!

Vivian will shoot today!

For an amazing brand.

Called Catwalk Junkie!

Are you excited?

It is a beautiful place!

We are on a black beach!

We rented motor bikes, so now we are just crossing around.

Here it is!

Good morning! Safety first.

You are also in it haha.


She is not wearing a helmet. She has been living her long enough.

I am wearing it the whole day. Even during the lunch!

First we are going to train and then we are going to Mrs. Sippy.

It is a really nice swimming pool.

Where we will jump form the diving board with our helmets on!

Let's make it a fun day!