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ok now let's start by taking off the

faucet handle so that we can get down to

the nuts is holding the Washington stuff


okay we got to handle all now let's take

this step out here which turning


Chris not a good tight twist


ok that's the point we can take it off

with our hands



this is what standard the faucet looks


here we have a washer

see the washer there and screw here in

the middle which holds the washer in


ok the washer doesn't appear to be too

bad but if you notice if you look at the

screw on top you see a lot of calcium


sometimes this calcium buildup can build

up so much that i will actually create

chunks of calcium that will prevent the

washer from sitting flush on the seat

and sometimes this will make your water

continued to run or drip

so what you would do in that case if you

have trash and deposit reach up on you

need to take

if you got someone to help you having to


reach up under the sink turn the faucet

undersea on slowly come over the whole

of the closet and as the water comes out

it will push out a trance to my hand

down it ok and how to flush out all the

trash standard now if there was any

trash in there it should be out and

would be we would be ready to put the

stem back in but let's look at it a

little closer look at some more

ok let's see if we get sodas calcium the

office screw here okay

okay here i have set washes hey I most

of these watches are a lot of different

sizes depending on what you might need

you can pick this up in any hardware

store closed blouse just get a box of

assorted washes in costume with ok let's

take a screwdriver

let's see if we can get then screw off

okay sometimes not easy when I like to

do when I do have one is gonna give me a

hard time we're gonna pair of pliers

such as this

grab still

where would hold nice is 30 and still

now screwdriver

pain in hand down quite tight enough


well as you can see sometimes is pretty

hard to try to get that screw off of

there so in that case when you get to

the problem where you do strip the screw

out just take the whole sting with you

to a up hardware store so they can match

it up come back home sleep it back in

okay with this particular one here this

down here this crew is already loose so

i am going to show you how to take the

screw off which i'm sure it's King we've

got the screens and this one out

just take the screw out okay

washer came with it here ok now you see

where the wash this down in there

ok now let's see if we can find the

proper washer and it's this particular



go to our sources here

look dude area 51 is going to fit right

in there

my dad's pretty close you can see it can

see that can

hey this is pretty close to anyone just

a little bit smaller than that

okay that's a little too small too small

okay here we got one right here it's

perfect dick see this way

see and watch it fits in there perfectly

this is a flat felled washer and flat

washer I'm sorry

they also come in bailed and a lot of

times i do prepare the flat washers


ok now that we have the washer on there

let's take the screw and started back in

the middle


tighten it up this is what holds in

Washington Place course

okay now before we put the skin back in

what we want to do is look inside the

body of the valve and see what the seat

looks like if the seat is scratched or

scored in any kind of way even the

smallest scratch it will allow the water

to come through and drip and even if it

doesn't come through and rip and will

tear your washer up and you'll be

replacing watches pretty often so let's

see if we can look down into the body of

the well so i can show you with the seat

may life now taking mind this is one of

your basic washer

I mean I'm sorry faucets you do have

another type of to handle faucet which

we will cover later in this program so

let's get our sea with this up bodies

back look like inside the seat

ok as you can see with the skin off and

you look down without the battle body

you see the seat i had used his

flashlight was kind of dark hard to see

you see that seat down there and begin

idea . to you

screwdriver ok dangerous the seat right

here that round shape they're made of

brass ok now if you see any marks or

scars on that seat that's going to give

you problems even you won't get the

water to stop trippin you will be

continuously replacing it with washers

now this team is bad i'm not going to

recommend that you try to change the

seat i would recommend that you change

the whole entire faucet itself for one

reason there are so many different seats

made for this particular faucet that you

have time running around town trying to

find the right seat to fit right in

there and then putting the scene

sometimes can be kind of complicated but

you would come out cheaper in the long

run just replacing the faucet which will

also cover throughout this video

replacing the boss

ok now that we've taken the valve apart

to see what the problem was and this was

a pretty good faucet anyway what we're

gonna do put it back together just the

way we took it apart first stem here

come back in screw it in

so we get a good start ok now we've got

turned down by hand times we do with our

hand let's grab a crescent wrench

adjustable rest lunch

get access to the side

ok tighten it down

also by the way

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