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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: This Adorable Sea Slug is a Sneaky Little Thief | Deep Look

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This nudibranch is a little thief.

Its got no problem with helping itself to its neighbors stuff.

Also called sea slugs, theyre basically snails but without the protective shells.

Theyre soft and squishyand not exactly speedy.

Youd think theyd want to keep a low profile.

But theyre out there - showing off.

Because their colors are actually a warning.

Some of these nudibranchs have found a devious way to defend themselves, by stealing weapons

from someone else.

See this?

Its a hydroid.

Friendly little seaweed, maybe?

Nope, its actually an animal related to jellyfish.

And it has the sting to prove it.

Hydroids have tentacles they use to catch food floating by.

Theyre covered in stingers that pack an excruciating, paralyzing venom.

theyre called nematocysts.

Thats them right there.

Theyre the same type of potent weaponry that make jellyfish so dangerous.

Mess with them and they explode, shooting out tiny harpoons full of venom.

Which is why most creatures want nothing to do with them.

But nudibranchs are all about it.

They devour hydroids.

Lots of those nematocysts fire off in the nudibranchs mouth.

But its unfazed.

They seem to have a taste for spicy food.

Heres the thing though, some of those nematocysts dont detonate right away.

They arent mature enough yet.

And thats the key to the nudibranchs scheme.

It swallows the immature stingers whole.

And they travel through the nudibrachs crazy-looking digestive tract which extends

into the spikes on its back, called cerata.

See that that dark area inside?

Its part of the digestive system that connects to the gut.

The stingers are collected at the very tip, where they mature.

Until the nudibranch feels threatened.

Thats when this colorful little kleptomaniac pulls out the big guns.

It points its bristling cerata at its attacker, squirts out the stolen nematocysts and they

explode, launching their venomous harpoons.

Thats enough to repel just about anyone looking for a quick bite.

Just goes to show - if youre not born with certain assets, it doesnt hurt to borrow


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