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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chrissy Teigen Vs. Gwyneth Paltrow: Whose Breakfast Sandwich Is Better?

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(dramatic music)

- Huge, it's a huge flavor.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

Well they look fantastic.

- It looks very tasty, the egg looks well done.

- The yoke is perfect.

- It looks like he toasted in the middle,

it's still really, really soft.



- That's awesome.

- I think what I enjoyed most is the crunch

on the outside of the bread.

- It's pretty solid, the bacon's nice and crisp.

The egg is nice and runny.

- Listen, this is like a

high-end bistro type breakfast sandwich.

- And it's this sauce, whatever is this sauce here,

and I think that's like the first thing

that I taste when I bite into it,

it's just this little sauce here.

- I feel like it's like a trendy toast

that everyone's doing these days.

- I think there's some crispiness

to the outside of the fried egg, which is perfect.



Let me get this right.

You cooked cheese down and crisped it like a cheese crisp.

- [Camera Man] Yeah.

- Oh yes.

(crew laughing)

Huge, it's a huge flavor.

One of my favorite bread products is the english muffin.

- Okay, this egg is a little more well done.

Cheese looks really good.

- It looks like a version of an egg mcmuffin,

and those are always great.

(dramatic music)

- Mm.

- There's a lot more flavor going on.

- There's some heat in that patty,

and it's not like, it's like a sweet heat.

- Number two has a little bit of some spice to it.

So it's a little bit more flavorful.

- Some sort of sweetness to it.

There's a huge chunk of sausage in it that I really like.

- The cheese really complements it,

really balances it off.

(dramatic music)

- Yeah, this is definitely the winner.

- I love number two because of the fact

that I've, we're old buddies.

Me and this guy, we have history.

But this is the new girl in town.

So I like number one better.

- I like number two over number one.

The flavor of number two is really good.

(camera snapping)

- She cooks with lots of flavor.

- I have had some of her food, it's always top notch.

(dramatic music)

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