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Hey! X-Hamster here,

with more of the best Hamster videos

on the web.

So lets get this party started

with one answer to the proverbial question,

what do you get for the husband

who has everything?”

Happy birthday, honey!

I know how much you like big cheeks,

so I had the doctor make mine

a little bigger for you!


Heh, heh, heh!!

Ohhh, yeahhh!

And I have one more surprise.

The doctor did a little work

on my face too!

You like it?


Now thats what I callDancinCheek to Cheek”!

Seriously that butt should be a registered weapon.

Speaking of deadly cheeks its time

for a little minty-mania,

thats right, sows and boars,

you know what time it is!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

It's time for...




The feeling here is electric

as the hamsters pack their cheeks:

it's mentos in the left cheek

and coke in the right!

Talk about potential energy!!!

These warriors are ready to rumble!!!

And the winner

and still champion!

Enrique Hamster!

I heard theyre starting an even more extreme version


where each fighter straps on two enema bags.


Just try to un-picture that!

Alright, next!

So this hamster walks into a bar.

No, really!

Hey, Sweet Cheeks.

Wanna take a ride on my rocket?


I hope you like short rides.

I heard that rocket blasts off in 3 seconds.

Oh, yeah?

You want this rocket to rip you a new chocolate star?

How about we settle this on the street?

What do you say, Sweet Cheeks?

Winner takes all?


On your marks!

Get set!



Looks like those two rollers

really showed her, huh?!

Well thats it for now

from yours truly X-Hamster.

If you liked what you saw,

and face it,

only a sick gerbil wouldnt,

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Later sows and boars!

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