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Hi, Im Sian, one of TUIs retail Travel Advisors

Unfortunately, right now we can't welcome you into our retail stores

to book your holidays or answer any of your questions.

So, weve made this video to talk you through how to use your refund credit,

and make the most out of your booking incentive.

Now, first of all, its important that you have your refund credit code and booking details to hand.

If youve received an email that looks like this, youll find all the information you need on here.

So keep that safe, and well come back to it a little bit later.

Lets start by going to so you can start to search for your ideal holiday.

Were using a desktop for this demonstration,

but if youre using a tablet or mobile the steps are the same, it just looks a little different.

little different the best place to get started is the search bar at the top of

the page. And if you'd like some more information on how to make the most out

of our search tools and filters, click here to watch our guide.

In this demonstration we've got a refund credit of £2,000 to use, so we're

setting our budget to £1,000 per person.

We're planning on using our additional 20% booking incentive to treat ourselves to a room

upgrade and a seat upgrade. In this demonstration, as our refund credit is £2,000,

and the cost of our holiday is just under £2,000,

wed like to take advantage of our booking incentive to upgrade our room.

Our booking incentive gives us an extra £400 to spend on top of our £2,000 refund credit,

and is only applied once all the refund credit has been spent.

So, we're going to upgrade our room.

On the 'customise your holiday' page, you can make changes to your flights or

upgrade your seat, luggage, or room booking.

Then, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can clickchange transfers or add holiday extras

to add things like travel insurance, upgrade your hotel transfers, or book airport parking.

Remember, before you confirm, have a think about

whether youd like to add any more extras to your booking

to make the most out of your booking incentive.

You can only use your booking incentive on the first holiday that you

book using your refund credit. If you have refund credit left, well reissue

you with a new refund credit note, but this wont come with another booking incentive allowance.

Once youve checked everything on this page, clickbook now’.

This is when youll need your refund credit email that we mentioned earlier.

Enter your full refund credit note into thediscount code & refund creditbox

either by copying and pasting it, or typing it inthen click apply.

Youll see a pop-up box asking for your original booking reference

and the email address thats associated with this booking.

All of this information is summarised on the email we sent you, so it should be easy to find.

As our refund credit note is worth around £2,000, the whole

amount is used as payment for this booking. And, thanks to our booking

incentive, the extra is covered, too. So, when we clickcontinue

were taken directly to the payment confirmation page. If your refund credit

is worth more than the cost of your new holiday, well email you a new refund

credit voucher with the remaining balance, unless you have less than £100

left, in which case well issue a cash refund. If your refund

credit doesnt cover the full cost of your holiday, youll need to pay the remaining

balance, but not until four weeks before your new departure date.

Whichever scenario applies to your booking, once youve clickedcontinue’, your new booking is confirmed.

You can check your holiday details at any time using Manage my Booking.

If youve got any more questions, click the info card to visit our main FAQ page.

Thank you so much for watching. Stay safe, and remember, don't stop dreaming

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