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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why You Need A Snorkel On Your Jeep Wrangler + Off-Road Water Demonstration

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I'm Ryan from and in this video, we're gonna talk about snorkels fitting

your 2007 to 2018 JK and we're actually gonna take you out on the trail and show you exactly

why you need one in some situations.

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Again, these are just my picks for my top three snorkels but there are gonna be a lot

of different choices.

So there are a few different reasons that you want to install a snorkel on your Jeep.

The first one is of course if you spend a lot of time playing in the mud or doing some

water crossings where you may otherwise get water sucked up into the engine.

Water into the intake of the engine can hydrolock the engine which at its worst case scenario

can require a full engine replacement.

So that's definitely something you wanna stay away from and a snorkel is going to be great

for that.

Another reason to install the snorkel is the fact that it's the only true cold air intake

you can get for your Jeep.

Any other cold air intake is still going to be drawing air from underneath the hood and

no matter how hard it tries to get cool fresh air, it's not gonna be that efficient.

A snorkel drawing air from outside the vehicle is a true cold air intake giving you maximum

performance out of your Jeep.

And finally some snorkels will come with a pre-filter so if you do a lot of wheeling

in the sand or in other dusty scenarios, having a filter before the air even gets to you regular

engine filter is gonna be very beneficial making sure you're not sucking a bunch of

junk into the engine.

So we're gonna talk about three different snorkels today.

First, the RedRock 4x4 Snorkel.

That's going to be the least expensive option.

A fairly basic snorkel that's still gonna get the job done.

Then we're gonna jump into the ARB Safari Snorkel that attaches to your Jeep in a slightly

different fashion.

And finally, we're gonna talk about the Rugged Ridge XHD Snorkel.

That's the one we have installed on our Jeep behind us.

This has a low mount that you see here.

Also, a high mount and a pre-filter and this is the one we're going to be demoing today.

So, let's jump into all three options.

So like I said the first snorkel I wanna talk about today is this Rugged Ridge 4x4 Snorkel.

This is gonna be the least expensive one that we're gonna talk about today and this is gonna

go through the hood which is one of the more traditional ways that a snorkel will actually

go from the outside of the vehicle to the inside of the vehicle.

So with most of these snorkels, in fact with all of them you are going to have to do some

cutting to get them installed in your Jeep and it's really up to you what's less painful

for you to cut into, the hood or the fender with some of the other ones.

So we'll talk about the other options in just a second.

This one you do have to cut a little bit of a notch in the hood.

Now going along with that you have this piece running all the way along the top of the fender,

so there's a little bit more snorkel that you actually see.

Now, this is, of course, a visual thing.

It doesn't really affect how this is going to work but it is something to keep in mind

because you are gonna have this bolted to the side of your Jeep for the foreseeable


Of course this does come all the way up to the top of the windshield frame giving you

plenty of clearance over even the deepest water and you're gonna have a bit of a cap

up here with a grid over top of it just to make sure no birds make a nest in there while

your Jeep is parked.

So this snorkel is going to work for you.

It's going to require you to cut through the hood and also to modify your factory airbox.

It's not going to have a lot of bells and whistles, it's going to be fairly basic but

it is going to get the job done for you.

Now the next snorkel I wanna talk about, this is the ARB Safari Snorkel.

This one's gonna be a little bit pricier.

It has a little bit of a nicer fit and finish to it.

But it's also going to attach to the Jeep a little bit differently.

So as you can see here, this just has a very short runner in this section here because

this goes through the body of the Jeep.

This actually goes through the fender where the other one went through the hood.

So that's gonna be a little bit different, you see less of the snorkel on the outside

of the Jeep, and if that's important to you this option may be a little bit better.

Because of this one going through the fender, it has a little bit more going on on the inside

of the Jeep, so the installation is going to be a little bit more involved but still

nothing crazy.

Again it goes all the way up to the top of the windshield frame.

So you have lots of clearance for the deep water and you have a little bit of a cap on

there with a grid.

Now the final option is actually the option that I like the best.

This is the Rugged Ridge XHD Snorkel and the reason I like this the best is I hate drilling

big holes in the side of my Jeep or cutting big holes anywhere in the Jeep.

Anything that you can't hide at a later date.

I always like the option to go back to a factory style and that's what this gives you.

This requires a little bit of cutting but you actually do it underneath the panel that

you remove from the cowl.

So if you ever take the snorkel off you can go back to factory.

This also doesn't require you to modify your factory airbox.

It actually changes out the bottom half of the factory airbox with this piece that you

see here.

So again no major modifications, you can go back to essentially a stock look with just

a small cut that gets hidden by a body panel.

The other big benefit to this snorkel is that it is a modular snorkel.

So what you see here and what we have on the Jeep is the low mount.

That's going to be just above the cowl.

It's gonna be a great cold air intake.

And if you're just doing some really short crossings, maybe you're worried about the

entrance into a puddle creating a little bit of a wave and you just want a little bit of

protection, you can run the low mount, that's going to give it to you.

If you plan on going through some deeper stuff, you can pop the high mount into place.

This attaches very easily and this is going to move that air intake all the way up to

the top of the windshield frame like the other snorkels that we talked about.

And this also has that pre-filter.

And I mentioned that before, the pre-filter is gonna be great because it's going to give

you an additional filter before the air even gets to the main air filter.

So if you're somebody who does a lot of wheeling in an area where there's sand or there's a

lot of dust that's gonna be really beneficial to keep a lot of junk from getting in the

engine that otherwise would get in there.

So that's a lot of talking about snorkels but it's a lot more fun to show you why you

need one, so we're gonna hit the trail and find some deep water.

So here we are.

We're at pit junior.

This is a pretty decent sized body of water that we're gonna take this Jeep through and

show you exactly the type of the scenario that you would want to have a snorkel installed

on your Jeep for.

Now, this pit is supposed to have a pretty hard bottom as far as the middle of it goes


But as you go to either side where it gets a little bit deeper there's some sediment

on the bottom, it can get a little bit sloppy.

So we're gonna run it, we're gonna play with it a little bit and see how deep we can go

without getting completely stuck and me having to go for a swim to hook up a winch line.

But first thing's first we're gonna pop on the high mount.

We do expect the water to be high enough that we would want the high mount installed on

the Jeep.

So let's get rid of the low mount and pop the taller one on.

All right.

So here we are.

We got the high mount bolted up.

Just gonna go for it.

We've had a ton of rain.

I have to say I'm a little bit nervous not knowing exactly how deep it is but hopefully

at least the wave in front of the Jeep should come up over the hood, so here we go.

Just gonna hit it in second gear, four high, get a little bit of momentum going just in

case we do have a little bit of a soft bottom.

Here we go.

Well, we made it.

Definitely shouldn't have hit it in second, should have gone for first gear, but we made


Bogged down a little bit.

It was definitely up to the hood.

A little bit of a splash, a little bit of a wave came over the hood.

So after that first run, I know what to expect, I know how deep it is, I know what the bottom

is like.

I want to give the snorkel a little bit more of a test so I want to find something a little

bit deeper and I understand the left is a little deeper but also has a little bit of

a softer bottom so I'm gonna carry some more momentum through so don't get stuck which

is also going to mean a bigger wave over the hood.

So deeper water, bigger wave, going faster.

Let's just do it, see what happens.

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Well, I definitely got some water over the hood, that's for sure.

And really that is why you install a snorkel on your Jeep.

It's not necessarily about the total depth of the water that you're driving through.

It's if you were coming off of a bank and you have a really steep entrance where that

intake might get dunked underwater.

It's if you want to just go out there and rip around and go fast and have a good time,

I can do that.

I have the confidence of knowing that none of that water is gonna get sucked into the

engine and not just ruin my day but ruin my year if I have to buy a new engine for my


So, I would absolutely not do that with a stock intake but I feel perfectly confident

doing it with a snorkel.

And that's what running a snorkel is all about.

So that's gonna do it for this video.

We talked about that RedRock 4x4 Snorkel, the ARB Safari Snorkel and we talked about

and demoed for you the Rugged Ridge XHD Modular Snorkel.

We had a blast out here.

We actually hit water so hard and so fast that we lost not one but two fender flares

all in the name of showing you why you need a snorkel, and I think we did a great job

of just that.

Make sure you comment below, let us know what you think, if you're running a snorkel, if

you like it, if you think they're stupid, if you like a different model that we didn't

talk about today.

And also make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel that you can check out some more videos

about all these individual snorkels that we talked about today, products on the website

and some of the best Jeep content out there.

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