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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Millionaire: Finale

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hello, welcome to millionaire

back with us today is John Ward an engineer who could double as Santa Claus

if he needs any extra cash, I love the beard

yes, I love it too

tell me about it, why did you grow it first?

I was in law school and my class had a hundred and ten students

we had lecture hall just like this, the professor knew nobody's name

except for the six hot chicks in the class, I noticed, a couple guys had sideburns or a mustache

and he learned there names, those were the only names he knew, so I couldn't become a hot chick so I decided to.....

well, there you go, you know what, with that beard you are a chick magnet, you know that, don't you?

(applause) you've used up the lifelines, you're going for twenty-five thousand

if you get it right, you get a fourth lifeline, let's take a look

I have no idea, so I'm walking, final answer (laughter and applause)

alright, John you are a man who knows what he wants

let's see what the answer was, self-tanner, but who cares

here's your sixteen thousand dollars, congratulations

(applause) I've never had anyone leave quite so quickly but he knew what he wanted

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