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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Doctor Free Pants Gavin

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Gavin : I haven't been sick for years.

Always find this, this mental

'cause sometimes if you feel like you're getting sick and then you give in and you become sick.

but the last few times I had that feeling I've just been like :

"I'm not doing it"

and I'll skip it.

Burnie : You would make the world shittiest doctor.

It's that you're being advice like :

"Oh you're getting sick ?"

"Yeah, just don't do that."

I meant someone coming to you and they say :

"Doctor Free, I have cancer."

and you go : "Oh I got that. Stop."

"Just ... give it up."

Kara was over Goeff's house one night

so yeah it's Peggle night so came over and they take turns playing Peggle

so ... Geoff beat one level at Peggle

and Gavin got so excited he was like


like he run over to Geoff and jumped into his arms

and like wrapped himself around Geoff

and Geoff put his arms in the air

and Gavin slipped down him

and just ripped his pants right down

and he looks up and realise that his boxers were down too

and Geoff's dong is just hanging out

And Kara was there and she was like

and Geoff was like

So now ... Kara anytime is giving a tour of our office

I'm making a point to go

Hey guys make sure Kara tells you about the time she saw Geoff's penis

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