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- Good morning, hope you're having an amazing day.

It's Mark Wiens.

We're in Jamaica, in Port Antonio,

Jamaica, in Portland Parish.

The plan for today is we are driving from Port Antonio

to Kingston, and we're gonna drive all the way

through the Blue Mountains, which is one of the most

spectacularly beautiful places in Jamaica.

We're gonna definitely stop for some coffees,

but then our next goal is once we reach Kingston,

we're gonna meet up with Matt, the Jamaican Food Boss,

and also Matt from Ras Kitchen, and we are gonna go

to Hellshire Beach, which is famous for seafood,

and we're gonna cook, we're gonna eat,

we're gonna have a huge seafood meal in Hellshire.

Yo, what me telling it right now

I need some (speaking foreign language) ♪

A rich spot

We not deem enough for anything

But steam fish, yeah

- Do you have 100?

(keys rattling)

- What da da da da da da da da!

- Take care, man. - Yeah, man.

- Take care, and have a good day.

This way, we can go through here, right?

- Here, right here.

- Yeah, so we're leaving, we're leaving Port Antonio

in the morning at, like, 7:30, so there's not a lot

of action happening here.

It's very quiet, but the breeze is cool.

It's very cool in the morning, which is really nice.

We are in Port Antonio here.

What we're gonna do is we're gonna drive up to a buffet.

We're gonna cross the Blue Mountains right here.

That's, like, the heart of the Blue Mountains.

And then onto, onto Kingston.

(upbeat reggae music)

We've arrived to Buff Bay, while passing

by G & B Jerk Center.

We ate there a few days ago, but Buff Bay,

it's a beautiful place, actually, right along the coast.

It's so quiet, peaceful, and from Buff Bay,

this is when we'd come from the coast,

and we'd go straight into the Blue Mountains.

I'm very excited.

Blue Mountains, it's just spectacularly gorgeous,

and we're gonna, we're literally going right

through the heart of the Blue Mountains.

Yeah, and some spectacular Blue Mountain Coffee.

(upbeat music)

So, the road is getting really narrow.

It's basically just one lane,

and very tight, winding around.

We're following the river.

Well, you kinda gotta keep one hand on the steering wheel,

one hand on the horn because you gotta,

every time you come around a corner,

you gotta honk so that you let, to let anybody else coming

know (honking horn) because the road

is so tight, it's just one lane,

one lane road going up here, so it does not

get much traffic, I'm sure.

I think on the other side, a lotta people would do

this route just coming from Kingston and back,

but we'll see.

It should be a, a bigger road there.

(horn honking)

(upbeat music)

We're starting to, we're starting to climb now,

and it's just spectacularly beautiful.

We can see the Blue Mountain in the distance.

We're starting to see lots of coffee now,

Blue Mountain coffee.

We're, there's just jungle vines.

There's streams of water (horn honking)

just flowing down, and there's still, like,

there's still villages, there's still communities

and coffee estates going up the,

up the side of the mountain,

but the beauty is unbelievable.

So nice, this is the coffee estate.

I hope they're open. - Maya.

- Looks like this is parking here.

- And Ben. - And then Mark, down.

(gear rattling)

(brake ratcheting)

(handle rattling) - Snapping the, oh, yes.

Welcome officially, properly,

to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

That was a spectacular drive. (door closing)

Lush, you can actually smell the tropical greenery

and feel it in your lungs, the views of the mountains,

the vegetation, and, oh, man, this is a gorgeous place,

and we have just pulled up to the Old Tavern Coffee Estate,

where I hope, I'm not totally sure if they're open yet, if.

Unfortunately, it's just completely quiet here.

Nobody's here.

This is definitely the coffee estate.

I don't know if they have a different coffee shop

somewhere else, maybe hopefully up the road,

but it's just completely quiet here,

but it is incredibly peaceful, incredibly beautiful,

so we're just gonna get a look,

maybe just do our own little tour of the coffee

and see some of the coffee berries,

and then we'll continue onwards, yeah.

(relaxed music)

Here we go, here it is,

famous Blue Mountain Coffee of Jamaica.

It's never smelled so fresh in my life.

(relaxed music)

And we'll try to find another coffee shop to have

a quick cup of coffee before we get to Kingston.

(door closing)

So, now, we're coming down.

Well, now, we're gonna start downhill from here,

downhill towards Kingston, and I got a few glimpses

of Kingston the city, all the way down the mountain.

It's a very clear day, luckily, but hopefully,

we'll stop somewhere soon to get a full view

of Kingston as well. (handle rattling)

(upbeat music)

We had to park on the side of the road.

There's a lot of other people parked on the side

of the road too because this is a very famous

coffee shop called Cafe Blue, known for their Blue,

Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee.

There's a lotta people here.

(upbeat reggae music)

(equipment rattling)

This is perfect.

What a gorgeous spot overlooking the valley,

the lush greenery again of the Blue Mountains.

I ordered a Blue Mountain (paper rustling)

Coffee, Blue Mountain Brew.

I think this might be my first time to really have

a Blue Mountain Coffee.

(saucer and spoon rattling) Thank you very much.

- You're welcome. - Thank you.

- You're welcome. - The aroma. (sniffs)

And they really market Blue Mountain Coffee

as a very specialty, very high quality,

very expensive coffee.

(mugs clinking) Cheers on the Blue

Mountain mug? - Cheers.

- In the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

(fingers snapping)

(Mark slurping)

Ah. (Ben slurping)

- Okay, that's quality coffee, cool.

- Yeah, that is good.

It's, it's fruity.

It's acidic, it's acidic, on the acidic side. (slurps)

Tastes like chocolatey and acidic at the same time.

A little bit nutty.

- [Ben] I taste some almond, yeah, too.

- Almondy?

It's the soil of the Blue Mountains.

(energetic reggae music)

(Mark sighing)

(energetic reggae music)

Coming down on this side of the Blue Mountains

didn't take that long, and we're now entering Kingston,

Jamaica, my first time to Kingston.

Welcome to Kingston.

(energetic reggae music)

I wanna make you feel better ♪ (key turning)

(handle rattling) (horn honking)

We're dropping off the car.

So, I got a, we had a rental car, and we're gonna meet up

with Matt, Jamaican Food Boss, reunite because we were

hanging out with him in Montego Bay,

but he's gonna come here, he's gonna meet us,

and then we're gonna drive out to Hellshire for a,

just a, an out of control Jamaican seafood meal

on the beach.

Matt, good to see you! - How was it?

- Hi, Micah! - You guys are awesome!

(plastic rustling)

Oh, is it okay if we taste it in the car?

- Of course, that's why, you're supposed

to eat it right now! (laughs) - Jamaica Food Tours!

Awesome to be reunited with Matt and Amanda,

Jamaica Food Tours, the Jamaican Food Boss,

and that is what you call Jamaica Food Tours.

On the seat, ready, is a plate of ackee.

(rustling plastic) I could even dream of better than this.

(laughing) Ackee and salt fish!

This is the greatest of all Jamaican foods.

Just have to start with that bite of that ackee.

Do you guys want some?

- [Amanda] No thanks.

- (laughs) Wow, the creaminess.

The amount of onions and tomatoes and salt fish in there.

You can eat ackee for every day,

every meal when you're in Jamaica and never get tired of it.

It's just so good.

- Okay, I have to be honest, out of all the amazing food

we've had in Jamaica. (Mark laughing)

Out of all the food we've had in Jamaica,

for me it's the ackee.

(upbeat reggae music)

(voices obscured by music)

(plate crinkling)

(upbeat reggae music)

I wanna make you feel better

- After-room bite, one more bite until seafood.

- There's more. (Ying laughing)

Yo, what we telling 'em right now

I need some (speaking foreign language) ♪

A rich spot

We not deem enough

- Welcome to Hellshire Beach, and rolling in here,

this part, this side of the island, you can see

it's a lot dryer with almost, like, acacia trees and cactus,

and we're right along the beach here, rolling in.

It's like a beach village community packed full

of restaurants and seafood restaurants, seafood spots.

(vehicle beeping) (door sliding)

Wow, welcome to Hellshire Beach, Jamaica.

De de de de, fool talk 'bout not till I saw ya

De de de de, de de de de

Yeah, de de de de, de de de de

You know, see me, I the big man

De de de de, she has screamed

- Just straight up a beach party,

beach hangout spot near to Kingston.

What an environment.

I know there's, like, a lot of, like, dance hall,

reggae parties, and look how beautiful the water is.

It's so clear, turquoise water.

It's like a part fishing village,

part just like beach party hangout, reggae party.

(laughs) There's fishing boats, clear water,

sand, delicious seafood.

This place, I think, is everything you could possibly want

in one single location in Jamaica.

So Screechie, who is the owner of Screechie's,

he just went to go get some more fish,

and he'll be back, then we're gonna start cooking.

Then we're gonna start eating.

(upbeat reggae music)

Matt. - Yeah, what's up?

- Matt, double Matt. - Yes.

(palms smacking)

- Okay, so he's, like, pretty sure.

- Thank you, awesome, hello, hello.

So, we're coming back to the kitchen,

courtyard, yard area.

This is where they're preparing the ingredients,

chopping up the onions.

There's a whole bucket full of Scotch bonnets.

That is beautiful.

The peppers, the Scotch bonnet peppers here.

But right now, they have lobsters.

They have some fish.

(knife striking board)

That might be one of my favorite aromas in the entire world,

freshly sliced Scotch bonnets.

It smells like you're a fruit store.

They're so fruity. (laughs)

Oh, and that's a, a beautiful quantity

of Scotch bonnets as well.

(upbeat music)

Nice lobster. - Yeah, it's a nice,

nice lobster 'cause I can see.

The big ones, so you can fill them in with the cut ones.

- He just opened up, those are fresh lobsters, he said,

from yesterday that just flash frozen.

He pulled out a tray of huge local Jamaican lobsters.

That's gonna be the main thing that we focus on,

Matt, Jamaican Food Boss said.

He always has lobster when he comes here,

but we're also gonna be having fish,

but lobster is the main event for today.

So, we're in the kitchen now.

This is almost like a little market they have here

at Screechie's, with the whole panful of thyme, scallions.

There's tomatoes, there's onions.

The Scotch bonnets are outside being sliced,

and now, just preparing those lobsters.

(water running)

(board clattering)

(knife sawing)

(knife clattering) (lobster snapping)

Oh, what is that?

- [Cook] This is the seasoning.

This is the seasoning. - Okay.

Okay, so after, after slicing the lobster in half,

then he seasons it with, it looks like there's some

black pepper in there, a seasoning mixture,

and those are gonna deep fry, go directly into the hot oil,

bubbling and deep fry away.

(oil sizzling)

- That's Jamaican, you know, frying pan right there.

You understand, what? (Mark laughing)

- [Mark] Representing Jamaica in a frying pan.

- Right in a bowl, right in a pan!

(oil sizzling) - Yes.

(upbeat music)

Man, it's like a giant, cast iron pan just filled with oil,

filled with lobsters just bubbling away

like an oil lobster jacuzzi.

If ever you come here, lobster is the main

thing you eat, right? - Lobster is the main

thing you eat. - Lobster's the main.

- I mean, the fish is good, but lobster is the main.

You saw that sauce. - Oh, yeah.

- That sauce is amazing on it. - Oh my goodness, yes.

- Garlic, and the Scotch bonnet.

- Lobster. - Mouth have water.

I need to come wipe off the chin.

(Mark and Matt laughing)

The best lobster in Jamaica. - Over on the other side

of the kitchen, I think it's safe to call this

a jacuzzi tray of deep-frying fish and festival.

Festival is, like, dough, kinda like dumplings fried,

but made from dough flour. - Sugar dumplings.

- Oh, they are sugar too?

They're a little bit sweet?

- Yeah. - Oh, yeah, they're slightly

sweet, so kinda like sugar dumplings, deep-fried.

It's eaten like a starch to go with different foods,

but slightly on the sweeter side,

and then he's frying some fish in the tray,

the jacuzzi tray, as well as there,

there's some plantains, I believe.

This is their version of fish tea, which looks incredible,

like a fish soup. (dishes clattering)

You see the pimento berries.

You smell them.

You see them floating around in there.

There's big chunks of fish.

There's scallion, there's carrot, and potato.

Looks like a chowder almost.

That's what it looks like 'cause of the creaminess.

(water running)

Jonas. - Yes.

- [Mark] Awesome to meet you, man.

- Yeah, man, you as well, man.

Glad to hear you're having a good time here,

you know, yeah. - Such a good time.

Such a good time. (knife chopping)

(pot sizzling)

Okay, now this mixture of vegetables that he's sauteing,

stir-frying here includes onions, peppers, green peppers.

I think there's some pumpkin and carrots in there,

and a bunch of thyme, and this is gonna be

for the steamed fish. (pot sizzling)

- [Employee] Can you give me a name for you guys?

- [Matt] It's all one person.

I don't know about it

- Steamed fish in Jamaica is more like a,

a mishmash of vegetables and sauce with fish,

like, just coating over the fish,

so he's, like, sauteing that out over a huge flame.

You really smell the thyme in it.

(pot bubbling)

- Check the sides again. - Yeah.

So, we've had steamed fish a couple times,

Jamaican steamed fish, but this is the first time

we have been watching them as they make it.

- Yeah, man. - And Jamaican steamed fish,

again, is just totally different.

It's not like steaming, actually.

It's boiling the fish.

- Boiling the fish, yeah. - In a sauce, full of a sea

of flavor. - A sea of flavor.

- A sea of ingredients, all colorful.

Look right there. - Man, everything in there.

The okra, the scallion, the thyme, the onions, everything.

There's a boatload of flavor.

- Boatload of flavor. - With a boatload of fish.

- A boatload of flavor. (everyone laughing)

You gotta re-fish them out.

(Mark laughing) - A boatload of flavor

with a net full of fish. - Yeah, we'll have to catch

them again. - You've gotta catch, yeah,

there's so much sauce in there, you have to re-catch them.

- Everything is us. - Everything is us.

- So, in Jamaica, the guy who you gonna call is,

is the Sauce Boss.

- Sauce Boss! - It's the Sauce Boss.

- That is the Sauce Boss. - Sauce Boss, right.

(pot sizzling) - We have never seen

that before, a bag of crackers.

- [Jonas] Yeah, show him the label.

Show him the label.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (bag crinkling)

Real staple. - So, the water crackers,

they're making water crackers,

and that's common for the steamed fish?

- Yeah. - Oh, absolutely.

- [Mark] A must for the steamed fish.

- [Jonas] Authentic steamed fish.

- [Ben] Because they're just so dry.

- [Mark] Also, you have to, you can soak.

- [Matt] No, I mean, we can do it, we can do it.

- Five other. - In a minute.

- Five other, so start a minute.

So start a minute, yes.

- [Mark] You gotta eat them cooked.

- No, I'm eating them dry. - You can eat them anyway,

but they're dry. - I'll eat them dry.

- [Mark] Okay, so he just added into the steamed fish

Jamaican water crackers?

- It is the most Jamaican thing you'll ever see.

Water crackers, nobody else has that.

- And this is gonna, yeah, this is my first time.

We've had steamed fish a couple times,

but haven't had the steamed crackers, the water crackers.

First time. - Normally the water crackers

are dry, but when you steam them against the sauce,

are moist, like, yeah. - Juicy like little

cracker patties. - Heart of the flavor.

It'll take on the flavor

of everything. - Awesome, awesome, okay,

and he's getting ready to add the garlic sauce,

Scotch bonnet sauce, pepper sauce, onto those lobsters.

(pot sizzling) (spoon clanging)

(oil boiling)

(upbeat reggae music)

Water crackers on the bottom. - Yeah.

- [Mark] Oh, so they just kinda, like, half them.

- [Jonas] On the side of the fish, all right?

(upbeat reggae music)

- [Mark] Got steamed fish and lobster and fried bammy.

(upbeat reggae music)

The table is bowing.

It's bowing due to the amount of seafood. (laughing)

- [Ben] Festival.

- This is an entire sea of seafood on the table.

Just, we watched them cook everything in ultra anticipation,

and I couldn't be more excited for a seafood meal

in my entire life. - I'm good for it.

- I'm going way under. - I'm just one, one piece.

- [Matt] One piece, I did the last time.

Oh, look at that.

- [Mark] But I'm gonna load up more of that pepper,

pepper garlic sauce. - Dude. (moans)

- Is that one piece?

- This is one piece. - This is one piece.

- We just went for the chuck.

(Mark laughing)

- Dude. - We put a fork in all

and waited for the chuck.

- It's like 80% of it. - Almost.

(Matt laughing)

- Eat it like a piece of toast.

- Cheers! - Cheers!

- Cheers! - Cheers, guys.

- Cheers, cheers, cheers. - Got that.

(everyone moaning)

- Oh, wow. Oh, man.

And because we saw the whole deep-frying process,

they actually deep-fry it until it's just caramelized

with, like, lobster juice from the batch before,

and that just adds to the flavor.

They make the sauces fresh with tons of garlic,

with bitter Scotch bonnet to give it a almost, like,

salty fruitiness that's just stunningly tasty.

Oh, and even the juice, they're, look at the,

the juice in the lobster shell.

- Take a shot of juice. - Yes, a shot.

- [Ben] (laughing) Oh, my gosh.

- Yes! (laughs)

- Just a few drops, but unbelievably tasty,

and you just wanna scoop out, (smacking lips)

you know, just wanna lick out.

Actually, we haven't, we haven't none of us

have been able to even move on

to another dish yet. - No, I think we're just

still stuck on the lobster. - It's just too good!

(lobster cracking)

Tear everything out. - Item one.

- Wow. How was the lobster, man?

- It's excellent. - Matt and Matt.

- I can't even talk. (cracking lobster)

- Silence over there. - Mm-hmm, yeah.

- [Matt] I mean, all right, so you

enjoy (speaking foreign language).

We can eat, (speaking foreign language) can go

with this one.

You want to do that, or everybody just off of this one?

- We're going for the steamed fish, everybody!

Together with the water cracker too?

- I'm going to put some. - What's your method?

- On the water cracker. - Okay, yeah, I wanna

try that water cracker too for this.

Fish, the water cracker.

You wanna re-juice?

- Rejuice. - I'm guessing with the water

cracker, you wanna rejuice it as much as possible.

Get some of that. (laughs) - Rejuice. (moans)

- [Mark] This is a Jamaican steamed fish sandwich.

- Whoo! (moans)

(Mark moaning) - Yeah, man.

- [Patron] Are you okay?

- It gets mashed up quick, and then slide forks, going.

- Mm-hmm. (Ben laughing)

- Just a pile of juice. - Half gone.

- What's amazing is when they do the steamed fish,

they boil down all those vegetables, so they're all just,

like, completely tender.

The peppers just melt in your mouth.

The onions just melt in your mouth.

You've got that slight stickiness of the okra.

Just the mellow flavor of that steamed,

boiled spice in there.

You taste the pimento, and, like, kind of a little bit

of black pepper I'm tasting, and then, just like all wrapped

up in that fish, all soaked up into the fish

and those water crackers.

- Seal the flavor in the pot. - Mm-hmm, so good.

- Which I gotta say are-- - Yeah, it's a--

- I think I'm used to, - Just gonna have

a little more. - just sitting on the grill

a little while. - One more bite of this.

- Yeah, a little top-off. - Yeah. (laughs)

- Okay. (patron shouting)

We got two versions of escoveitch.

One is the fried fish escoveitch, the snapper.

And we've got lobster escoveitch.

So, we got the escoveitch on the side, is this, this is--

- [Matt] Just dump it on.

- [Mark] Just dump it on.

We all good with that?

This is escoveitch.

It's like a vinegar.

There's onions, there's Scotch bonnet, there's a little bit

of pimento berries floating around in there too.

- Oh, dude! (spoon clattering)

- Yes! - Wow.

- [Mark] Okay, guys, same method?

- Hold it steady. - Oh, yeah, you got it.

- Teamwork. - (laughs) It's teamwork!

(man grunting) - Oh, that is crispy!

- Yeah. - Oh, yeah.

(utensil clattering)

- Oh, wow. - Oh, man.

- I, I cannot decide if I like steam fish

or escoveitch better.

- I'll tell you what, though, a meal like this

is what Jamaicans are about, so enjoy the fish. (laughs)

- I'll tell you what, it's a decision

you never wanna have to make.

You always order both of them.

You never have to make in Jamaica.

(Matt and Mark laughing)

And you can just see that escoveitch sauce,

just an even layer of escoveitch just coating

that fried lobster.

Just the pimento berries in there

are just, it's a beautiful thing.

Just, just like it's pasta, just twist.

- Oh, yeah. (laughs) - Oh, yeah, you gotta get

that inside, the interiors of that.

- Oh, nice. - Oh, look at that.

- That flakiness. - I think I hit the right.

- Oh, yes, Matt! - Yes, yes!

- I think Matt would win.

He went, went everything in.

There's nothing left in that one.

- Yes, yes, cheers! - Good, cheers!

(upbeat reggae music)

- Again, you do not wanna have to choose between escoveitch

and the pepper garlic sauce.

They're just, are both so good on their own.

Tested everything.

From here, we're just gonna, in about five minutes from now,

all that will be left on the table is clean fish bones

and lobster shells.

- That's a? - This is a bloom,

an onion bloom with pimento on top of lobster.

- It's a ring, an onion ring, that is,

of lobster and escoveitch,

created by Matt, the Jamaican Food Boss. (moans)

Oh, that's my kind of a ring.

Is the bammy, which, again, we just saw him frying

in that, like, it's the jacuzzi tray of oil, freshly made.

(bammy tearing) - Mark, Mark!

Tito, Tito. - Thank you!

Awesome, thank you very much!

(upbeat reggae music)

That escoveitch combination, yeah,

with the Scotch bonnets.

And then, I like how the onions are still crunchy.

They're just like pickles, and then it wouldn't be the same

without all of those pimento berries, the allspice,

just, they're infused into the vinegar, but you also get

the actual berries every now and then and chew on them,

and it just erupts with flavor in your mouth.

I'm gonna re-escoveitch myself.

Oh, man, I'm gonna have to balance it on top

of this piece of lobster.

You're gonna want a waterfall of escoveitch sauce

to just drip into your mouth.

- I've been trying, and what we do is when I, like,

at the hotel, I just change (Mark moaning)

into our clothes, and, you know, like, whatever.

- The food is so good, and so much of it, like,

we're not even, I'm to that stage where I can't fully

even describe what's happening in my mouth, and it's just,

it's just a beautiful thing, but you want that escoveitch

sauce to just, like, be, just like,

you want, you want whatever it touches to,

for that to soak into it as much as you can get in one bite.

(upbeat reggae music)

(hands smacking)

- Oh, man! - You mentioned this, now.

- To rest, had a bit of everything.

(Mark laughing)

It's time for bed.

(laughs) It's time for sleep! - The itis, the itis!

- The itis, the itis is real. - The itis has kicked in.

(Mark laughing)

- Thank you for joining us.

- I think I'm gonna kick it with these guys.

I'm staying in Kingston tonight,

and that brings us to the end of this day.

It's been an incredible time.

A big thank you to Screechies.

They are so cool.

This is the place to eat in Hellshire Beach.

Kitchen is awesome, all of the staff, and the way they cook,

the way they made those lobsters, unbelievable meal,

and today has just been a fantastic day.

Driving through the Blue Mountains, enjoying that part

of Jamaica all the way to the coast, to Kingston,

to Hellshire Beach for seafood.

Amazing people to hang out with, amazing friends,

a huge shout-out to Matt the Jamaican Food Boss.

He runs Jamaica Food Tours.

I'll have his link in the description box,

and to Ras Kitchen, Matt, as well,

and good to hang out with everybody.

To Jonah, what an amazing time at Hellshire Beach.

What an amazing time in Jamaica!

So, if you haven't seen all of the videos

in this entire Jamaican food series,

we're eating our way around the island.

I'll have all the videos in the description box.

Watch the entire playlist for some incredibly delicious

Jamaican food, and I wanna say a big thank you

for watching this video.

Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it.

Leave a comment below.

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Thanks again for watching.

Good-bye from, good night.

With a very, very happy stomach in Hellshire Beach,

Kingston, Jamaica, see you on the next video.

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