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(gentle music)

(birds chirping)

- It's quite a gift for the Roach family

to pay to send you here.

- But who's gonna take care of you?

- Listen, don't worry about me.

With the education you're gonna get here,

you can go to any college you want.

- Maybe.

- These students though.

They're different from us.

Probably all go to the same island for vacation.

Ski the same mountain in the wintertime.

You might not have as much in common at first with them.

- You're an expert on boarding school now?

- No, but your mom went here

and she told me what it was like, you know.

Hey, you listen to me sweetheart.

You just use that big brain of yours, huh?

And you're gonna be just fine.

Protect him.

He's Mom's favorite.

All right, let's get you in there.

- No, it's fine Dad.

I got it.

(gentle music)

(students chattering)

( "Play Nice" by Annie LeBlanc )

(classical music)

("Still So Alive" by Paper Idol)

We're still so alive

We're still so alive


We're still so alive


- Alright, ladies.

Gather 'round.

I'd like to give you a warm welcome

to Crown Lake Academy.

Here -

Are you Miss Merriwether?

Headmistress Merriwether.

And you should have been here 5 minutes ago.

I'm not that late.

You're Eleanor Chambers, yes?

Later today, you will tour the riding stables

and on the other side forest

beyond the lake, is your brother's school.

Where were you before this? Public school?

At another boarding school - in Switzerland.

At 5pm sharp, there is a welcome service in the chapel

followed by your meet-and-greet in the Grubber.

What's the "Grubber"?

[ girls giggle ]

Ah! Dr. Lewis!

Girls, this is your math instructor.

I hope you're prepared for a rigorous academic year.

So rigorous that I might not be seeing some of you by spring.

What does that mean?

This place is notorious for kicking people out.

I've often heard that it's also the students who decide.

If they don't like you - gone.

Just stick to the rules and you'll be okay.


Read the manual.

Show school spirit, don't make trouble.

- OK, and now I have your room assignments.

Ladies. Oh - please!

Always maintain your decorum.


Miss Chambers.

Where's my luggage?

[ girls giggling ]

Are you serious?

He said that?

Who are you?

Nellie Chambers.

I'm your new roommate.


I'm Tiffany St. Martin.

- Of the Upper East Side St. Martins.

- Not the Scarsdale St. Martins.

You have your own cellphone?

Don't you?

My dad has a beeper -

Beepers are for drug dealers.

So, this is my side?


Where's all your stuff?

My luggage is... lost.

How'd you let that happen?

It's a long story.

So, Upper East Side. Where's that?

New York.

Oh, right.

I'm from a town called Attaway.

Never heard of it.

Attaway's claim to fame is the 'Oh Mama' omelet.

They serve it at my dad's coffee shop.

He does this thing where he whips the eggs until they turn to foam

So the omelet's extra fluffy -

Sorry I had to hang up, I had to deal with my new roommate.

Ugh! I can't believe they made me get another one.

You've never seen a closet before?

The handbook says we wear uniforms.

Only when we have to.

So, what happened to your old roommate?

I didn't like her so I kicked her out.



We're going to the abandoned church

you're coming, right?

Well, I promised my mom that I'd be home by 11 and then I'd lock up

but, um...

I'll just come back later.

Sweet, let's get out of here.

Who are you?

Oh, um... I'm Nellie.

Are you new?

Yeah, what gave it away?

Well, everyone's in the Grubber right now

and you're hanging out in an empty classroom.

Oh, the Grubber is -- the lunch room?

Let me guess...

Merriwether gave you the welcome tour

and called everything by its bizarre Crown Lake nicknames?

Yes, exactly!

This place...

I'm Chloe Hauser.

But, you didn't see me here. OK?

Good for you.

Hanging out here instead of bowing down to the girls who run this place.

Especially that Tiffany St. Martin.

Oh, she's actually my roommate.

( dramatic music )

I'm... sorry to hear that.

I'd stay away from her, if you can.

I'm from Attaway.


I like your necklace.

Thanks! Are you new?

Yeah, Nellie. I'm from Attaway.

Oh, I think my parents have some friends there.

The DuPonts, the dad is like CO for some big company.

Uh, no. I don't know them.

Do you know Jimmy Roach?

He owns like half the town.

Isn't he the one that's part of the mob?

Cathy, come on.

("Still So Alive" by Paper Idol)

You say if everything falls in place

You think that we can try and make it right

I say, I usually need my space

But, there might be room for both of us tonight

( Tiffany gasps )

- Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! - Watch it!

So sorry!

Only the Spirit Squad does the routines.

No one else.

Everyone knows that.

And our group is definitely not accepting new members.

I'm so sorry.



Can I help you?

Wait. Is - is this not Crown Lake Boys'?

- No, this is the Girls' school.

Hey! There's a boy out here!

He thinks he's at Boys'!

- Is he cute?

I'm sure the schools look the same in the dark.

I'm such an idiot.

My mom and I - we were driving up here

and we saw a big sign that said "Crown Lake Academy"

and figured this was it.

So, you're new here, too?

Here on a rowing scholarship.

I was on my public school's team.

Ryan baker.

Nellie Chambers.

Also new.

Well, I hope you're faring better than I am so far.

That would be a big no.

But, my mom went here so I owe it to her to make a go of it.

So, you're a legacy?

More like a charity case.

My mom died last year.

I'm - I'm so sorry.


It's just weird to think that she went to this school, too.

I wonder if she thought Crown Lake had its own language like I do.

I just wish she was here to teach it to me.

You know my mom said on the way up -

She said "boarding school's different"

and that I should watch out for the rich snobs.

My dad said that, too.

They must have read the same guidebook.

They must have. (laughs)

So, you're looking for the boys' campus?

Uh, yeah.

I'll show you how to get there.

It's right through those woods.

Okay, but I mean I was in the -

I'm Tiffany

And you are?

(RYAN) Ryan.


(VOICEMAIL) Please leave a message after the tone.


(VO) Tiffany, it's your mother.

(VO) We need to talk. Stop ignoring me.

(dramatic music)

(Heather VO) Dear, whoever finds this book

(VO) My name is Heather Masterson.

(VO) I used to go to Crown Lake so I know how tough it is here.

(VO) But, if you can hang - your life will be amazing.

Is this for real?

(VO) I didn't fare so well.

(VO) But, you can rock this place.

(VO) I'll show you how.

(VO) Because it's not about the rules in the student handbook.

(VO) I'll give you the secrets of Crown Lake I wish I'd known.

(VO) But, I get it.

(VO) You're suspicious.

(VO) You don't know me.

(VO) If I were you, I wouldn't trust me.

(VO) But, whatever you decide,

(VO) don't you dare tell anyone you found this book.

(VO) I'll know and you'll regret it.

(VO) Now, are you in or are you out?

Hey Beck, it's me.

( Tiffany laughs )

Such a lame party.

Except for that new guy.


Yeah, he's got potential.

Imagine if we hadn't saved him, though.

He'd still be stuck talking to her.

Crap, it's bed check.


( Phone Beeps )

If you're gonna bad mouth me,

at least do it when I'm not 5 feet away.

You should watch how you talk.

You should be a decent human.

You wanna be me?

It's not my fault you aren't.

You don't know anything about what I want.

Do you think you can just force me out like you did your old roommate?

You make it sound so dramatic.

Why'd she leave all that stuff in the closet?

Did you make her leave in a hurry?

It's not my fault she left things.

But, I doubt there's anything useful in that box.

Her style was terrible.

Actually, there's this notebook...


Yeah, it's...


By the way, Ryan?

He's mine.

I thought you already had a boyfriend.

That guy on your nightstand?

That's my brother, Evan.

But, Ryan?

I better not see you and him having anymore little chats.

He'd never be into you.

Where are you going?

(echoes) Nellie?

(echoes) It's mom.



No, no, no, no.

( sobs ) mom!

You did this!

We could glue it, maybe?

Don't touch it, get away from me!


( BOOK VO ) Don't tell anyone you found this book.

( BOOK VO ) I'll know.

( BOOK VO ) and you'll regret it.

( BOOK VO ) So, you're curious?

( VO ) Are you struggling?

( VO ) Do you love Crown Lake, but nothing's going right?

( VO ) Don't worry, I'll be your friend.

( VO ) I'll make sure you know what to do at all times.

( VO ) But, you have to follow my instructions.

( VO ) Even when they seem suspect.

( VO ) Right now...

( VO ) I'm the only friend you've got.

( VO ) Chapter 1...

Thinking of joining Cross Country?

( NARRATOR ) Next time on Crown Lake...

- Tryouts are tomorrow.

You little witch!

Saturday detention, 6 A.M.

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