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Imagine this: a brand-new mall is gonna be built right where your house is standing,

and you've been offered a generous sum of money to relocate.

Would you do it?

Well, if youre anything like these property owners, thatd be a big fatNah, Im

good, thanks!”


Road block” (Luoyang, China) Honestly, China has so many little houses

like this that its hard to choose which one is the most bizarre-looking.

In fact, theyre callednail housesbecause they stick out like a nail that just

cant be hammered down.

This crumbling 3-story home is an example of one, and its the very last building

in the whole area.

But the most incredible thing is that this house is sitting right in the middle of a

new road being built!

The story goes that the homeowner didn't like the compensation plan hed been offered

in exchange for relocating.

The strong-willed man refused to budge and held out to get more money from city authorities.

I just hope drivers will be careful at night!


Stuck in the middle with you!”

(Guangzhou, China) These 2 residential buildings were supposed

to be demolished because the city needed space to construct a much-needed bridge in the area.

It was gonna connect a freeway with a recently opened underground tunnel.

Most of the buildingsinhabitants took the relocation money and moved out.

However, 3 families downright refused to leave their homes.

The construction company had no other choice but to build a massive bypass around the 2


The remaining families were even promised a noise barrier to block out the sound of


But if any of them decide to move out, theyll still get the money to relocate.

I guess well just have to wait and see!


Strong-willed Edith Macefield (Seattle, Washington) In 2005, the Ballard area of Seattle experienced

unprecedented growth.

Apartment buildings, condominiums, and shopping malls were popping up left and right.

That was when developers offered a woman $750,000 for her house, which was only worth about


But they were ready to pay such a hefty price because they wanted to build a mall exactly

on the block where the quaint 2-story home stood.

The homeowner, Edith Macefield, had been living there for the past 50 years and wasn't about

to vacate her home.

So, believe it or not, she turned the money down!

But the developers werent gonna give up so easily.

They decided to build the mall anyway so that it surrounded her house on 3 sides.

Also, the project design allowed the shopping mall to incorporate the house if Macefield

chose to move out.

In the end, they offered her $1 million to pack up and leave.

They even found her a different but similar-looking house in another district and offered to pay

for the elderly womans health-care services.

Yet again, she politely declined.

Macefield wasn't against the idea of a shopping mall being built where her property stood

she just didnt wanna leave her home!

Other than that, she was happy to have company.

The woman even became good friends with the head of the projects construction team,

Barry Martin.

The man often visited her, took her to different appointments, and even did some shopping for


When Edith Macefield passed away in 2008, Martin inherited her house.

And, yes, it is still standing to this day!



Your own personal moat!

(Chongqing, China) This home in Chongqing is one of the most

famous nail houses in China.

In 2004, the 280 families living in the area were asked to relocate due to the construction

of a new shopping mall (hey, theres a familiar story!).

And, as usual, the developers offered a hefty compensation of 18,000 yuan (which is about

$2,700) for 11 square feet.

But this wasnt enough for Wu Ping and Yang Wu, the owners of the 2-story brick house.

Perhaps it was because theyd put so much work into the place, renovating what was once

a wooden construction that had been passed down from generation to generation.

I mean, the place did have history.

At first, it was a general store that they later turned into a restaurant.

In any case, while all their neighbors were packing up, the couple stayed put.

Once the area was dug up for construction, their house ended up towering over 55 feet

off the surrounding ground!

Since the homeowners wouldnt follow a court order to move out, the city cut off their

water supply and electricity.

Yet the couple still wouldnt budge!

While Yang Wu stayed in the house, his wife Wu Ping brought him water, food, warm clothes,

and blankets.

She tied the supplies to a rope, and Yang Wu pulled them up into his personal fortress.

But in 2007, the couple finally gave in and moved to a similar-sized apartment in downtown


But, hey, it was a good effort!


The "Million Dollar Corner" Any New Yorker is familiar with the massive

red shopping bag near Macy's Herald Square.

But very few people know that this billboard actually hides a separate building that isn't

connected to Macy's, and its got its own interesting story behind it

In the 1890s, Macy's relocated to Broadway and 34th Street.

The department stores management also had secret plans to expand.

That's why the storeowner made a verbal agreement with Alfred Duane Pell, according to which

Macy's was to get a roughly 1,155-square-foot corner for $250,000.

However, Siegel-Cooper Dry Goods Store learned about the potential purchase, and offered

Pell $375,000 for the plot.

Of course, the property owner couldnt turn down the bigger deal, right?

So, it was sold! Siegel wanted to construct a 12-story women's

clothing store in that spot.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to put such a tall building on a plot that small.

So, Siegel offered to give it to Macy's in exchange for their old location at 6th Avenue

and 14th Street.

Macys, however, refused the offer and went ahead and built their 2.2-million-square-foot

store around the property.

In 1903, a new 5-story building replaced the previous one.

And in 1911, Siegel sold the land for the highest price that had ever been paid for

a plot: a whopping 1 million bucks!

Thats $868 a square foot!

Talk about location, location, location!

People having to leave their homes because of development is a pretty unfortunate situation.

So, lets take a look at 2 incredible (and still very unique!) houses whose owners didnt

have to leave at all

The Drina River House Not far from Bajina Bašta in Serbia, you

can find a cute little house perched on a rock right in the middle of the Drina River.

The story goes that in 1968, some teens fell in love with the rock because it was a great

spot to sunbathe and swim.

The next year, the 17-year-old boys built a small house on the rock that later became

their weekend getaway.

To construct this thing, they transported the building materials by boat and kayak.

As for larger pieces, they just dropped them into the water and pulled them out onto the

rock further down the river.

Nowadays, the house has become an incredibly popular tourist destination.

But what you see today isn't the original house built in 1969.

The fast and unpredictable flow of the Drina River has already washed away 6 of them!

But every time, a new even sturdier construction was built to replace the previous one that

had been claimed by the river.

The Keret House Hey, are you claustrophobic?

Then dont ever consider buying the skinniest house in the world!

It's nestled between 2 buildings in the center of Warsaw, Poland.

The house is just 3 feet wide at its most narrow point and 5 feet at the widest.

The houses iron frame supports two floors.

And like any typical home, the Keret House has a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room,

and a bedroom!

The neighboring building supplies the skinny little abode with electricity.

And its custom sewage and water technology allows the system to function independently

from those services provided by the city.

In fact, the house is so narrow that under Polish law, it has to be considered an art

installation rather than a real house!

Have you ever seen any unusual-looking houses or buildings?

Share your own personal experiences in the comments below!

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