Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [ENG SUB] REACTION! ซีรีส์ ด้ายแดง l Until We Meet Again EP.14

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ENG SUB by @Flukeat1stSight

Hi, Everyone


Hi, Everyone


I'm Ohm Thitiwat

I got a new channel everyone

I will take you to see something.......

You are not watching at a ghost reality show

There is some noises



What are you? P'Ryu? (MC of a ghost reality show)


I rather go to the other side

*Light turning off* Ghost reality show has just begun

P'Ohm can't you see

Oh is that so?

Hello again

Tle : Did you have a child already? | Ohm : I'm Dean

Fluke : Yes, I got a child

Ohm : His name is Piak (Shorty)

Fluke : Lil Piak

Jame : What? Are you taking over my channel

Ohm : Yes, I already closed it

Are you taking my channel or closing it?

Tle : Sweetheart (Fluke) looks so happy today

Jame : Nooooo, just being joyful

Fluke : No, not at all

Jame : joyful

Ohm : Joyful?

Your make up and hair look great today

Both of you

I woke up like this

The day we recorded this vid is Valentine's Day

*Singing* Feb 14 is Valentine's Day

I'm wearing red shirt, thinking that everyone would be .... *Screaming*

Erghhh, you are all in dark tone

It's a Black Valentine

Why black Valentine?

A bit dark

Yeah, Dark

Like a chocolate

What do you mean by chocolate?

I mean the outfit

Not my skin tone, right?

Nah, not your skin

Ok ok

Today's Feb 14


And we also going to review EP.14

That's right

Such a perfect match


In this channel, Fluke call me as "Mom"


I'd rather call P'Jame "Dad"

For P'Tle



Ok, let's change the topic

Why the beansprout plushy is being like that

Change it into new style

So it'll be unique

P'Ohm got here and turn it upside down right away, so the blood will fallen to its head.

What did you say?

So I can soar up (as a joke for fallen blood pharse)

Just forget about it

It's An Ohm Thing, really like it

My Son-in-law

Yes, Dad

Jame, you need to admit it

Try pointing at Mom?

Mom, Mom, Mom


The moral lesson of this story is a person who is unkind and untrustworthy will face bad consequences

I truly like the Niece's facial expression while she was listening to the story

Uncle In, why is my daddy's surname is not the same as mine and my mom's?

Because I love you so much, I want you to use the same surname as me

I love you so much too,

You are so sweet

Even your surnaame is not the same as you daddy, but he loves you dearly

I love home so much too

When I grow up, I will marry you

Alin! You cannot marry him

Why not?

I already have someone that I love

I'm so sorry

Are you going to marry that person?

I wish I could

Uncle In, you have to keep smiling

I'm casting a spell on you already

Abracadabra, everything will be alright

Everything will be alright

Give me a kiss

Jame : Earth's so cute

Tle : She's so loving her uncle

So will you marry each other?

You mean Alin in there?

Nope I mean you two right here

How come it even related!!!


It's ok

Take a deep breath

Look at me

Jame : *Stare at Ohm*

Fluke : No, look at the screen

Just now, you seemed like you couldn't breath

and suddenly fainted

So I took you to rest at the sofa

How do you feel now?

Do you feel like you cannot breath?

Do you feel sick?

Do you find it hard to breath?

I'm ok now

Jame : You don't seem ok

Are you sure that you don't want to go the hospital

Jame : Grandma Un!!

Fluke : It's Alin

Ohm : That's my Mom

Jame : Oh, it's Alin

Tle :The niece from previously

Tle : Those glare

P'Dean I wanna go back home

How can you go home like this?

Stay here for a night

Don't worry, you are Dean's boyfriend, right?

Jame : Alin cannot remember a thing

When you fainted, Dean carry you right away

I ask hom who you are, he told me you are his boyfriend

I was shocked

Jame : This is "Flirty Eyes"

Ohm : Yup? Flirty?

Jame : The one that you guys keep asking me what "flirty eyes" is, this is it

Ohm : Is that so?

Jame : Try staring like this

Tle : He belongs to your Daughter, you are his Dad

Ohm : Why are you being like this, Dad?

Tle : Calm down, Dad

Fluke : Something gonna happen

Jame : Shall we switch our seat?

Fluke : Don't start the fight

Jame : Ever heard of this news

The one that Dad raped his own son

Ever heard of that before?

Tle : No, the society is already gone bad

Ohm : that's so depressed

Jame : The news started from the detest of being called a Dad

If you call me Dad again, the news shall occur again as well

Mom...You talked too much

Isn't it true?

I was just....

I didn't say something like that

Jame : If I were her, I would be shocked too as I don't remember anything and Pharm suddenly...

Tle :They are not even familiar with one another yet

Fluke : The hugging

Tle : Once she was young, In hugged Alin a lot, having her sit on his lap

Jame :Will the past be revelaed? Will Alin know it?

Tle : She probably will

She need to find the truths

It's ok

Jame : Alin still has no clue

It's alright


Everything gonna be alright

Jame : Abracadabra?

Tle : Another good crying scene

Ohm : There, there

Tle : There, there *Mocking*

Jame : Such a scary consoling

Fluke : His voice is so Monotone like....There, there

Tle : That's ok

Ohm : I watched too many horror movies lately

There, there

Tle : *Scream*

Tle : Mom is just crazy for her son

Ohm : There, there

Jame : How would you call me again?

Ohm : Dad

Ohm : Mom

Ok, called me Mom

Jame : *Scream* You call me Mom already!!!

Fluke : That got me frightened

Jame : My son-in-law

Sorry for that

It's ok

Take him to rest, I think he is tired now

Your dad is still at work, he probably comes home late

Let's talk tomorrow then

Okay, Mom

Jame : Why don't you told her that she's the niece

Tle : Not yet, that would be too easy

Jame : P'Dean!!!

Tle :She's feeling something

Good boy


Jame : Oughhh

I miss Alin

Tle : I feel him

It hurts right here

Intouch loved his niece so much

But she cannot remember anything

When Intouch passed away

Alin was really young

She couldn't remember that much

It's ok, good boy

It's alright

You did well

You are doing great

Tle : It makes me feel sad also

I'm right here

It's okay

You should take a warm bath

Tle : Oop!

It will make you feel better

Good boy

Tle : Really can't think of it in a good way

Tle : This is it

Jame : Im crossing my fingers for it

Jame : How was it feel to nestle on P'Ohm's chest?

Even though you were crying

it was just a normal nestle on a chest

Ohm : Thought I was a fireplace

Jame : Why?

Ohm : As I was that warm

Jame : Truly wannabe his firewood, flame or charcoal,

If I were a charcoal, I would sacrifice my life by putting myself into the fireplace

Ohm : You said it already!

P'Jame said it yourself

Jame : Yeah, I did

I can jump into anything

Ohm : Then don't wanna be a fireplace anymore

So P'Jame can just jump into it right away


I'm shocked

Jame : P'Nok did act so delicately in a take-time scene

Fluke : Yeah

Jame : Not too slow, Not too fast. Every acting during the take-time scene is meaningful

Fluke : It seemed she acted with her inner feelings

Jame : Tle

Tle : Was the director dead already?

Jame : With that close-up angle, she need to act meticulously

There usually be some tiny bloopers happened

Tle : Yeah it usually shows

Jame : Exatly, her acting is so meticulous.....

Let's pay respect to this Mom

Tle :Salute to her

Fluke : Do play respect to her as well P'Ohm

Jame : 40 Years of acting for P'Nok SInjai

Grande Theater Level (Extremely high-skill actor)

Those that wanna know more about P'Nok

For her past 40 years experience in showbiz industry

Do buy a ticket

Please look at the details at the bottom of the screen

Jame : Taking a warm bath

Fluke : Taking a warm bath

Tle : Are you getting the graduate gown?

Jame : *Turning to Ohm*

Fluke : That's how he is.

Tle : What???

Fluke : His kind of joke

Jame : (Ohm just said) Freshly baked right from the oven

Tle : Don't get it still

Fluke : Taking a warm BATH....

Ohm : I'm sorry....

Jame : Taking a warm BATH, freshly BAKED from the oven (Ohm try to make a rhyme phrases)

The last phrase is from Farmhouse (Bread Loaf Brand)

Not a warm bath

Myss, Cosmetics for New Generation, New Brand from Mistine

Ohm : I didn't make it in time, can I do it in the next EP?

Don't lock the door

Tle : Just keep the door wide open

Ohm : I got the key, lock the door all you want

Fluke : Spare key?

Ohm : yeah, spare key

What's wrong?

Tle : Wait a min

Jame : Jan, do rubs an ice cube on my back (Famous phrase from erotic movie - Jan Dara)

Ohm : Can I use the toothpaste instead?

Fluke : For the rubbing?

Ohm : For back rubbing

Jame & Fluke : Tadaaa

Jame & Fluke :It's not perfect, let do it again.

Tle & Jame & Ohm : Tadaaa

Ohm : No, I'm being serious!!

Ohm : In case you don't have the ice cube, they are both cold.

Jame : How could you wash it off then?

Keep the mound of form there, P'Ohm?

Use the to scrub it further

I will take a bath now

Thank you so much

Jame : You don't wanna be alone...

Fluke : I don't wanna be alone, been crying for the whole day

Jame : But you about to take a bath, don't you get it? That's a bit too much.

Tle : The bath doesn't take that long but being absent-minded does

Jame : Just staring at the bathtub already took him for an hour already

Tle : Such a long spacing out

Jame : Ohm, If you wanna laugh, just laugh!

Ohm : Yup

Jame : Don't be shy

Ohm : I just wanna smile

He's quite quite staring at the bathtub, if I were him...

Jame : Your glance seems sly all the time, when you look at things

Ohm : Really? It's just a normal stare for me

Like this

Tle & Jame : *Scream*

Ohm : He's taking it off!!!

Jame :Awww

Such a very cute way to take your shirt off

If it was me, the shirt would stuck at my tummy, struggling to take it off

He took off his lower outfits!!

Such a great mound of foam, are you using a detergent?

Fluke : *Laugh* Mommm

Tle : Must be itchy?

Ohm : If I were you I would blow it all off

Jame : So we can see it all throughout

Will his dad get angry?

Tle : So inner head voice

Ohm : He will!

Do we have to break up?

Jame : Aww, don't be overthinking

Tle :He's worrying for too much, just bring yourself back first then finish taking a bath

Jame : Don't pull your hair!!!

I will cut your hands off!!

Tle & Jame : *Scream*

Ohm : My ears hurt

Ohm : I can't hear a thing

Jame : At that BLOOP moment, I suddenly realized....

P'Dean is taking a dump.

Ohm : Ohhh, my god

Jame : Seem like he's dumping a big one

Jame : Nope, it's the moment that he's putting his feet into the bathtub

Jame : You are being so firm, once you sit there....

Tle : Come back here first

Jame : I'm ok, nothing special

Jame : The splashing sounds of water *Scream*

Tle : As if they are in a canal

Pharm : How come you are here?

Jame : My daughter is farting

Jame : You can see the bubble

Fluke : Nooo

Tle : Jame, it's a romantic scene, damn you!

Ohm : BLOOP!

Dean : Let me take a bath with you

Jame : Do turn around and face him

Tle : face reality?

Jame :Turn around!

Ohm : Don't do that, it's scary

Tle & Jame : Whatttt *Scream*

Ohm : I mean, if he turn around, he might afraid of me

Tle & Jame : Is that so?? Really can't think of good things *Scream*

Ohm : My face was scary

How do you call it? Slutty eyes?

Fluke & Jame : Noooooo

Tle : That's even getting more worse

Jame : it's Flirty Eyes, not Slutty eyes

Jame : A man with flirty eyes always doing like this

Ohm : Ohh, Like that

Jame : P'Dean always glare like this

Ohm : It's probably because I'm sleepy right now



Jame : Loosen yourself a bit

Jame : *Scream* Do you get it?

Jame : Turn around!

You told me you don't wanna be alone

Jame : But not being together like this maybe...

Jame : I can't bare it anymore, your shoulder. OMGGG

Jame : That's it!

That's it, Do turn around!

If you keep moving...

I won't guarantee your safety

Tle & Jame : Awwwwwwwwww

Jame : If I were Pharm I would do this

If the moving won't guarantee my safety, I would sit like this

Pharm : You always tease me

Tle : P'Dean always tease Pharm

Tle & Jame : *Scream*

You are naughty

Tle : You are naughty?

Jame : But I'm fierce (in a sexual way)

Ohm : Can I take that scene again?

Jame : Why?

Ohm : I will say exactly like you did

Jame : Really? Let's try!

If you all are ready. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....Action!!!

You are naughty

But P'Deam is .... *laughing*

Ohm : Ok, you are losing it already

Jame : Ouchhhh, that hurts

Jame : I will dub it for you then

Jame : Fluke, just moving your lips accordingly

Fluke : Ok, Ok

5,4,3,2,1, Action!

Ohm : Aren't you going to dub me as well?

Jame : Only do it for my Daughter

Ohm : You are naughty

Jame : But you are fierce xxxxing!!

Tle : You didn't even tease him *Highfive*

Jame : Oh myyy, he used his hands to scoop the water

Pharm : Is your dad strict?

Jame : Is your dad strict?

Ohm : I'm more strict

I don't really talk to him

When we mention about his mother

Jame : Why your ears were so red?

Ohm : It's the light and reflection

Jame : You are being embarrassed of N'Fluke

Do you wanna wash your hair

Jame : You do!!

Pharm : P'Dean, you are the naughty one

Both you and your dad are probably stubborn

I'm not talking about this anymore

Tle : Such a bashfulness

Let me wash your hair

Jame : Exactly like bathing a dog

Fluke : Mom! It's me, your Daughter

Jame : Is that so, ok

Jame : He's turning back!!! *Scream*

My Daughter is doing great, too great!! That's so dope!!!

Tle : He glares at the lower part!!!

I want to wash your hair for you too

Tle : I want to wash your hair for you too

Jame : I want to wash your hair for you too

Fluke : It's actually a very struggling scene as the bathtub is so narrow

Jame : That means you are being squeezed onto one another for real while filming this scene

Ohm : Yes

Jame : Do confess, did your feet hit anything (underneath water)?

Fluke : *Awkward*

Jame : Holyyyyy

Fluke : They did hit the walls of bathtub

Fluke : It's extremely narrow


Jame : Really?

Tle : Aloneww

Jame : Not Aloneww (The Director). This is P'New (P'Ohm's Manager)

Jame : Did you get bitten by mosquito at the shooting scene

Fluke : (This scene was shot) after getting back from the rafts

Ohm : He's mischievous

Ohm : Ahh, Nothing

Dean : We will never break up

Jame : You said it

Tle : P'Ohm with wet hair

Jame : Wasn't that too much?

Jame : Wasn't it too much?

Tle : Such a nice body figure!!

Jame : Truly love your shoulder

Jame : Ouchhhhh

Dean : You probably feel exhausted after crying

Jame : No, I'm totally fine!!

Jame : Let's do ti!!

Jame : I'm so proud of you

Ohm : What are you glaring at?

Jame : What did you say?

Fluke : What did you say, that sounds so much like asking for a fight

Tle : No, P'Ohm arm approached you and it makes me feel thrilled

Jame : After the characters grabbing each other there, these two did it also

Tle : Totally can't choose which monitor I should look at

Ohm : I see

Jame : Your hands are so.....

Jame : May I measure them a bit?

Ohm : Sure

Jame : Wowww, Am I even a human?

Jame : Tle, you should try

Jame : What's worng?

Jame : Your fingers are so short, Tle

Jame : Almost only 2/3 in length, compared to his fingers

Jame : Yours are exactly 2/3 in length compared to his

Tle :They look so compatible

Fluke : P'Ohm hands are huge

Jame : That's why you called one as "Nong" and another one as "Phi'"

Jame :Actually you should be called as a "Grandchild" according to your hands size

Fluke : Or even "Great-grandchild"?

Jame : How tall are you, P'Ohm?

Ohm : it's 186 cm

Ohm : Is it that surprised?

Jame : How tall are you, Tle?

Tle : 168 cm

Tle : Kidding, it's 163 cm

Ohm : That's a appropriate size

Tle : *Scream*

Jame : Appropriate size, if he wasn't a dog

Tle : What's wrong?

Jame : my daughter love it, quite confusing

Tle : What make you being that worry?

*Singing* There are millions of words in my heart

Jame : Why are you laughing so secretly?

Jame : Laughing with such a consideration

Ohm : Ask him for me, where was P'Jame born?

Ohm : I don't think I would get the answer if I ask him myself

Jame : Surat / Fluke : It's Surat

Jame : "The City of 100 Islands, Delicious Rambutans, Huge Shellfish...

and red eggs; the center of Buddhism" Do you know the provincial slogan of Surat Thani?

Ohm : Isn't it Chaiya Salted Egg?

Jame : Are you kidding me....Yes, that's correct

Tle : The dog know his duty well

Fluke : He does understand us

Ohm : Right? / Fluke : *Nod*

Jame : The past timeline?

Tle & Jame : Oh myyyyy

Ohm : Woah, thought they are mountains

Jame : Yours are not even smaller than his

Fluke : But P'Kao is real huge.

Jame : You mean his chest?

Fluke : Yeah, I mean his chest!!

Ohm : When did you see it?

Fluke : Right there!!

Jame : Are you jealous?

Ohm : Not at all, i'm just asking

Ohm : I mean Fluke did stress on his answer

Fluke : I mean those over there

Jame : I can sense the upset within him

Fluke : No, these are curving out

Tle : You do find excuses for yourself

Ohm : Let's look at P'Earth Face

Fluke : He love it!!

Jame : I swear, if I were an ogre. I would cut his chest off and make steaks out of it

Fluke : Must be tasty and meaty

Jame :So sooo meaty throughout

Jame : Look at his chest cleavage

Happy 1st Anniversary

Tle : A Valentine's Day gift?

Jame : Do it, Do it, Do it!!!

Tle : Is that a help of camera angle?

Jame & Fluke : It's a real kiss!!

Tle : Oh my godddd

Ohm : But it seems quite sad

Jame : Right?

Jame : Camera, do zoom upper!

Jame : More upper!!

There, upper!!!

He already finishing wearing his pants...

Tle : Look at Intouch face

Korn : See you later

Ohm :That's so cool

Fluke : His idol

Tle : Will they be able to meet again?

*Music* At least we used to be in love

*Music* That's more than enough

Tle : As if it's their first and last time doing so

Jame : This song is so....

Fluke : Tear drop right after the song begun

Jame : Exactly

Jame : His voice...

Tle : Is he dreaming?

Tle : Don't stop dreaming...

Jame : The one that I don't dare dreaming of

Pharm : Dad



Dad, Don't

Pharm, Wake up


Go back now!!

I won't go back

Pharm, Wake up, Pharm



Pharm, Wake up

Open your eyes


It's me

I had a dream

It was Intouch's Birthday

Dad found us

He tried to separate us


We went to our condo

And then...

Pharm, look at me!!

Pharm, look at me!!

Nothing happened

It was just a bad dream

Tle : P'Dean seem so angry

Jame : He isn't angry. He just doesn't want Pharm to know about the suicide

Fluke & Ohm : *Nod*

Ohm : We need to protect him

Ohm : We need to wait...

Ohe : What?

Ohm : Am I being too emotional?

Tle : Me too

Jame : I miss Del

Ohm : That are my siblings

Jame : How about this one?

Ohm : What?

Ohm : That's my kid

Don : Umm, it smells so nice

You are amazing

Jame : Mix is so cute

Del : Don't eat yet!

I love veggies

I'm in charge of quality control

You can eat it later

I'm checking if it's yummy or not

Jame : If I were his mother-in-law, I would adore him dearly

Jame : Waking up, making breakfast for the whole house

P'Don, put it down

I'm your quality control inspector

Jame : What QC? You almost finish up the entire bowl

Fluke : Calm down, Mom

Jame : I'm too much into it

Fluke :T Soooo much into it

Ohm : Don't blame my siblings

Tle : He love his siblings

Tle : Why the puppy being like that to Ohm?

Jame : Why being so?

Jame : Puppy even nestles its head on the pillow

Jame : Look at him

Ohm : Can I take the puppy home?

Jame : Look at how it's nestling

Tle : What did you day?

Ohm : Can I take the puppy home?

Jame : Attachment to its daddy

Ohm : Awww, he awakes

Fluke : What's his name again?

Ohm : His name is Shorty

Ohm : Do sleep my son


How long you will be staying here this time?

3 Days

3 Days again

When will you be staying for many months

My working tasks are almost completed

Jame : Who said he isn't strict, I think he does

Are you concentrating on you study?

Here I come


How could you let our guest to serve the meal himself?

That's ok, I'm willing to help

Let's eat while the food is still warm

We can talk later then

Tle : I would lose my appetite with that situation

Tle : The stress

Jame : If I were Pharm, when I spot Dad being strict

Jame : I would say "Papa, I make these dishes myself "

Jame : "You should try whether they taste good or not"

Tle : Dad probably kick you out

I made today's boiled rice myself

Since when you can cook?

Aww, Dad, you really didn't know a thing

These days, I can cook many menus already


This morning, It was obvious that someone helped you preparing the food

We prepared them together, totally the same thing

Del told me that

Pharm is good at cooking

The foods are as tasty as claimed

I'm not that good

Tle : He seems so delight

Jame : Is it delicious, Papa? Do ask him so

Fluke : Is it delicious, Papa?

Let's eat

Jame : Your dad's facial expression isn't convincing so

Your dad is scary

Tle : He normally don't talk to Dean

Ohm : That's right

Ohm : They don't usually talk to one another

Tle : Dear, have your meal first

Jame : My daughter is almost cry

Tle : The atmosphere

Jame : Damn it

Tle : They gotta say something, with all those glares

Sit down!

Say what you need to say

In front of everyone in the family

Jame : Well, I'm......

Fluke : Noooo

Tle : So dazzling

Ohm : It's gotta be my part

Jame : Ok

You might have heard it from Mom a bit

This is Pharm

My lover

Tle : Dad, do react a bit

Jame : If Siwat name show up right here, I would scold him

Jame : Scold him hard, really

What did your parents say?

Tle : They never meet yet

My dad already passed away

My mom knows about our relationship, she's ok about it

Jame : That's so frustrated

You two will face a lot of obstacles from now on, you know this, right?

Are you sure that both of you can handle it


Tle : Thank to the background sound of bird chirping


Jame : That's a bird sound (P'Nok name mean Bird in English)

I didn't know he can be gentle

Tle : That's all Dad can do

Tle : Nothing more than this

Dont' whine about this later then

Jame : Tle, Tle, Tle

Jame : What's wrong...

Tle : I'm walking on air!

Ohm : Mom and Dad are arguing

Fluke : Yeah

Jame : What did you say?

Jame :Do you know, that's the forbidden phrase for this channel

Tle :Calm Down!

Ohm : *Talking to puppy* Don't be shocked, it's nothing

Tle : He smiles

Jame : Will you still continue watching the series?

Tle :the dog is strangely being docile, not as naughty as usual

Jame : Liar!!

Fluke : Awww, Mom!!

Tle : The puppy seems sad

Fluke : That's your grandchild

Ohm : Let live at Dad's (me) house

Jame : Be careful!!

Jame : You might be dead going back with him

Ohm : Let's go home together



Jame : No need to whisper, the dog can't understand it even if you speak louder

What are you guys staring at?

Tle : Oops

Jame : Such a pity

Tle : Dad's smiling

Jame : What a contented (ChimChum) face

("ChimChum" literally means "Hot Pot" in Thai)

Jame : Confusing about "ChimChum" face?

Ohm : You mean "Cutely"?

Jame : Yeah, "ChimChum" face mean smiling with "Contented" face

Tle : He's happy, really

Tle : Dad don't seem to go against them, the boiled rice must truly tasty

Our son took his lover to sleep over tonight

Jame : It was last night


Sleep over?

How can you let him do that

It's not a big deal

You have to trust your son

It's not about our son

It's about the girl

It's not good for her if someone know about this

Tle : You need to listen to that sentence, Daughter

Jame : Really love this Mom

Jame : So cool

Tle : She did wait for him to calm down first, then ....

His lover is a boy

Tle : Stay calm first, Dad. Stay calm

Jame : Aww, as a Dad....

You are not against his relationship, right?

Jame : Hey, wait!

Jame : Is this a couple from "Love of Siam" the movie?

Tle : Yes, they are


Tle : But in that movie, the dad are being unwell

Tle : An alcoholic

Ohm : I could be MariOhm instead (The main character were played by Mario Maurer)

Tle & Jame : MariOhmmmm

Jame : MariOhm

Jame : Can't move on from MariOhm indeed

Camera Man : Do it as couples

Fluke : Do it as couples

Ohm : Mom & Dad ....

Why will I do that to my son?

Our parent were against us before

Ohm : Don't blame my Mom

Tle :Sorry, Awwwwwww

Ohm : That's hurting

Jame : Is that your Mom?

Ohm : Yup, my mom

Jame : But you call me Dad?

Jame : Am I being paired with P'Nok?

Ohm : I'm chill

Tle : Love the way he lose his character

Jame : Yeahhh

Jame : That's cute

Ohm : Get rid of them for me please

Jame :Tle, Are we even a human, all 3 of us?

Jame : We did "Arghhhh" and my daugther also did "Arghhhh" back

Jame : Are you a dog or something?

Fluke : Exactly like dogs fighting each other

I heard my mom called you yesterday

What were you talking about?

Your mom tell me to be open-mined and talk to our son

If Dean won't start a conversation, I should be the one talks to him first

Or, if he talk to me

I should listen to what he says

You both are so stubborn

Like father, Like son

You know I'm always like this

Tle : They are speaking so loudly

We still have to learn how to become good parents

We have to keep doing out best

Jame : Is this a real childhood photo?

Fluke : It is!

Jame : Of whom? P'Ohm childhood photo?

Ohm : Yes

Jame : Awwww, Chubbyyyy

Fluke : What? Chubby?

Jame : He looked just like a steamed-bun

Jame : So cute!!

Ohm : Taken at "Daen Nayramit" (Magic Land Amusement Park)

Tle : Opposite side of "Major Ratchayothin" Cinema Complex? That's the legend of Bangkok

Waterchestnut in coconut milk

I will bring this outside then

Jame : Probably from "Cheng Sim Ei"

Fluke : Mom, What's "Cheng Sim Ei"?

Ohm : It's a name of dessert shop

Ohm : I like it

Jame : Really?

Jame : Once you are available, do take Fluke there. He doesn't know it

Ohm : Let's go eat there together

I'm happy for both of you

Fluke : *Pointing at the dog*

Jame : Love the earth-tone of this shooting set

Your dad is cute

Why do you think so?

He's cute because he's similar to you

Tle : He complimented P'Dean

Do you want to try this?

Jame : Stop, stop

Jame : Craving for "Waterchestnut in Coconut Milk"?

Tle : That must be super crispy

Ohm : Crispy Crisp

Tle : Crispy Crisp?

Jame : You holding his hand for too long

Ohm : It's just too tasty

Don't know if it was because of the dessert or because of you

Tle : That's so blushing!!

Tle : Look at Dean's face!!!

Next week

My mom texted me this morning. She told me that my cousin will pick me up to meet my uncle

I might get a chance to meet my grandpa too

Well, do you want me to go with you?

It's ok

Next Friday is a holiday

Can I sleep over at your place?

Of course

Tle : So it will be in the next EP?

Fluke : That's right

This time

It won't be just a sleep over

I'll give you one week to prepare yourself

P'Dean, what are you doing!

Your parents are in the living room

I have been waiting for so long, I will not wait any longer

Jame : So fierce!!! I can't handle it!!!

Tle : I need to replay this for the whole week

Ohm : That scared me!

Tle : Being blushed!!

Jame : One-week-long to go

Fluke : No, P'Dean just going to wash the clothes for me at my room

Tle : Not just a sleepover

Fluke : Not just a sleepover but he's going to wash the clothes for me

Ohm : I will also wash the bathroom for him

Jame : Holyyyy, washing the bathroom?

Ohm : Why?

Jame : Wash the bathroommm!!!!

Tle : Ohm covers his face already

Fluke : Ouch!!!

Ohm : Be careful!!

Tle : Feeling slightly depressed

Ohm : Is it hurt?

Jame : Mommy Jame's depression

Ohm : Hard object

Jame : What did your head hit?, OMG it's a table!

Fluke : Mom, can you hit the table to punish it for me?

Jame : Fluke, can you take me to the hospital?

Jame : Flukeeeee

Ohm : Did your arm get broken?

Fluke : Put it on splint support

Jame : What?

Tle : Last week we imagined Ohm as a huntsman

Fluke : Yeahhh

Jame : There is a scene from last week that you guys went to the waterfall

Dean kept watching Pharm playing in the water

So I imagined you as a huntsman

"Boon" the Huntsman (from The Tale of Pra Suthon - Manora)

Targeting to catch Kinnaree (a goddess)

Truly wanna see your "Lasso"

Lasso that are the great Naga in disguise *Roarrr*

Jame : Swing, swing, swing and snatch

Like this, then yank it back. What if what you caught is P'Note (Fluke's Manager). What will you do?

The Kinnaree probably stuck within the cage

Fluke : P'New (Ohm's Manager) said Lasso will be torn apart

Jame : Opps!!! P'New said the Lasso seemingly to be torn apart, Tle!!!

New : The lasso also need to be gigantic!

Jame : Fluke, the Kinnaree is flying like this


Whose scream is that?

Continue flying

Once Fluke is about to get out of the water, then he found out that P'Note is already got caught!!

Ohm : Shall I try it now?

Ohm : Thwip *Throw lasso at P'Note*

Jame : You have to throw the lasso this way, at a Kinnaree sitting here

Ohm : Oh is that so, sorry

Jame : Try flying, dear daughter. Pretend to be flying as a Kinnaree

Ohm : Thwip

Fluke : Snatch this

Jame : *Gulp* Engulfing the prey

Ohm : Oh I see

Engulfing the prey

Ohm : Too bad, it's gone...

Jame : What's gone? The lasso? So you are throwing it away?

I only gulped my prey and you decided to throw away your lasso?

Tle : What's this?

Fluke : Side Story

Jame : For Nissan

Is this your car?

This is it

Tle : Earn a living part

Is this your car?


I wanna buy a new one

So I pick a different color

How come you pick red?

Jame : Directly into dialogue

I think it looks nice, do you like it?


Even I drive a red car, but I'm not that fierce

Fluke : He think of these phrases himself

Jame : Really?

Jame : I do believe you

Jame : He looks so Dean

Ohm : Yeah, Dean is the one creating those phrases

Jame : I need to ask this question today. Really mean it, prepared this beforehand


What are you doing?

Tle : It's the condom, did you see it?

Jame : For sure

FLuke : Isn't it an instant noodle pack?

I love you, P'Dean

I also love you, Pharm

Tle : Let out your voice!!!

Jame : Siwat!!!!

Tle : What will it be like for the next EP?

Jame : I must be dead for upcoming EP

Jame : I got some question!

Jame : Do you think the pants you wearing in the series are too tight?

Fluke : The question that remains unsolved in every single EP

Ohm : Yeah, some of them are quite too tight

Jame : So It's not uncomfortable, quite chill for you. Only some of them are tight

Ohm : Quite ok, it's stretchable

Fluke : Mom, why don't you ask me also?

Jame : Ask what?

Fluke : Whether the pants are too tight for me

Jame : They are all look loose on you, every of them

Ohm : He's tiny

Tle : He's so soft

Ohm : Portable size

Ohm : Ok, it's quite fun

Ohm : Why are you smiling like that?

Jame : I'm being happy!

Ohm : Looks a bit flirtatious

Jame : You got flirty eyes, but I'm...

Fluke : Slutty!

Jame : Daughter!!!!

Ohm : Good boy!

Tle : I'm a #MyBlue

Jame : What's the tag again?

Fluke : It's #MyBlue

Jame : Where does it come from?

Tle : Where does #MyBlue come from?

Ohm : Well, we use this name when we would love to call....

Jame : You fandom name?

Fluke : Yes, fandom name

Jame : It's #MyBlue fandom

Fluke : We both like blue

Jame : You are both liking blue color?

Ohm : So as if the fans are....

Jame : Our blue

Fluke : Yes

Jame : #MyBlue....D

Jame : My Blued (Gay Dating Applicaiton)

Tle : Damn you, Jame!!

Jame : P'Dean, are you a Northerner?

Ohm : Yes

Jame : You make me wanna be from South under....

Ohm : Under what?

Jame : Underneath your body *Scream*

Tle : Don't flirt for yourself, you are here for your daughter!!!!

Tle : Bear in mind, you are here for you daugther!!!!

Jame : Tle, with those face of his. Who wouldn't flirt him for themselves!!!!

Fluke : Look, P'Deen is missing for only one EP and you are being like this......

Tle & Jame : Ohhhhh

Ohm : I'm already here

Fluke : No, there is another P'Deen

Jame : You seem suspicious!!!

Fluke : Noooooo

Jame : Look, when you were not here, he was cheating on you.

Fluke : I didn't cheating on him!!!

Ohm : I will catch up with his earlier visit then

Jame : Do go watch it!!

Jame : Gotta tell you, they even appeared on twitter trending on that day

Jame : The hashtag is #DeenFluke

Ohm : #DeanFluke?? You mean me as Dean in the tag?

Jame : Nooo, Deen is a name of one person in Nungnarong Channel

Jame : There is #DeenFluke hashtag happening, can you imagine of that?

Ohm : Oh I see

Jame : Think of it carefully. It's not ok, Ohm!!!

Jame : Seriously, It's not ok!!

Camera Man : If others would like to watch the whole EP of #DeenFluke where can they do that?

Jame : Go for #ผู้เพื่อนตุ๊ด (Poo Pheun Tood) Channel

Ohm : #ผู้เพื่อนตุ๊ด Channel?

Fluke : If asking what scence I like the most in this EP. I would say the scene I played with P'Nok Sinjai

The one that I hugged her

I was soooo into it back then

Tle : If I were Fluke, I would be nervous towards her since I'm the one that need to hug her first

Fluke : That's right. I was also a bit nervous when I hugged her

Fluke : Feeling reluctant to bother her with my embrace, sort of

Jame : When P'Nok is being in character, she's always completely into it.

Ohm : I actually like every single scene

Ohm : I love the moments when I'm with him *Point at Fluke*

Ohm : Because in this EP, Pharm is starting to feel down and begin to....

But I always need to support him, even though Dean also feels anxious sometime

However, Dean have to take a leader role. Always be there right beside him, No matter what happen.

We will walk along together

I try to convey the deepest part of character's emotions

Fluke's an acting partner that I like as well

Especially when exchanging feelings ....while acting together

Tle : Calm down

Jame : People always mentioned that P'Ohm does act really well when he's in the same scene as Fluke

Jame : How do you feel about it?

Ohm : I'm delighted that the audience are into the characters

Ohm : That's a success for me

Ohm : Making them love what I had conveyed

Jame : In your view, Is it true that you were acting great when being in the same scene as Fluke

Jame : Like, acting better if comparing to another scenes that you played with others

Ohm : Well, I rather let it came naturally

Ohm : Don't know how my acting was, just do it as P'Kae wrote the novel

Ohm : Then try to design the acting with my own ideas

Ohm : Make them as natural as possible

Ohm : Right?

Fluke : Yeah, let it came naturally

Jame : As if you are talking about pregnancy, let it come naturally

Jame : Like when people as "Did you do IVF? (In Vitro Fertilization)", and you reply back "Nope, I let it came naturally"

Jame : I'm really thankful for both P'Ohm and N'Fluke, for joining us today

Tle : Their schedule are super packed!

Jame : Exactly! P'Ohm did work 7 days a week, everyone

Tle : The Fluffy Cheek (Fluke) also, both of them

Jame : N'Fluke also about to attend his Graduation Ceremony on upcoming Feb 22

Jame : So Fluke will be graduated

Fluke : Mom & Dad will be there at the ceremony as well

Jame : Yes, that's right....

Fluke : You'd better come to see me after I mentioned it like this

Jame : I will attend it on Feb 22!! I definitely will!!!

Jame : But both of them are still available for events!

Jame : The reserved schedules are mainly for series shooting only

Jame : If you want them as Presenters, inviting them to Events or anything

Jame : Both Solo and Couple Event, they are more than willing to discard their schedules and do yours instead

Fluke : Willing to discard the schedules?

Jame : Let me tell you why, the shooting set is negotiable!

Jame : The regular shooting sets are negotiable, things can be adjusted.

Jame : When the new events come in, they can accept it instantly!

Jame : Com'on

Jame : They do accept it all!!

Jame : So feel free to contact them for further projects

Fluke : Thank you everyone for supporting both "Until We Meet Again" The series and Nungnarong

Fluke : Seeing a lot of feedbacks stating that many of you want P'Ohm an Me in Nungnarong

Fluke : So we did join them today

Fluke : Sit and watch the series with Mom & Dad

Thank you all as well, hope you are being more and more (lovely) like this

Ohm : For next EP, please stay tune on who will be the guests

Tle : Such a pressure!

Ohm : Don't forget to click on Like, Share and Subscribe button

Fluke : Also, don't forget to turn on the notification alert

Ohm : Love, Love

Note : Already Recorded

Nice hair style today

So neat

Heng :More like a Baron

Tle : Prepared for the Graduation Ceremony, he will attend the event right after this.

Neat face, Neat hair


Sent P'Ohm off already

But someone is whining, not willing to go back

Fluke : I'm attached to my child

Jame : Attached to Shorty?

Tle : P'Ohm need to go for a series shooting in upcountry

Jame : Yeahhhh

Ohm : So he handed his duty to N'Fluke to continue working with us

Tle : In order to hear out our feedback about "The Best Scene"

Jame : That's right

Jame : Ohm and Fluke already talked about their best scene previously, it's our turn

Tle : P'Jame goes first?

Jame : You guys might wonder, where does the doggos come from?

Jame : This one is named as Shorty

Tle : The original version of Shin-chan

Fluke : original version of Shin-chan

Jame : This is the dearest child of P'Jame

Jame : Nobi, darling!!

Tle : Warm welcome to 2 new members

Jame : In case you guys didn't know them yet

Tle : They are siblings

Jame : Other than Nobi and Shin-chan, we got 2 more puppies

Jame : The 2 new members, N'Kha and N'Khun!!!!

Tle : The dog looks stiff

Tle : Let's talk about best scene

Jame : My best scene is the one that....

Jame : Dad open up for a talk

Jame : The one that Mom talking to Dad at night

Jame : Mom try to convince Dad but Grandma already did that beforehand

Jame : It feel familiar and warm

Jame : Why I feel so accustomed to that kind of atmosphere

Jame : Ahhh, they are the parents from "Love of Siam" the movie

Tle : Yup

Jame : At first I'm 100% into it, but this increase it up to 120% or even 150%, you got it?

Tle : "Love of Siam" is the turning point that made us sitting right here today

Jame : Yes

Tle : This EP is the one that's honoring the guest actors

Tle : The main couple is not even that flashy

Jame: Yes

Tle : Once compared to the latest EP

Jame : Correct

Jame : So P'Tle, which scene do you like the most?

Tle : I like the scene that P'Dean is dreaming

Tle : Dreaming about one year anniversary

Tle : Right? and he said "See you later"

Tle : He then woke up and spotted that Pharm was also dreaming

Tle : But Pharm was dreaming of the scene on dining table

Tle : Everyone are being happy touching and caressing the dogs

Tle : P'Dean himself also encountered a bad dream

Tle : But he need to be strong

Tle : In order to protect N'Pharm

Tle : That scene, in my view, P'Ohm did a very good job

Tle : I feel so warm. If I have a bad dream at night...

Jame : Like it a bad night for myself

Tle : Exactly!!

Jame : We then woke up to someone

Tle : There is someone there to soothe you down

Jame : You can't really move on alone after waking up

Tle : Yes

Tle : It felt so heavy when you have a bad dream

Tle : What If....we woke up and found nobody

Tle : Sleeping all know?

Tle : Because before that, Pharm is always sleeping all alone

Tle : But this time he has P'Dean by his side, protecting him

Tle : It actually seems to be a normal scene

Tle : But I'm able to receive something from that

Tle : While watching, I'm so impressed by this scene

Tle : How do you feel?

Tle : Standing behind the camera

Heng : It's fun!

Heng : It's fun seeing things in another perspective that others might not be able to see, a little bit of this & that

Jame : So you witnessed the moments

Heng : Yup

Heng : Of them both

Tle : This is the real feel from behind-the-scenes people, everyone

Heng : Why making such face?

Jame : What face?

Jame : Once I said "Them both" and you make a strange facial expression

Jame : Them both? That's right

Jame : I mean Fluke and Ohm, a couple

Tle : You just tryna ship us (JameTle)

Tle : But really, when I'm editing the vid, compared to the 100% of the whole clip, it gave totally different feeling

Tle : The camera man will get a chance to see the reactions of us 4 at the same time

Heng : There is a tiny part of charisma popping up from each of you.

Heng : I got a chance to see those views that others might not be able to see

Tle : It's the best scene of this reaction

Jame : How about the bathtub scene?

Jame : How did we miss it?

Jame : That's impossible not to mention it

Jame : It depicted from the novel with daydreaming vibe

Jame : It's a scene that will impress the audience

Jame : Everything is just perfectly fit, as P'Dean got a huge figure, while N'Fluke is so tiny

Jame : The main lead in the novel is so damn ripped while another one is super tiny and skinny

Jame : So when they sit overlapping, the feel was like *Scream* You know what i mean?

Jame : And once they turn them into on-screen version, the feel still remain the same

Jame : I'm surrender

Jame : Do imagine yourself as Pharm, having your own P'Dean doing such thing....

Tle : But the series didn't cross those lines while conveying it

Jame & Fluke : That's right!!

Tle : The angles of the cameras didn't give us NC-18 vibe at all

Jame : Watching it didn't make you feel sexually craving that much

Jame : It just gave you an "That's cuteeee" vibe

Tle : It's beautiful

Tle : How was that (bathtub) scene, how many takes did you do?

Jame : How long does it takes to shoot that scene?

Fluke : It took so longgg, as the bathroom is very narrow.

Fluke : Only one angle available, too many obstacles indeed

Fluke : The place was so narrow while P'Dean's figure is also too huge

Jame : You mean his body?

Fluke : It was quite small and cramped but we need to make it seemed as smooth and beautiful as possible

Tle : For this scene, do you still remember the shooting queue?

Fluke : One of those last scenes, even after coming back from Kanchanaburi

Jame : Can't you see all the bug bites on my daughter body

Heng : Being behind camera, it gave you different feeling

Heng : You will see the reactions of those who are looking at the screen

Heng : I only able to hear the voices (from behind the camera). So I need to imagine the scenes in my own head

Heng : It's like having your own style of bathroom and places

Heng : It's a bit strange for me

Heng : As if i was reading a novel, sitting and reading it

Tle : Pretty much like listening to a podcast

Tle : Any scene in this EP that should be highlighted?

Jame : I think that's the whole EP alreay.

Tle : That's the whole EP already?

Jame : Yes, that's it

Tle : I don't want N'Fluke to go home

Fluke : Shall I sleepover at your house?

Jame : Do go home then

Jame : Sleep with the dogs or what?

Fluke : As I told you, according to the novel, the two haven't doing it yet

Jame : But for next week...

Fluke : Yeah, it will begin next week

Tle : P'Dean already dropped a hint

Heng : Watching the bathroom!!

Tle : This clip might be posted a little delay, but totally worth waiting for

Jame : One more thing, on upcoming Mar 1, 2020. There will be an event for UWMA actors, a big event

Tle : Don't know whether it's gonna be a final EP event or not

Jame : Please stay tuned for more details!!!

Jame : You guys can go support the actors at where, when, or how. Do stay tune.

Tle: Do let N'Fluke saying those phrases like P'Ohm did

Jame : Closing phrases?

Tle: Yes, closing phrases

Jame : Please follow our updates in every channels

Jame : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube Channel

Fluke : More importantly, don't forget to click Like, Subscribe and Share button and turning on notification alerttttttttttttt

Jame : For today, it's time for 4 of us to say goodbye. Sawatdee Krub


Tle : Thank you all for your hard work

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