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In my opinion, Protea is a weird Warframe. I like her concept, because it's pretty well

established that I'm a fucking sucker for the engineer thematic.

I dislike her kit, because it feels a little bit underwhelming and because Protea is literally

living proof of how inconsistent DE can be. I love her playstyle, because with Vauban

I can sort of plan out how I want to play in a mission, since his kit does remarkably

well in defensive objectives such as Defense and Disruption, meaning that I could choose

to play Vauban either completely defensively or offensively, and I would do fine.

Protea on the other hand, kind of forces me to take a more proactive approach to gameplay,

and that's something I don't really get out of Vauban.

In a nutshell, I would say that although both Vauban and Protea are of the engineer theme,

Vauban is more about being methodical and defensive, whereas Protea is more about being

aggressive and "in your face." However, DE's insistence that Protea "doesn't

have a turret" is nonsensical, because that's what it is. It's not artillery. It's a turret.

In a nutshell, artillery is a gun that's so fucking big that it has to be fired from an

extreme distance because it can't be carried normally.

For example, Photon Strike is artillery. Conversely, a turret is any machine or weapon

system that is either human-operated or automated, but is capable of providing support in the

form of shooting the fuck out of anything that moves.

It doesn't matter if Blaze Artillery lasts 5 seconds or 0.5 seconds. It's a turret. Nosgoth

had a turret as well that lasted less than 6 seconds, but it was marketed as a turret

and not given an incorrect name such as "artillery." But anyway, as excited as I was and am to

play Protea, honestly I'm a little bit disappointed. Protea's not a bad Warframe, not at all.

Her Quest is really fun.

She just feels a little bit weak by Warframe standards, in my opinion.

Her passive is hands down top 10 in the entire game, and her first ability is surprisingly

strong for a first abilityThat's where my impressions of her end.

Her turret ability is weak, and I honestly expect that DE buff it in the future. I'm

fully aware that DE is likely skeptical when it comes to buffing it, because in the worst

case scenario, they make Blaze Artillery so strong that it basically becomes the second

coming of the original Mesa Peacemaker. I would say that the simplest way to fix it

would be to let Blaze Artillery scale with enemy level, just like how Vauban's Photon

Strike and Flechette Orb doIf the purpose of Blaze Artillery is to be

a powerful but short-lived turret, it should feel like one. Right now literally all of

my Riven Mods outdamage it, even my Convectrix. Her dispenser is.. average. Again, it's not

bad, it's just that (at least personally) I never have an issue with ammo, so dispenser

just boils down to being a health and energy dispenser, which is kind of unnecessary if

you ask me because energy pizzas exist, and they're relatively cheap to craft.

As for Protea's time warp ability that was totally not stolen from League of Legends

or Overwatch, I don't see the point of it, personally speaking.

I always go into Operator Mode whenever I'm close to dying, that way I can simply reposition

and heal my Warframe in order to not get downed. Having a button that does that for you but

also deals damage is nice I guess, but aside from the fact that it refunds your Energy,

I don't see much point in using it. The only thing I can think of is that this ability

reinforces Protea's role as an aggressive "in your face" engineer, because activating

this ability would let her effectively spam her abilities and then rewind back to safety.

I can get that, but when Blaze Artillery itself is weak to begin with, running around and

spamming abilities doesn't feel very satisfying. Besides that, the Deadlock Protocol is a solid

Update and a fun Quest to do, but if we really want to call Protea as being "Vauban's niece",

then she needs to be buffed to at least deserve that title.

Thank you for watching.

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