Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dentistry's First Startup Documentary: Meet Dr. Bryan (Trailer)

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- [Announcer] Hundreds of associate dentists

open startup practices every year.

How do you open a startup that cuts out your risk

to open a profitable practice that

you can be proud of.

Meet Dr. Bryan in dentistry's first

documentary about startup practices.

In the documentary, you'll see how Dr. Bryan

went through the 13 stages of a defined process.

To go through equipment and real estate

and demographics, marketing for new patients

that brought him 100 new patients in his first month.

Now, he's on track to have a million dollar

practice in his first year.

In the startup practice documentary,

you will see his entire journey,

the ups, the downs, the good and the bad,

and you can learn how this could work for you.

Join us in dentistry's first startup

practice documentary at

Get a free copy of the documentary

this month at

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