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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: It's Showtime Funny One: Crazy Duo

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What's Up My People

Whats up (madlang) people?!

(Audience cheering)

Alright, we are the CRAZY DUO

Did you know, (madlang) people


when we are on our way here in Showtime

Yes, that's true...

we happen to pass by...umm... an accident

right in the middle of EDSA (Road).

-Yes, there was an accident -A collision

PUJ Truck

I don't know

Yes, that's true...

I feel sorry for the elder in the front seat.

What's with the elder?

The elder was thrown far away...

The elder was thrown away?!

Yes, but what's amazing is the elder crawled.

The elder?

Yes, got near the driver.


and said: "Sir, sir, where's the change of the 50 pesos I paid?"

Don't be so strong!

-However, -Then?

We're also thankful that we are able to get here.

Yes, that's true...



To be honest,..

Wh...Why are you crying??

We are poor in Cebu

You're only poor..

There are days

that we only lit a candle while watching the television.

You lit a candle while watching the television?


How poor...

If we're lucky that if we're able to fix our ceiling

What's your ceiling?

Swimming Pool..

-Swimming poo...? -I said don't be so strong!

Is it poor to have a swimming pool?

Of course!

Your house is big!

It's actually small...



Well, ours is much bigger!

Your house is big?

This entire ABS-CBN will fit inside our house!

This entire ABS-CBN can fit inside your house?

Of course!

Whoah! Your house is indeed big.

It's really big. My mother entered in 1972

and she hasn't left it until now.

-19...? -Yes!

She hasn't left it from 1972 until 2015?

She didn't left. That's our home!

What's...What's your house by the way?

The cemetery...

Yo! Did you know? I learned something here in Manila.

Right here in Manila?


You learned something?

Pick-up lines are famous here!

Yes, I've heard of it.

I have some pick-up lines for you


Then the only thing that you'll only say is "Why?".

Only that?!


That's what you do.

That's only easy!

You'll like this, (tay)!

(tay), umm... Are you a garbage?


What is this? Biodegradable or Non-boidegradable?

I said don't be so strong!

Did you know (madlang) people,


We researched something on You...

Yes, that's true! We researched just a while ago

We found a research in "Goog-le"

It's not "Goog-le"!

What is it?


Oh right, it was GOOGLE!

Oh, sorry!

Our police has a new support

On capturing theives!

That's amazing!


In Australia, they invented a robot.


The only job of that robot is to capture theives

-That's a cool robot! -Yes!

That robot was tested and proven!

It was tested!

It was tested in the middle of Japan


In just below 5 minutes, the robot captured 600 theives!

That's amazing!

Let's clap!

It was then tested in the middle of USA

The robot was placed in the middle of USA

In less than 20 minutes, the robot captured 300 thieves!

That's amazing!

This is even more better!

Here in Manila!

It was then tested in the Manila.

It was placed in the middle of Manila.

In less than 2 minutes, the robot has


It what?


What happened to the robot?

Got stolen!

I said don't be so strong!

Thank you very much!!

We are....

No, we shouldn't. It's already finished.

Just Wait!!

It's finished!

It's finished!

It's finished!


(Showtime Song)


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