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Hey, yo

Every day summer when you MIA

And I can hit the beach in Californ-I-A

Getting ladies, getting money

That's my occupation

You know I'm all about

That Californication... ♪


Take cover.

♪ ♪

(elevator bell chimes)

MAN: Hey.

(car alarm chirps)


Hey, I'm back.

What do you want me to make for breakfast?

I could, uh, do my specialty-- cold cereal.

Which, after many YouTube tutorials,

I can now offer in Shredded Wheat

and Frosted Flakes.


ANNA: No! Get away from me.

Oh, you are done!

(Anna grunts)

Come on, guys.

You can't leave me hanging like that.


What do you mean you have to go to school, Liam?

No, you still have ten minutes before first bell.

(sighs) Okay, okay, you're right.

I'll catch you suckers tomorrow.

Were you really trying to convince a kid

not to go to school so he could

play video games with you?

Once a quitter, always a quitter?


I didn't realize what a big gamer you are.

Yeah, well, some people do yoga,

some meditate.

I, uh, play Halo 5 with my teammates.

Your teammates?

Mm-hmm. Liam, Jacob, Mason and Noah.



I know this is so not cool,

but I love it.

And don't think you can get me to stop playing


It's what makes you happy.

Why would I try?

So when did I get an Xbox?

Um, I brought it over last week.

Hid it in the garage.

I have a garage?


(phone buzzes)


(sighs) It's Nell.

Yeah, me, too.

I'm gonna miss this.

You heard back from ATF?


Yeah, they want me to come in again

on Friday.

I think they're gonna tell me that I got the job.

Well, they'll be lucky to have you.

We should go.


Maybe you can, uh,

teach me how to play.

I... I don't want to brag,

but I never lost a game of Tecmo Bowl.

Halo 5 is so not Tecmo Bowl.


NELL: Good morning.

Good morning.


Special Agent DeChamps.

We doing a joint case with the Secret Service?

Yes. Agent, DeChamps has been working a long-term undercover

assignment targeting the Marca family.

Alfonso Marca, from Peru?

That's him.

Our paths crossed years ago.

His counterfeit currency was being used to make

large weapons purchases in eastern Europe.

ERIC: According to the Secret Service,

his Peruvian notes are the best U.S. counterfeit bills.

NELL: Now, while undercover,

Agent DeChamps learned that Marco's daughter Lucila

just arrived in Los Angeles.

Lucila is believed to be running the production

and distribution end of the business

while her father brokers the big deals.

ERIC: Early this morning,

Secret Service used a covert team

to pick up Lucila,

and, under the direction of Agent DeChamps,

brought her to the boatshed.

Kensi and Deeks are on their way now

to interrogate her.

Hold on a second, why is NCIS getting involved?

Well, in her undercover capacity,

Agent DeChamps came across these guys--

marine reservists Steve Lillard

and Chris Helmsman.

They work for Marca in America?

Yeah. She thinks they're smuggling the counterfeit notes

into L.A.

We have a location on Lillard and Helmsman?

Not yet. We're still working on that.

NELL: Now, Agent DeChamps would like

our assistance working her undercover op as well.

CALLEN: DeChamps has plenty of resources

at Secret Service.

If she wants us in on this, she's running a pretty tight loop.

ERIC: Marca's been in operation

for close to three decades.

There's no telling if he has people placed

inside the investigative branch of the Secret Service.

I'll speak to Agent DeChamps.

Anna and I will talk to her overwatch team.

I'll get you those addresses on your phones.


Also, let us know as soon as you have

a location on Lillard and Helmsman.

(construction noise in background)

A girl can't wear man suits every day.


Hey, thanks for helping out with this case, Sam.

Not a problem.

I've been under three months, and besides,

my overwatch team, I don't know who

I can trust anymore.

We thought Lucila may be running

the U.S. operation, but after we picked her up, nothing.

The deal's still moving forward.

With her father?

That's what it looks like.

So what's our play?

I'm backstopped as a mid-level player.

I tried to score a deal with a guy downstream from Marca,

but the stakes got raised and they offered me more notes.

So you had to go to your "financier" for more flow.

Exactly. But my financier,

Mr. Brighton, can be reclusive at times.

How do you like your L.A. condo, Mr. Brighton?

It'll do.

But your wardrobe won't.

Okay. (chuckles)

I'll change. (laughs)

NELL: Is that the Panama canal?

ERIC: Yeah.

What is it you're looking for?

Hetty. This case got me thinking--

maybe she went in another direction.

(busy traffic)

♪ ♪

They agreed to let you see him.

You have the money?

(unzips bag)

Where's the rest?

Half now, half on confirmation.

That is not what we agree on.

So walk away.

You're richer now

than you were when you arrived.

Let's go.


Hey, Tom.

Didn't realize you were Secret Service.

Yeah, counter- assault team.

I bowed out of the army after my last deployment.

CAT Division's top-notch. They must be keeping you busy.

Tom Rhee.

Anna Kolcheck.

Got any good Callen stories for me?

Oh, I got a few.

One involving a clown,

the KGB and a cheetah stands out.

(Callen laughs)

I'll buy you dinner for that story.

Deal. But real talk--

without your partner, I wouldn't be standing here today.

I still owe you, Callen.

We're good.

CAT has overwatch on Agent DeChamps right now.

(phone buzzing)

RHEE: My guys informed me that your man just arrived.

ANNA: Yeah?

We can support your team in any way.

We're good, but I'd never turn down your help.

ANNA: Thanks, Nell.

That was Ops. They got a last known location

on Steven Lillard and Chris Helmsman,

leaving a clothing store on Melrose.

Go, run 'em down.

I got your man's back.

I know you do.


Hey, guys.

Uh, Secret Service handed off Lucila Marca.

I signed for her and I put her in the room.

Thank you. Okay.

She say anything?

No. She's been rather, I don't know, pleasant.

She was picked up by undercover agents

in a foreign land and taken to an unmarked boatshed

and she's been pleasant?

Even asked me how my day is going.

Well, that does sound pretty pleasant.

You guys got it from here?

DEEKS: Yeah, no.

We're definitely pleasant.

Thank you.

KENSI: Lucila Marca... (sighs)

Now, does that look like one of the leaders

of the biggest counterfeiting organization in the world?

DEEKS: If crime bosses are now looking like

Leo's next girlfriend, then yeah.

Hmm, yeah, I'm thinking she's not just going to admit

running her family's business in the U.S.

I don't know, I have faith in her.

You know, I like to see the best in people.

Let's go.


She's very pretty.



ANNA: There it is.

Eric spotted Lillard and Helmsman

leaving that clothing store yesterday.

All right, well, sounds like we need

to get inside and have a look around.

ANNA: Hmm.

Two saleswomen, no customers.

You have a play?

I think I do.

(pop music playing in background)


(gasps) Oh, now, these are the jeans

I was talking about, babe.

Is this all Triarchy?

Yes, it is-- we get new shipments every day.

Oh, I'm just obsessed. I love, love, love.

Can I start a room for you?

Of course you can.

I take it you're not obsessed with our jeans.

Not in the least. (sighs)

You're a good sport.

I gotta tell you...

I don't want to be here.

Oh, news flash-- not many guys do.


I don't want to be here with her.


ANNA: Babe, these jeans rock!

You are living the life, babe!

I hate the word "babe."

And what I hate more

is couples that call each other "babe."

She's sweet.

He hates her.

She's like Gollum, but instead of One Ring,

she wants a purse and a belt and a watch, a car.

Hey. S-Sit down.


Tia, get him that water bottle.

Thank you.

CALLEN: I'm sorry, I...

I'm all right. Let me just, uh...

Let me just sit here for a second.

SALESWOMAN: Calm down. You're having a panic attack.

CALLEN: She may look small,

but the damage she can do at Matsuhisa...

SALESWOMAN 2: How are you doing there?

Can I get you any other sizes?

Hey, are you in there?

She's not in the dressing room.

I think I'm feeling better.

I can't find her.

She must've left.

Maybe this is my chance.

My cell's on the back.



I'm like Gollum?


Get in the car, precious.

How does it fit?

Like a glove.


Agent Park will back us up.

Someone from Marca's team will be here momentarily to vet you.

Do you think they know we have Lucila in custody?

Still nothing from them that leads me to believe they know.

We haven't been able to pin down her exact role,

so we don't know how closely she's being monitored.

(phone chiming)

He's on his way up.

You dialed in a way to play this role?

Don't worry about me.

They're expecting financial genius, not drug dealer.

They can be one and the same.

(knocking on door)

Reclusive, nervous. I got this.

(door opens)

Right this way.

DECHAMPS: Michael.

I wasn't expecting you to be here.

I thought you were in New York. Can I have Tina

get you something?

No. Thank you.

You must be Terence Brighton.

Yes, hello.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Let's take a seat.


Mr. Brighton has financed my transactions for many years.

Since the numbers were going up, you wanted...

I wanted to meet

this mysterious financier in person.

You made your money in real estate, Mr. Brighton?


Real estate investment trusts.

It was my signature mix of commercial shopping ventures,

residential mortgages, hotel construction,

giving my shareholders an annualized return

just shy of 28.4...

Okay. I get it.

You obviously know your numbers in real estate.

You've been very successful in that lane.

So why our business?

Well, Mr. Brighton knows a solid opportunity when...

I was asking him.

Ah, sure. Well...

It's good business.


It's simple math.

You pay for the paper, the flour, the glue,

you pay your artists, you pay between

three and six dollars for a hundred dollar bill,

I pay $20 for a hundred dollar bill...

That's rather presumptive on cost.

I'm sorry. I'll stop.

So why our organization?

You have the best quality.

If the paper's off, the color isn't there,

the texture doesn't please the touch,

then the equation doesn't work.

I'll let you know.

(door opens)

(door closes)

It was startling, but the men identified themselves

as federal agents and I understood

that they were trying to secure me

in a way that wouldn't draw attention

if I was being watched.

Do you know why you were brought in for questioning?

I'm sorry, what are your names?

Uh, I'm Detective Deeks and this is Special Agent Blye.

And your first names?

Kensi and Marty.

Oh. Beautiful names.

Well, "Lucila" isn't exactly chopped liver, now is it?


So I have to ask again,

do you know why you were brought in for questioning?


I'm in Los Angeles to do some house-hunting.

But I'm torn

between the Bird Streets and Manhattan Beach.

Uh, they're both

lovely places.


And equally appealing...

Are you in Los Angeles to supervise the transfer

of your family's counterfeit notes?

For shopping and dining, there's really

no contest; the Bird Streets are a definite favorite,

but Manhattan Beach, well...

it has the beach.

It does have a beach.

Can I have a glass of water?

Yeah. Yeah, I can definitely...

I'm gonna go grab that.

(Deeks clears throat)

Los Angeles just always feels so big.


I never really lived alone.

Even as a child in Peru, my best friend lived in my room.

You're boring me.

Where would you live, Kensi?

The Bird Streets or Manhattan Beach?

Neither, they're both above my pay grade.

They don't have to be.

(clears throat)

What are you saying?

That you are beautiful.


You are smart.

You don't have to do the job you do.

Or be with that man, Marty Deeks.

Who says I'm with that guy?

You could be with me.

Live where you want to live.

Buy what you want to buy.

Am I still boring you?



Are you in Los Angeles to supervise

the transfer of your family's counterfeit notes?

It's not that I'm surprised, I'm impressed.

I know a little bit about the counterfeit game.

Yeah, it wasn't just the facts you were spitting,

it was the whole persona.

Well, there's many ways to play the game.

So who is this guy Michael Silva?

An American with Peruvian ties.

We believed he was a middle man,

offering introductions to Marca in U.S.,

but it looks like he also helps

vet the deals.

This whole U.C. thing.

It fits you.


I think I like it.

I read your file.

I heard about what happened on the protection detail last year.

You played everything by the book.

There's no way you could've predicted what was gonna happen.

It wasn't your fault.

Try telling that to my protectee's family.


Think you'll ever go back to the protection detail?

I don't think I can.



You really want my opinion?


If you're not gonna go back to the protection detail,

don't stay at the Secret Service.

You're good at this whole U.C. thing.

Go to an agency where you can flex that muscle.

Like NCIS?


You got to figure out what you want to do,

what you're good at,

then go somewhere where they let you do that.

I'll think about it.

I heard about your wife, Sam.

I'm so very sorry.


Thank you.

(computer chiming)

We're good to go. 4:30 today.

Who are we be meeting with to discuss the deal?

Someone with the authority to give you the terms of the deal

will meet you at the location.

You can agree to them or not.

SAM: Sir!

Can we meet at my condo again? I'm really not good

around people.

I'll text you the location.

This is nothing new.

This is harassment is about my...

DEEKS: I'm so sorry.

Are, are we... harassing you?

Some people, at this point in the conversation,

and given this odd location,

some people might ask for legal representation.

Those people would do so

because they're uncomfortable

being questioned by law enforcement.

But not you, of course.

No. Mm-mm.

As I was saying, this is nothing new.

My family lives in the shadow

of my late grandfather's illicit business.

Counterfeiting business.

He was a kind man.

Wonderful to me.

When my mother and I first saw his estate, it was amazing,

he was amazing.

But I knew nothing of what he did.

You had no idea he was the world's best counterfeiter?

Along with your father.

My father is a legitimate businessman.

He is one of Peru's most successful men.

He's amassed a fortune by...

By printing fake money and selling it all over the world.


This is a picture of your father,

Alfonso Marca,

supervising the loading of counterfeit U.S. notes

onto a boat bound for Mexico.

KENSI: You can help yourself by helping us, Lucila.

DEEKS: We know that the counterfeit notes are brought

into the U.S. using coyotes.

Once these shipments reach L.A., where do you store the notes?

(quietly): You have to help me.

We can do that. You just have to answer our questions.

You don't know what these people are capable of.

So then tell us why you're in Los Angeles.

Because of them.

To disappear.

To leave the family, the business, everything.

Leave it all behind.

And where were you going?

Contacts were helping me with travel documents.

I was leaving for Vancouver tomorrow.

DEEKS: But not before stopping

at the gym for a quick Pilates and a blowout.

The truth is

that you were flying out of Santa Monica Airport

back to Peru.


You must believe me.

DEEKS: I'd love to.

Alas, I don't think I can,

considering you have a private plane at Santa Monica Airport

registered under a medical nonprofit.

I don't have anything to do with that.

Yeah, one would think so, until one talked to the pilot,

which is exactly what the Secret Service did.

Turns out they had some leverage on him.

KENSI: Yeah, I guess

he didn't report some of his illicit income

on his tax returns and...

he was pretty forthcoming about why he's in L.A.

DEEKS: He said he was here to pick somebody up.

And then take her back to Peru.

You have any idea who that might be?

You got to answer quick, 'cause we're in the bonus round now.

This pilot seems like a criminal

who's looking to say anything to reduce his sentence.

It'd be a shame if this criminal's word is all you have

to go on.

So, Kensi and Deeks weren't making much progress

with Lucila, though they may have created a hairline fracture

in her story.

Uh, Sam and DeChamps have set a meeting to purchase

the counterfeit Peruvian notes

and LAPD got us the ink sample that Anna recovered

at the clothing store.

And analysis is back.

Let me guess, it's used to make counterfeit dollars.

Not quite dollar bills.

It is a direct match

to the color and consistency used to make euros.

So, they smuggle in counterfeit U.S. dollars.

They're manufacturing counterfeit euros

and then shipping them out.

But the problem with counterfeiting euros lately

has been replicating the holographic strip.

NELL: Now, if the Marcas found a way to replicate

or steal the holographic strips and they have the ink,

they're probably already manufacturing

counterfeit euros here in L.A.

Uh, Callen,

an SUV just parked in the alley behind the clothing store.

Two men exited, not Lillard and Helmsman.

NELL: And they're leaving.

They picked up three of the jerry cans filled with ink.

CALLEN: We got them.

SAM: You have our location, Nell?

Yup. CAT overwatch is moving into place.

We've got eyes all over you.

Raise your arms, please.

This will be returned to you when you leave.

Cell phones, please.

Let's go.

RHEE: We're in place.

They took DeChamps' weapon

and put both phones in a signal killer bag.

So, no comms, no weapons.

RHEE: But they got us.

Does it look like they'll be

leaving the harbor on that yacht?

Unclear, but we've secured a go-fast boat

in case they're looking to head out to sea.

I'll keep you posted.

All right. Thanks.

CALLEN: Eric, the SUV

just pulled into an alley behind this old hotel.


Place looks totally abandoned.

Well, the building is listed as closed for remodeling,

but I was able to access one of the alley security cameras.

The men from the SUV just went into the hotel.

We'll go see what they're up to.

DEEKS: How does she just sit there?

It's been hours.

She hasn't asked for an attorney, either.


It doesn't make any sense.

She talked about her past...

Mm. she grew up in Peru.

DEEKS: On her happy estate of her grandfather

built by counterfeit bills.


Obviously her past is meaningful to her.

All right, that's it.

We're calling in the meerkats.


Uh, yeah.

I need you to look into Lucila's childhood.

Okay. Uh, what exactly are we looking for here?

She was close to her grandfather.

We know that.

So, look into the people

that were working at the estate, schooling records,

when she moved out, where she's been living since.

And I'm sorry we have nothing more for you, but...

But, this is me,

and when you're dealing with the best in the business,

you can't tether them.

You know, you got to, you got to let them run free like a,

like a wild salmon that's-that's

fighting its way upstream,

past sharp rocks

and-and grizzly teeth.

That was really going well for a second there and then you...

you kind of lost it, didn't you?


Yeah, we'll let you know what we find.


♪ ♪

Enjoy yourselves.

Someone will be here to meet you.

I know it's not your team, but our overwatch is solid.

I'm sure it is.

RHEE: These guys are all heavily armed.

I don't like this.

Four men were just dropped off

and are approaching the yacht now.

Sending you their images.

Great, we will run them through facial rec.

Copy that.

Marca, Lillard and Helmsman aren't there.

And the guy on the right,

that's Michael Silva,

who DeChamps and Sam met at the condo.

A deal of this size, Marca would definitely be there.

ERIC: Unless...

the yacht is leaving the harbor to go and meet Marca.

Marca's men would definitely spot

CAT agents following them in a boat.

And there's no way to alert Sam or get him any weapons.

We may have overplayed our hand this time.

And I answered your question.

Mm, not really.

Actually, not at all.

But I do appreciate the fact

that you think that you answered my question.

You know what it is that you don't understand

about counterfeit notes?

No, but I bet you're gonna tell us.

Peruvian notes are artwork, nothing less.

The artists make them with plates

and presses and paper and ink.

And the technique is handed down through generations.

Sounds like a lot of work.

It is.

It's time-consuming and hard,

which is why Americans use laser printers.

Well, I guess technology wins then.

-Mm, technology is faster, but... -(cell phone chimes)

...laser printers cannot create art.

That is why the bills made in America

are so inferior to the Peruvian notes.

I got to make a call.

You know what it seems like to me?

Seems like...

you know a lot about a business

that you know nothing about.

Tell me you got something we can use.

Lucila's story does check out.

She was raised on her grandfather's estate in Peru.

She went to a private school in the area

and then on to Pontificia Universidad in Lima.

When did she move to the estate?

Um, she was born at the estate,

and then she lived there

until she moved to Lima for University.

No, no.

But she said that she remembers seeing the estate

for the first time with her mom.

Yeah, that doesn't check out with the information we have.

Okay, why would she lie about that?

I mean, she's a perfect kid, goes to a great university.

No arrests, no surveillance hits.

I mean, look how happy and grateful she looks

in that picture with her new bike.

That's not her on the bike.


Yeah, Lucila is standing next

to the girl on the bike.

KENSI: The girl on the bike

is in every single picture.

ERIC: Uh, that's, uh, Claudia Diaz.

She's the daughter of one of the maids on the estate.

Text Deeks.

Get him out of there now.

DECHAMPS: Michael.

Twice in one day, how nice.

I hope you came here ready to make a deal, Mr. Brighton.

I did.

Will you be presenting

the terms of the deal or Mr. Marca?

Why this fascination with Mr. Marca?

No fascination. Just respect.

The level of the deal is high.

I want Mr. Marca aware of all details.

He is.

Then we can proceed.

You've become a success

in a very difficult business, Mr. Brighton.

You should you be proud.

I am proud.

But you have a hard time looking me in the eye

when I talk to you.

SAM: I...


It's just...


I've never been good at that.

Looking people in the eye.


SAM: I don't know,

maybe it's just...

It's okay, Mr. Brighton.

Just forget that I asked.

When you're big as a kid,

you can't fight and you're big,

the bullies come and they want to hurt you more

maybe because you're big.

I guess that's why I'm like this.

Kids are awful.

If we do this deal

for your ceiling amount, which was 35 million

Peruvian, how do you plan to convert it?

Now, sir,

with all respect,

that's my business.

Yes, it is, but if you get caught,

it might affect my business.

I don't need specifics, Mr. Brighton,

just generals are fine.

I have three networks.

Each has its own separate conversion area.

Las Vegas casinos,

big-box electronics stores

and colleges.


It's new but effective.

There's a high level of small amount

cash transactions within college communities.

You talk like a computer, Mr. Brighton.

I'm sorry.

That's okay.

You don't need to apologize. I love it.

Can we make a deal, Michael?

This place is huge.


We've probably just found the place

where they're stashing the counterfeit notes

that are brought in from Mexico.

Yeah, but I bet it's also where they're making their fake euros.

(man laughs, indistinct chatter)

CALLEN (whispering): Try and avoid gunshots if we can.

We don't know how many others are out there.

Copy that.

(indistinct chatter)


(man laughs)


(man grunting)

(gun clatters to floor)

(man panting)

(grunts loudly)

(body tumbles down stairs)

(groans quietly)

No gunshots.

(handcuffs clicking)

(out of breath): No gunshots.

LUCILA: I may have to call my lawyer

and put an end to this before I fall asleep.

When I was a kid, uh, there was a pack of us.

These kids were like my family, you know?

We did everything together.

Must have been really lonely up there

on that walled-off estate.


DEEKS: "Hey, after school,

"why you guys come up to my grandfather's

scary criminal lair?"

Probably didn't go over too well.

I had friends.

Where are you going with this?

Well, like Deeks said, it was probably hard

to get the kids to come up there.

I mean, it wasn't the easiest drive from town.

So you probably had, what?

One good friend?

One... only friend?

I told you

that my best friend lived with me on the estate.

This isn't a revelation.

No, it's not a revelation.

(inhales sharply, then clears throat)

I like that picture.

She's very pretty.

Beautiful, actually.

You could be twins.


She was my best friend growing up.

She was a charity case, yeah?

The janitor's daughter?

Not a janitor.

Her mother ran the entire house staff.

KENSI: This photo I would call

a revelation.

My passport photo.

So what?

After high school, Mr. Marca

told you his plan, didn't he?

I don't know what you're talking about.

I'm talking about the birthmark on your neck.

You look really happy in this photo.

I bet you dreamed about that bike.

And that day, it was yours.

Wasn't it, Claudia?

When did Mr. Marca tell you to switch places with Lucila?

When it became clear that she was useless.

That she'd never grasp the business in the way

that Mr. Marca had hoped.

DEEKS: So, to take the heat off himself,

he created the myth of the mysterious, intelligent

and very beautiful daughter

taking over the family business.

KENSI: And you agreed to it

because you figured it would get you on the inside.

Just maybe he'd let you run that business one day.


for the last ten years, he's only seen you as baitfish.

A lure that we bit.

How long have I been here?

Three hours?


Mr. Marca is a very

cautious man.

He has systems in place.

One of those systems

is that I check in with a security team

every three hours.

I missed that mark.

I have never missed a check-in.

Marca's gonna assume she was picked up by law enforcement.

They're gonna know that Sam and DeChamps are undercover.

I understand.

Michael, we've been waiting

a long time. What's your price

for 35 million U.S. dollars in Peruvian notes?

Shoot her.


Now, you look me in the eye.

MICHAEL: Once it became clear

that the two of you must be cops,

I needed to ensure that Mr. Marca and his daughter

were safely in the air before I dealt with you.

We have his daughter.


You have Lucila's friend.


(DeChamps grunting)



(rap song playing)


Take cover.

Take this.


Target down.




All right, stay right where you are.

Stay there.



Have a seat, have a seat.


Have a seat.



Been dreaming of the payoff

(indistinct conversation)

Through the struggles and the trade-offs

Fighting tooth and nail on the way up

Tell them the truth but they think it's just made up

(indistinct conversation continues)

I think they got it all wrong

We just gotta hold on... ♪

Federal agents!

Lillard, Helmsman, drop the guns.

Raise your hands.

You do as I say, you are all walking out of here.

♪ 'Cause we're gonna be legends


Gonna get their attention

What we're doing here ain't just scary... ♪

We're federal agents.

Put your hands up.

Stay still.

(music stops)

Nice shot.

You, too.

I may have to make room for you on my team.

Your talents are being wasted in Tecmo Bowl.

You're cute.

Marca's aircraft made it into Peruvian airspace.

They're in the wind.

You were great, Sam.

Thank you.


Don't talk, just rest.

I'll be okay.

While you're recovering, don't forget

to think about what we talked about.

What's important to me and what I'm good at.

I remember.

You should take off, go be with your team.

Uh, and miss my chance to ride on the big bus?

You crazy?

You guys gonna let me turn on the siren?


Looks like I'm riding with you, Agent DeChamps.

After you, hero.

Let's go.

DEEKS: My brain hurts.

I think I like the days

of running around, shooting bad guys more

than the eight hour matinee of Single Peruvian Female.

KENSI: Hey, you two.

Wow, you guys look fantastic.


Long day.

Yeah? Well, we were gonna head to the pier

for some crab and beers, you guys want to join?

That sounds divine.


I'm in, 'cause I'm beat.

ANNA: You're beat?

Did three guys throw you down a staircase?


You were in interrogation all day, right?


So, no shooting, no running, no fighting.

Yeah, but I used a lot of brain power.

A lot.

His brain hurts.

It's true, my brain does hurt.

Maybe one of you guys could just massage this part?

And then work your way down, to this?


Hey. I was just, uh, resting my eyes.

Yeah. I think we should call it a night.

Hetty's out there somewhere.

NELL: I know.

We'll find her.

(taps key)


We'll let you two catch up.

You look pretty much the same, except the glasses.

I'm sure I look different.

I don't know who you are.

Harris Keane.

Operation Sunshine.

You don't remember the helicopter crash?

I remember

that there were no survivors, save myself.

I survived.

But you left me to die.

I thought you were dead.

I would've been better off.

If I'd stayed,

I would have been captured by the Viet Cong.


Like I was.

They hunted me through the jungle for six days.

They tortured me for months.

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