Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Within Temptation - The Purge (Reaction)

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hello everyone fella back or if you're new here old mr b or whatever you want to call me uh this

link was sent to me by sega vanguard well i don't know if you sent the link but suggested whatever

it doesn't matter uh and the band is within temptation the purge is the song um i know nothing

about it uh suggested to me suggest another band as well which i couldn't do because of uh

particular record company if you like video company uh the block everything so i couldn't

do it which is really annoying um i'm not gonna say the arc as they might you know

set about me and you have no chance of winning up against them anyway that doesn't matter um

so all the information is down below as usual uh the lyrics are here as well

um i'm not sure how well this is or where it's from but who cares it doesn't matter to me it's

it's new to me i don't think i've reacted to these at all before so

there you go and you can find them on instagram twitter facebook okay and that's it that keeps

you up to date with what they're doing uh where they're from what a good question uh i don't know

straight answer i don't know i have not got a clue uh because everything down here is in english um

yeah yeah so i don't know so i don't know i don't know i don't know i don't know um yeah i can't


verba hendrix is production so um right okay okay

ready towards finland and that way um so the the uh probably from that side of the world

um i don't know i'm just guessing because i can't i can't see i can't see anything here that says

and this this is my fault because i am bothered to check them out or anything or where they're

from it may have uh you may have even told me but um i don't know i don't know but anyway anyway it

doesn't matter just uh time so i'm out i'm now trying to work out but anyway somebody will let

me know anyway somebody will know and call me a silly old son so for not knowing but that's

how i am that's how i am and the window cleaner doesn't know either because ask him um right um

right oh here we go let's get them up here yeah as you can see i'm not organized at all because

i wasn't sort of going to do anything i just thought i'll get a load done i gotta get load

done because i've got all sorts to sort out so here we go i know they're gonna be heavy

tick-tock let's rock


right is the darkness

want me

no i can't see you


and i can't breathe


you want me


no i can't see

well them it's on fire wow

very good someone said about me listening to this type of music what about all the night wish i've

done same vein and i want they give it all these these names for it to me it's rock music i don't

care what it you know what you want to call it it's it's just rock music stop putting in

different genres well we have to change that one because they're using the keyboard so we've called

it this ah it's all rock music yeah they like you know you don't and i love that that was great

ah come on all these different genres don't need it it's music at the end of the day if you like it

you like it if you don't you don't you're gonna listen to what you like so there you go and all

the information is down below i did like that very very good very very very good i did like it

yes yes and if it surprised a few people that are listening to that well fine

but i've done all them nightwish ones and i'm gonna see if i can find

some more because it's a long time since i didn't know which i love nightwish as well

so much there's so much out there it really really is so much music

to catch up on i mean back in the 60s 70s whatever when i was you know the youth shall we say

um it's so much better these days it really is to me it really is so much better

uh obviously equipment's got better amplification effects and all the rest of it has got better i

love it i really love it i really do um you know back then i mean i know people are going oh they

don't make music like used to well in my case i'll say good i'm all for this i'm awful this is what i

like i like the way they put it together the way that they bring the base more forwards these days

you know and the drummers the drummer is not just the drummer anymore the the more hardly thought of

and because back then the only care is just a drummer

you know oh yeah they don't do much they just train them oh come on they're all they're all

left out same as bass players and drummers you know it's one of anybody wanting to be one

and and of course always the singer always took the flipping limelight if you like you know but

these days it's all changed now it's changing and for the better you know each each member of a band

gets noticed now which is good it's not just the guitar it's doing the flash solos or anything like

that i'm all for it i'm actually all for it i really did like anyway time for me to zip it

um great absolutely great fantastic and so were all you people for your comments all

your support and everything else absolutely awesome thank you so so so much and of course

please please please stay safe and this old fella will be back bye for now

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