Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A New Look At Skills, 2015: 23 – Mobile Robotics

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A Robotics Engineer designs, maintains and develops new applications to expand the potential for robots.

Prototypes are assembled following an iterative design phase.

Robots are then programmed and tested to ensure consistent performance.

Robotics engineers must be familiar with logic, microprocessors, and computer programming so that they can design the right robot for its intended application.

At WorldSkills So Paulo 2015 the Test Project consists of a customer-defined, real life Mobile Robot task.

The teams of Competitors will be required to assemble, maintain, repair and operate mobile robots.

Their prototypes will be required to complete customer-defined tasks that reflect industrial/commercial mobile robots at work.

Competitors must generate all programmes required by their mobile robots for automated tasks.

Each session will comprise of robot assembly, programming, troubleshooting, and maintenance work.

On the final day, presentations to the customer will take place, followed by assessment.

Robot performances will take place in the Test Court; a spectacle not-to-be-missed during the WorldSkills Competition!

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