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Hello everybody! My name is Sandy

and I am a German girl whos been living in London for 10 years already.

I normally run the YouTube channel Sandy Makes Sense

and today, on this EF Guest Vlog, I am showing you the best street food in London.

Lets go.

First stop: Mercato Metropolitano.

This market is only a 15-20 minute walk away from the EF school on Roupell Street,

and it is my personal favourite. Its a market with a sustainability vision.

No non-biodegradable plastic is allowed and even though youll find food from all around the world,

their approach is local.

This means that all dishes are as locally sourced as possible and all have natural ingredients.

The closest stations are Borough and Elephant and Castle,

and I love it because of its cute yet edgy outdoor spaces

and because of this homemade truffle pasta dish that I chose when I visited.

Oh, man. This dish makes me so happy.

When you come here, you have to try this. Its so good.

Next stop is Whitecross Street Market.

Only a five minute walk away from Old Street Station is where youll find

Londons most unassuming, yet iconic market. Its easily recognized by the colourful tents.

Surrounded by cool street art, sellers offer a widerrange of cuisine during lunch time.

My favourite food store here is Bibento, a Japanese-Korean fusion under the pink tent.

An extra tip: do bring cash to the market.

Im absolutely in love with this market, the weather today and this food.

Look at the colour of this. Its insane. It makes you feel like youve traveled somewhere.

This is what I love about London:

the diversity of people, of thinking, and food cultureMmmmm.

Welcome to Seven Dials Market, London's latest edition.

It only opened its doors in early September 2019. When I visited, I could tell that the excitement

for a new foodie place so close to Tottenham Court Road was huge.

A large range of food that tastes like London

over two storeys attracts many hungry Londoners and tourists.

Londons latest food hype at the moment is steamed buns, so I had to try them.

Youve never tried anything softer.

I 100% understand the London obsession with steamed buns. Wow.

This is Spitalfields Market, probably the most famous market out of the bunch.

Its close to Shortage High Street and here, you can get clothes, souvenirs and food.

For me, I come to Spitalfields to eat one specific dish:

Spicy Dry Mix Wonton Noodles at Dumpling Shack.

They do really mean spicy when they say it, so I sayeat with caution.”

I challenge you. If you come to Spitalfields and you like spicy food, try this.

Whilst I am eating this very elegantly,

I would love to know from you guys what your favourite cuisine in the world is. Comment below.

The last four markets we have seen, I would probably describe as daytime markets.

This is Dinerama and it is a nighttime market. Doors open at 5pm and, after 7pm,

you have to buy a ticket, which makes it even more like a casual nightclub.

It is very trendy and very cool, and super close to Shortage High Street.

When I went, I chose vegan nuggets from Club Mexicana

and, as you can see, they were very spicy, yet very delicious.

I couldnt talk into the camera as the German techno in the background was too loud.

Did I mention it was a little bit like a nightclub?

Thank you so much for watching.

Sorry, not sorry, if you are hungry right now. I hope this video was helpful to you.

So, when you come to London, make sure to check out these food markets

and my channel Sandy Makes Sense for more London and travel tips. See you soon!

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