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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #092 The Evolution of Cell Phones – ESL English Podcast

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welcome to speak English now podcast

with your host Georgiana the podcast

that will help you to speak English

fluently with no grammar and no

textbooks hi everybody I'm Georgiana

your online English teacher and founder

of speak English my mission

is to help you to speak English fluently

I have a question for you what was your

first cellphone I got my first cellphone

in 1996 and it was a Motorola I can't

remember the exact model but it was very

different from what we can find in

stores nowadays and yeah with this type

of cell phone one could only make phone

calls and send text messages now I have

a smartphone and I don't make any phone

calls anymore like everybody else I tend

to use what's up telegram messages

FaceTime or Skype I must have mentioned

before that I love technology actually

without it you couldn't listen to this

podcast because I wouldn't be able to

record it okay so let's talk about cell

phones and how people used to

communicate before they were invented

this smart phone couldn't exist without

the landline telephone and do you know

when it was developed yes a long time

ago in 1876 and the idea of the landline

telephone was inspired by the Telegraph

we all know that telephones came before

cell phones but have you ever heard of

car phones yes the original car phone

weighed about 80 pounds and this piece

of technology was created in 1947

back then the

was a limited number of people who used

this car phone and there were five to

10-year waiting lists can you imagine

the car phone was a great invention but

luckily for us in 1973 Motorola created

DynaTAC 8000x which was the first

handheld telephone it cost four thousand

dollars which would be $10,000 today

however the cell phone wasn't available

on the market until 1983 you know many

of us complains that our smart phones

run out of battery too soon do you know

how long the battery of the first cell

phone would last only thirty five

minutes that's not all this cell phone

would take ten hours to charge can you

imagine that

I guess now you're feeling grateful for

having a smart phone as you can see

there is an incredible difference

between the first cell phone and the

ones available on the market nowadays so

the first cell phone was expensive it

weighed a lot and the battery didn't

last much that's not something that can

be sold to everybody therefore very few

people used a cell phone and they were

not for sale they were leased and I'm

not gonna mention all cell phones

invented in the last 40 years instead

I'm gonna mention the first smartphone

do you know when it was invented in 1997

and I'm not talking about an Apple cell

phone the first smartphone was the IBM

Simon this phone was considered the

first smart phone the first touchscreen

phone and the first phone

have software abs it cost $1,100

which would be $1,800 today not at all

affordable so I guess that only

businessmen carried the smartphone now

I'll mention some cell phones that were

extremely popular in early 2000 in 2002

Nokia 1100 became the best-selling cell

phone of all time one of the most wanted

cell phones in 2004 was Motorola RAZR I

love this cell phone and I've regret I

didn't buy it at the time the funny

thing is that yesterday I found it for

sale on Amazon it's cheaper than it was

in the past but it can't beat my current

smartphone you probably know this

already but in 2007 something amazing

happened something that would forever

change cell phones the computer industry

and technology yes I'm talking about the

original iPhone that was a complete

success selling more than 6 million

units did you know that the original

iPhone was the first cell phone without

any physical keyboard this led to great

controversy and I'll tell you about it

with the mini story but for now let's

continue for those of you Android users

you may be interested to know that in

2008 the smart phone ATC dream was the

first phone to run Android Dino when the

first Samsung Galaxy was released only

10 years ago in 2009 in 2016

Google pixel was the first smartphone on

the market to run in

Harley by Google for many the phone

feature has become the least used

feature however in the future phones

could make another drastic change what

do you think all right now let's

practice with a mini story sometimes I

call it a conversation simulator because

you practice your English like in the

real conversation here's how it works I

give you information and ask simple

questions after each question there is a

pause where you can answer after the

pause I give you a correct answer for

you to compare let's get started in 2007

Apple released a new cell phone that

would revolutionize the industry who

released a new cell phone Samsung

no no Samsung didn't release a new

cellphone Apple released a new cellphone

when did Apple release a new cellphone

in 2006

no Apple didn't release a new cellphone

in 2006 Apple released a new cellphone

in 2007 what did Apple release in 2007 a


no no Apple didn't release a tablet in

2007 Apple released a new cell phone in

2007 would this new smartphone

revolutionize anything

yes this new smartphone would

revolutionize the industry a competitor

CEO left at the new device because it

lacked a physical keyboard did the

competitor CEO cry

no no the competitor CEO didn't cry he


what device did the CEO laugh at

he laughed at Apple's new cellphone did

the new device have a physical keyboard

now the new device didn't have a

physical keyboard that CEO also

predicted that the new smartphone would

be limited to a small segment of the

global market who predicted something

the CEO the competitor CEO predicted


did he predict that the new smartphone

would be popular


no no he didn't predict that the new

smartphone would be popular according to

the CEO with the new smartphone be

limited to a large segment

no according to the competitor CEO the

new smartphone wouldn't be limited to a

large segment it will be limited to a

small segment however the new device

ended up being a product which changed

the mobile landscape did the new device

change anything

yes the new device

changed something the new device changed

the movie industry right

no no the new device didn't change the

movie industry

it changed the mobile landscape since

then most competitors have land similar

devices abandoning the physical keyboard

did the competitors lounge different or

similar devices

the competitors lounge similar devices

and not different did the competitors

abandon something

yes competitors abandoned the physical

keyboard of their smartphones what did

they abandon their computers

no no the competitors didn't abandon

their computers they abandoned the

physical keyboard of their smartphones

perfect it's the end of this mini story

as you can see through questions and

answers you can practice and improve

your speech if you want to get hours of

audio with mini stories and

point-of-view lessons I'd like to

recommend you my English fluency course

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English well I think that's

enough for today try to listen to this

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bye bye did you enjoy today's episode

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