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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I Got A Man Weave To Impress My Girlfriend

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- Oh. - Wow.

I mean, it looks realistic.

(discordant music)

- Here's one thing men are doing right now, man weaves.

There's a growing trend-- (audience groans)

- [Woman] No. - [Host] For men--

- [Woman] Uh-oh. - [Host] To sport--

- [Woman] No, ma'am.

Hair weaves.

(woman shrieks)

- So in college was really

where my hairline was its prime.

I fresh out had a beautiful hairline.

Everything was looking good, waves.

Mine looked Juelz Santana, early Dipset days

where had the dark Caesar and a little chinstrap.

And then judgment day came.

The day that I realized I was actually balding.

You know that feeling when you get a rollercoaster, right?

And you get ready for that big dip?

That's what I felt in the pit of my stomach,

every time I took my hat off.

Right here, I looked like Carl Winslow.

And I'm just like, yo.


Now I'm bald and I guess I'm kinda curious

to see what it would be like to have hair

for a couple of days.

Only problem is, I'm not so sure

what my girlfriend is gonna think.

- No.

Absolutely not, no, not today,

not tomorrow, not never, Zeus.

- But just think about what all this

could look like with hair.

- Hi, my name's Tripp the Barber,

and I'm here to give Zeus his hairline back.

(easy listening music)

- I feel like something's about to happen to me,

the way you're like, come on, Julissa, are you ready?

My heart is beating so fast.


(ominous music)

- Who do you want to see?

- [Julissa] Why am I so nervous?

- Because you ain't ready for this.

Alright, one, two, three.



I cannot, I can't!


I just keep laughing.

I think it looks good, in the same sense.

Let's make sure I say that.

It does look good.

- [Zeus] I'm in here, I'm in here.


I'm in here.

- It's just not the man that I fell in love with, so.

- Hmm.

- But I'm happy that you're happy.


- Rope toupee, baby.

- [Man] Yo, you got me, son.

- With the devil's blade.

I feel good.

I feel elated.

Oh, nah, I appreciate that.


- Come on, come on, come on, do it.


- I was a little kind of not worried, but curious.

- Oh my God.


- It took me a minute to realize it was you.

- Wow.

- Growing out my hair definitely was

a challenging process because I felt ugly.

I didn't want to take my hat off

because I couldn't shave my head

and I didn't feel as well-put-together

as I normally am.

- That is crazy.

- That's real.

- Damn. - [Man] Will you rock this

again, or what?

- Would I rock it again?

I wouldn't do it because I have

a perfect shape for a bald head.

My stuff is already, God got this arranged.

But if I needed to do it, I would do it 100% again,

because it came out really well, I would.

And I would suggest it for people who bald is not an option,

I would definitely suggest that they do it.

Give it a shot, most definitely.

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