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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: iPhone XS vs XR - Which Should You Choose?

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Hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and the iPhone XS and XR have been

out for a little while at this point and if you're trying to figure out whether

or not you want to upgrade to them or if you have decided you want to upgrade I

wanted to try and help you decide whether or not you should get the XS or

the XR now the XS comes in three different colors this is Space Gray you

can also get it in silver and gold and the iPhone XR comes in a lot of

different colors this is the product red edition and then you've also got silver

space grey blue red yellow and coral so you've got a lot of different choices

now the difference between these as far as the way they're built we'll talk

about in just a moment let's first talk about price now this is the less

expensive device this comes in at $749 up to

$899 with 64, 128, or 256 gigabytes of storage

on the XS it starts at $999 and goes to $1349

you can get it in 64, 256, or 512 gigabytes of storage so we've got a very

different price range here and some extra storage on the XS now with these

comes a little bit different build they do have different displays we'll talk

about in a moment but this is made of stainless steel on

the XS and they are glass back and front on both devices but this whole

ring here is stainless steel on the XS on the XR it's aluminum and of course

you can see the difference in cameras so but the cameras are not that different

in fact they're the same 12 megapixel camera and same at 7 megapixel front

cameras now as far as the display is concerned this is where they get a

little bit different the XS has an OLED display which is a much higher

resolution at 2436 by 1125 with 458 pixels per inch. On the XR

you have a lower resolution of 1792 by 828 with 326 pixels per inch

you also do not get HDR so if you're watching YouTube on this device you can

watch up to 1080p on YouTube and you probably can't see too much high

than that on a small device like this but in 1080p you can watch in HDR if the

video has HDR and I've actually creating one of those so I'll link it so you can

check it out but if you have in a XS or a XS Max

you can watch an HDR it's pretty nice now as far as the displays they also

have a couple differences as far as the way they work this one here on the XS

has 3d touch so if you press on something an app that has 3d touch

enabled something will pop open like this now on the XR this has happened if

you push on this nothing really happens the the icons just jiggle and let you

move them around so you lose that functionality but you still get many of

the same functions when it comes to things like the control center so if you

want to push here you get the same pop open where you can adjust the brightness

the same thing is true for anything in the control center also notifications

have that same function and text so if you want to move around when you're

typing you can do that and it's very similar except the home screen so haptic

and and 3d touch are very close but 3d touch is a little more advanced and

pressure-sensitive where this is just sensing your thumb holding longer and

flattening out on the display now as far as the speakers are concerned they're

pretty well matched on the XS it is a little bit asymmetrical here as far as

the speaker arrangement due to the lines for the antenna but you've got good

stereo sound or wider stereo sound so when you're watching a video or

something like that you've got a speaker here and the bottom and it sounds pretty

good and both are very similar as far as that's concerned now as far as the

battery is concerned the one in the XR is actually a little bit bigger so we

have two thousand nine hundred and forty two milliamp hours verse two thousand

six hundred and fifty eight milliamp hours I found that in my use between the

two I definitely get more battery life out of the XR I think that's also due

to the display not having as many pixels to push around so you don't have to use

the processor as much but the good thing is you've got the same exact CPU in both

of you've got the new a 12 Bionic processor

it's incredibly fast and works really well in both of these devices now both

of these have face ID so if I turn the display off tap on and it'll see my face

and unlock on both of them and you can just unlock it that's pretty nice and

then also both of these have some water resistance but the iPhone XS has ip68

certification where the XR has 67 that basically means that this can be

submerged underwater in about two meters of water where this is good for 1 meter

it doesn't mean you can swim with either of them it just means if you dropped it

in a puddle or a place with water that they'll be resistant to that up to that

depth for a little bit of time about 30 minutes or so now both have wireless

charging so you can wirelessly charge in the back they don't include fast

chargers or anything like that and they're both similarly weighted now

of course you've got all the same features on both devices so they all are

capable of AR the cameras are equally as good you're just lacking that zoom

camera that you get on the XS and that zoom camera I never find that I miss it

you can actually zoom with this digitally and it looks pretty good in

fact in many cases you're actually zooming with the main camera here and

then on this camera if it sees a better image it will use it but many times it's

using digital zoom instead and you just don't know it now you do get portrait

mode on both of these but you lose the ability to do portrait mode on the XR

with different objects so this one wants you to look for a person where it says

no person detected the XS just says move farther away so you don't get

object detection in portrait mode that way so you can't take a picture of a

flower for example and have it show up as a portrait mode photo you've got all

the same forward-facing portraits no problem there if we spin these cameras

around we've got the same exact features we can do an emoji me emoji all of that

sort of thing and we can adjust the actual aperture here with the f-stop

adjustment on both of these devices so they're both very very good but there's

a big price difference between the two it really comes down mostly to the

display whether or not you would a high resolution AMOLED or a little bit lower

resolution LCD now if you have sensitivity to flickering an OLED is

always flickering whether you can see it or not in person it's actually

flickering and that can cause eye strain for some people the LCD doesn't do that

so that may help for some people but everything else is so similar you could

save some money with the XR but if you can't get past that display and a little

bit thicker bezels the XS is the one you want to choose now both phones are

equally fast you're not gonna find anything where you go into a different

app and find that it's slower scrolling is going to be identical the displays

are the major differences here and the stainless steel versus aluminum

construction of course you have the size difference I find that the XR is a

perfect size for me a lot of people find that the X and the XS are our perfect

size for them so it just depends on what you want to do between these two

everything is the same with the XS Max except the size of the screen and the

resolution and battery size otherwise these are pretty much the same and

you've got the XS and the XS Max you just pick which size you want if you

want the nicer display otherwise they're the same and you could save yourself

some money if you don't need that display let me know what you think in

the comments below though if you want to see anything more in particular let me

know in the comments below if you haven't subscribed already please

subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see you next


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