Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Message from Indiana University President Michael McRobbie

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Im Michael McRobbie, president of Indiana University.

Im speaking to you from my home,

where Laurie and I have been working,

but physically distancing, as Im sure all of you are.

Today, we embark upon the final weeks of

our spring semester, changed in ways

almost unimaginable a few months ago

due to the COVID-19 pandemic,

which has dramatically disrupted the lives of our students,

their families, and our faculty and staff.

By now, you are well aware of the steps

IU has taken to help mitigate the spread

of COVID-19.

These decisions were made with the advice of medical

and public health experts and with the singular goal

of protecting the health and safety

of the IU community.

This continues to be our absolute

top priority at a time when we are

in a critical phase of our battle with the pandemic.

This is a momentous week at IU,

as we move nearly all instruction on

all our campuses to virtual learning

for the remainder of the semester.

To our more than 100,000 students

across the state, we know

we know everything may not go smoothly as we make this

massive and unprecedented transition.

But I greatly appreciate

your patience and understanding as your professors

and IU staff work as hard they can to

deliver the best possible virtual instruction.

To our soon-to-be-graduates and their families,

the postponement of our

beloved Spring Commencement ceremonies

is especially heartbreaking to me

and to all of us.

It is personally my very favorite time of the year,

and I could not have imagined

that members of our Bicentennial class

would have had to surrender

this special moment in May.

But it is a moment that is only being delayed.

We eagerly look forward to being able to invite

all of our new graduates to participate in an IU

commencement ceremony as soon as this is possible.

I remain grateful to

to our faculty and staff for their hard work,

flexibility and positive spirit

as they work to ensure

that you continue your academic progress,

to safeguard our campuses and, in some cases,

to combat COVID-19 itself.

And I thank you for doing your part to help

stop the spread of COVID-19.

We are all in this together, so let us continue to take

take every precaution to

practice physical distancing at all times.

Stay home unless it is essential to be out.

Do not put others at risk.

And take care of your own health and the health

of those around you -- both mental and physical.

As IU president and as a parent,

I greatly look forward to the day when we get

back to business-as-usual, but I know

we are likely to feel the effects of

this crisis for some time.

To this end,

please continue to visit IUs

coronavirus website

every day for updates on how

this situation continues to impact all of us.

This website is the best way to stay

informed as the situation concerning the pandemic

continues to develop and

for answers to your questions.

Not all the answers may be available immediately,

but people are working extremely hard to get them

as quickly as possible.

Finally, I am deeply grateful to each of you

you for all you have done

done to navigate the numerous disruptions

caused by this pandemic.

I am constantly hearing moving and inspiring stories

about how members of the IU community

are selflessly stepping up to help one another.

For over 200 years, Indiana University,

its students, faculty, and staff

have overcome many trying times

times including periods of war, disease,

social unrest, economic calamity

and many other challenges.

Those times were also difficult and trying,

yet our predecessors prevailed.

Now is such a time for the current IU community

-- students, faculty, staff and alumni --

to rise to this grave new challenge together.

I am sure we will emerge from it

even better than before.

Thank you all -- for your patience,

your understanding, and your perseverance.

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