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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: OnePlus 5T - It's ALMOST Epic!

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Wow it really pays off to go outside I gotta

found the new Oneplus let's review the new master liquid all-in-one coolers are

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l down below alright so the oneplus 5t may be the phone of the year and i'm

coming from the oneplus 5 and everything about the 5t feels like a needed

upgrade with a much better portrait mode for the camera I really like the two by

one aspect ratio on display and then you fingerprint location at the back that at

first was kind of weird for me I kept missing it but a day later your muscle

memory kicks in for that seamless unlock and we also have that new face unlock

feature that as everyone says is super fast and I would agree you don't even

have time to see the notification screen and it lands right on your home screen

it even works in low-light situations as long as there's some brightness on your

phone it lights up your face now you can disable the function to auto

unlock when it detects your face and this way you can easily view your

notifications and interact with them it's a nice way to experience the

seamless unlock function and not having to raise your phone but I doubt it's

secure since since using the selfie cam for facial recognition and also it

doesn't recognize me when I'm wearing glasses nor if I'm wearing hat too close

to my eyes so it's not accurate and if you're like other things around your

face but it's pretty fantastic when it's just simple facing from the camera now

it kind of sucks for oneplus 5 owners is the fact that this phone's been out for six

months so the upgrade cycle to the latest one is a little bit too close

together and then one plus offers the trading programs but they're not

available everywhere and if you were to get some cash back from oneplus for

trading in your phone you probably get less money then if you were to sell this

thing yourself and the 5T is just slightly more expensive at launch then

wonder oneplus 5 was when it launched now I do appreciate the relatively small 12%

price premium for double the storage and extra Ram but for reference ignoring the

base price you get four times the storage capacity for 21%

price premium with an iPhone which is a better ratio just something to think

about but now let's talk about the basic phone functionality so the vibration

motor on a hard surface is audible but I've missed many calls when the phone is

in my pocket it's too weak and I recommend changing the vibration pattern

and that is a bit faster and can be felt easier call quality is excellent the top

speaker is clear and the smooth curves are pleasant upon contact but

unfortunately most of the cases have these rough edges making them not

comfortable to press against your ear and only the staple sandstone cover has

the top cutouts making in the ideal case for phone calls and handling

unfortunately while oneplus drools over their horizon line in the center with

the aluminum body it is incredibly slippery so you must stick with a case

or a skin and while I appreciate the diversity of colors and textures and

this new really cool red rubber case it's still just way too smooth and can

slip out easily I do recommend the sandstone cover for the most secure grip

the buttons are on the familiar spots but they all feel kind of soft and not

as clicky in comparison to the oneplus 5 but I love the alert slider and I wish more

Android devices were equipped with this tomb you notifications except for your

favorites the bottom looks identical to the five with type C port that is still

on USB 2 speeds a bottom firing speaker that is super easy to block but it's

loud so find yourself a bowl and no need for a Bluetooth speaker and the

headphone jack is still here with a powerful output and in equalizer for

some volume controls so no dongle need it now in comparison

to the five there are some physical changes first the camera bump has a

smooth perimeter and this way it doesn't pick up particles as much the included

screen protector had rougher edges and I recommend you remove it for better touch

feeling and of course the 5T is tiny bit taller with a 6 inch screen but

slightly wider side bezels as far as you can see resolution is good for my eyes

and brightness is excellent and it's AMOLED so color and contrast is

fantastic as usual we have screen calibration default one is way too cold

for my taste and I prefer srgb color or the slightly more vibrant p3 and also we

have the Custom temperature adjustment on the

screen I love the rounded corners to go with the flow of androids UI direction

and I love the ambient screen that lights up for your notifications for

just a few seconds and this way you can sort of glance at your phone when the

notifications come in and decide if you need to respond the notification LED is

present with a nice ambient light that can be configured accordingly and

overall this is a beautiful display for media consumption with this

pinch-to-zoom for regular sixteen by nine content so you fill your whole

screen and the taller resolution is nice to accommodate on-screen buttons but

even so you get more viewing area without the need to scroll now I love

what oneplus is doing with the software with subtle customization available on

the home screen you can choose a different system font you can choose a

theme color swap buttons and assign shortcuts for double tapping or long

pressing like launching the camera with a double press of a power button you can

wake the screen with a double tap or take a screen shot with a three-finger

swipe and we have multiple gestures on the fingerprint sensor itself like

swiping down to real notifications or long pressing and to take a photo or

gaming do-not-disturb to kill off any notifications while you're in game and

one of my favorites reading mode that goes into this nice warm black and white

state for comfortable reading now for my homescreen I preloaded the pixel to

launcher and that looks really clean plus I have Google now on the left side

because with the default launcher we have shelf that is useless to me and

I wish we could remap it to Google now now the phone is super fast and my only

complaint with performance revolves around the unlocking animation where

sometimes the icons and the text load before the wallpaper and that in real

time looks kind of glitchy and in slow motion you can see that the fade effect

is not as smooth as on the oneplus running the same launcher and the same

wallpaper however unlocking the phone when on the

notification screen is much smoother when it comes to that faylene animation

and so now with the camera surprisingly I've been asked many times to compare it

to the pixel to excel that currently delivers the best images out of any

smartphone but the 5T in proper hands is pretty excellent


the portrait mode is now improved with better edge detection and the wider

field of view so you can get more in the shot versus what we saw on the 5 and

it's actually the same field of view as the standard lens which is awesome if

you need extra reach you'll just do the digital zoom on the primary sensor and

comparing the portrait mode on a 5 to 5T in a to excel the dynamic range and

contrast is best on the pixel but edge detection on the pixel is a little bit

more aggressive and on oneplus has that smoother gradient plus it's not as

zoomed in as on the other tool the 5t also comes out soft sometimes even with

plenty of light but I usually edit my photos anyway so adding some sharpness

and contrast it really helps to improve those images now the 4k video is alright

it has pretty fast focusing and exposure is alright too it has image

stabilization in 4k mode and yeah you can walk with it and it's gonna have a

little bit of shake but much less than what the 5 has but if we switch over to

1080p 60 so very nice and smooth and slightly wider field of view as well so

not exactly sure why that is happening but image stabilization is present here

also so you can do things and you can walk around and yeah stabilization is

all good so generally I like the camera on the 5 T and I'm taking some amazing

shots on my 5 on my trip to Brazil and the 5T is better in every way in terms

of portrait photography and low-light and so I am confident that I'll be using

this moving forward now the selfie mode is pretty good but it tends to blur the

background just slightly so for group selfie is just as with the oneplus 5

people behind you tend to be soft and finally battery life is never concerned

thanks to - charging giving you like 60% battery in half an hour

I even disabled the battery percentage indicator because I never have to worry

and usually get full day and half on a single charge

with top ups in the morning when I'm showering or making breakfast and yeah

really good battery life so find the words on value I think the 5T is a

great package you know even though we don't have official water resistance

rating I was playing around in the snow and that introductory montage and yeah

the thing survived the phone is fine no issues whatsoever so I love the 5T but

I really feel bad for the 5 owners because that upgrade cycle is just way

too close together and at this price point the 5T is my phone of the year

alright so that is this for my review of the 5T let me know what you think of

the camera comparison which when you thought looked best in the portrait mode

I'm Dmitry with Hardware Canucks thanks so much for watching we'll see you in the

next video

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