Practice English Speaking&Listening with: First confirmed case of Novel Coronavirus case in Arizona

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DR. CARA CHRIST: So Arizona today has confirmed its first case of the 2019 novel coronavirus in a

adult member of the ASU community.

So, what we know right now is that this individual traveled to the impacted area of China, came back.

We are following up public health in the university,

but we'll be following up with this individual who has currently been isolated.

They will also be following up with any close contacts.

Very similar to any other type of communicable disease outbreak that we normally run,

such as measles or foodborne illness.

They will be following up with individuals that we believe are close contacts of them.

So, the individual has been isolated away from others at this point.

It willwe will figure out when they can come out of isolation in coordination with

local health and the CDC: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What we're asking for people who have either been with or have traveled to Wuhan, China

or have had close contacts and are notified by Public Health that they are a close contact

that they call ahead to their health care provider before going in so that they don't

expose people in the waiting room and they can arrange for a time.

Very similarly, if you do not have a health care provider and you need to go be evaluated in an emergency department,

call ahead so that they can meet you outside and take appropriate precautions.

So, we believe that if you have not traveled or if you are not in close contact with somebody who's either

under evaluation or diagnosed with the corona virus, that the risk is relatively low.

However, just like with flu and other respiratory illnesses, those with underlying medical conditions,

whether it's flu or 2019 novel coronavirus, are at increased risk of complications.

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