Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ted is a Draft Horse

Difficulty: 0

Ted doesn't have a title, he's a draft horse.

He's got much more flavor than those bottled horses, and I'm going to give him

I should tell you we are using the audio track for this

You really are?

Yeah, so wait, you might want to, this one, yeah

You might want tobe serious.

You can still be funny but it has to be something I can publicize.

Okay, okay. Hi! I'm Walt. I'm the Animal Care Director here at Catskill Animal Sanctuary and this is Ted

and Ted's going to get his Lyme vaccine booster and

I have to see how Ted's going to be. Ted's a nervous fellow about shots sogood Ted.

Oh I know, I know, there you go!

All done! What a good boy he was. What a good boy he was!

You're all done, you're all done. You can see too, Ted is having

some foot problems so that's why he's wearing the 1980s style leg warmers.

Actually those are just hoof wrap with cotton wrap to support him and he's got

an abscess brewing on that left rear so we've got a little ichthammol wrap

underneath there for him so we're hoping he walks better but he's been having

some trouble this weekend. We're hoping to have a vet come out and look at him soon.

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